Qubool Hai 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Armaan eats chillies and Mahira stops him. She gives him water. She says was just joking. Armaan asks Mahira how he can trust her. Mahira says never broke your trust, still if u wanna test me go ahead. Mahira is giving Armaan a foot massage. Armaan irons Mahira’s suite. Mahira even teaches him how to iron her clothes. She then gives Armaan a shoulder massage. He looks up and notices Latif massaging his shoulder. Mahira-Latif laugh and Armaan back hugs Mahira. Mahira asks Armaan to make plates of her hair. Armaan asks Mahira to relax.

Kaynat makes Sameer drink spiked milk. They are in bed together. Suddenly Sameer feels high. Sameer is about to get close to Kaynat when he notices her hand limped and is scared. Kaynat says you are going crazy. Sameer asks for his meds. Kaynat goes to get.


is atop a ladder and cleaning racks and notices a cockroach and screams. Armaan is scared. He asks her to jump and holds her safely. Armaan scolds Mahira for jumping.

Sameer wakes up to find Kaynat sitting drinking tea. She asks him how he feels. Sameer says i dun remember what happened. Kaynat says anything could have happened but you were too drunk. Sameer asks when he drunk. Kaynat says let it be. She goes to make breakfast for Sameer. Sameer says something is amiss. Right then cops come and say arresting you for Kaynats murder. Sameer denies the charges. Sameer tells the cop you are the Doc. Cop says you are mistaken. Sameer says these cops are fake. Kaynat says he is crazy. Let him be. Cops agree to let Sameer be free.

Mahira thinks of baby names. Azan for boy and Armahi. Mahira says thats weird. Armaan comes with baby toys and says its merger of our names. Mahira asks what about our relationship. What is the name. Armaan brings Mahira outside in hall and its filled with heart shaped balloons. Armaan goes down on his knees and proposes Mahira. Mahira reminds about going thru Halala first. Latif-Gazala are delighted. Armaan asks them to leave him and Mahira alone. They agree. Amad comes and asks the matter. Armaan asks Mahira out.

Later Mahira-Armaan arrive back home. Armaan goes to get his keys. Mahira is standing on the stairs. Amad passes  by her and she thanks him. Amad says am glad you both have reunited. He then turns and notices a vase full of water and spills marbels from it faking a fall. Mahira is about to reach to him when she slips too. Mahira hits her head and is bleeding.Armaan rushes by her side and asks Amad how it happened. Amad pretends ignorance and fakes concern. Armaan asks Amad to call Doc. Mahira worries for their baby. Armaan assures nothing will happen to the baby.

Kaynat offers Sameer to go out for an outing. Sameer keeps mum. Sameer starts to think he is going crazy. Kaynat is delighted to see Sameer distraught. She asks Sameer to focus on things. Sameer worries about business and Kayant offers to run it for him. Sameer refuses to give the papers to Kaynat. Kaynat has spiked the water. Sameer agrees to sign papers in Kaynats favor. Sameer passes out.

Doc checking on Mahira says cant hear baby’s heartbeats. Armaan-Mahira are distraught. Doc reassures them. Doc praises Amad for calling her on time. Doc tells Armaan next 24 hours are critical for the baby and Mahira and to ensure Mahira doesnt fall asleep. Armaan reassures Mahira. Mahira feels guilty. Armaan says was an accident. Armaan comforts Mahira. Armaan promises to be by her side. Amad swears to move Armaan from Mahiras side and remove the kid from his way.


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. whoaa !!!! finaly it gonna end..mahira and armaan will be blessed with baby girl ???????

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh nice wen??? Is end???
    Amad is tii frustrating

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally after so many twists and turn show will end…..

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