Qubool Hai 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence and in the temple
Ahil lies that he is in the office for urgent work, and shall call after a couple of hours. tanveer is angry that he lied, and thinks that she heard water on ahil’s phone, and hence there’s definitely a pond nearby. She starts searching for it, oblivious that rehaan is stdning right behind her, who hasnt seen her too. They both turn around, walking towards each other, but their paths dont cross. They walk past each other. rehaan meanwhile is talking to seher.

Suleiman meanwhile tells that he doesnt know what shall become of him, after this, but irrespective of that, he wants to tell him the biggest truth of his life. Ahil asks him to spill it out, due to whom he and his mother had to suffer. Suleiman sys that

that the person he is searching for outside, is inside only. Ahil is shocked. Sanam stands tensed. he boggled turns to sanam, unable to grasp what he means. Suleiman says that a family person took his life. Ahil is shocked. Just then, a worshipping band comes, making noise. Tanveer spots them all, and thinks that she wont let her dreams be shattared, or her past be revealed. Ahil keeps asking suleiman to spill the truth. He looks at him with overwhelming emotions. Tanveer notices ahil learning the truth from suleiman and sanam, and aims the pistol at them. She decides to kill suleiman, as this is the easiest way to kill him, as noone shall doubt her. Suleiman says that the person didnt give any time for anyone to react, or speak and understand the truth, and controlled everyone. But then tanveer changes her mind, that since ahil knows everything, its better that ahil dies, as that shall solve everything. She aims the gun at ahil now. Meanwhile, in the background, rehaan goes past, and notices ahil. rehaan finds his mother doing so from the other end, and is shocked. Tanveer finally pulls the trigger, while rehaan rushes ahead, making his way through the crowd, and finally gets ahil out of the way of the bullet’s trajectory, and himself faces the bullet, and collapses on the ground, falling down the stairs and into the pond.

While Seher meanwhile tries on her look as a newly wed bride, she tries to give the finishing touch by putting vermillion on the forehead, but before she can do that, the box falls on the floor, shocking seher, as a bad omen.

Tanveer is distraught as she finds that she killed her own son, while rehaan wishes her goodbye. tanver muffledly screams rehaan. ahil and sanam are dumbstruck and shocked beyond belief. People rush to the stairs, while rehaan sinks down. Ahil screams out for him and dives in the water. Sanam in her distraught state, turns around and finds tanveer, with the gun in her hand, which falls from her hands on the ground, while she is shocked and disbelieving that she killed her own son. sanam is shocked as to how a mother could kill her own son. tanveer collapses herself on the ground.

Onlookers watch as Ahil drags out an unconscious rehaan, while suleiman stealthily escapes from there. But he turns around to find the new bride with the pistol aimed at him, and fires away, killing suleiman instantly. She turns from there and goes to tanveer, while she is grieved for her son. Ahil screams to call for the doctor or an ambulance, while rehaan doesnt respond. Sanam is in a state of shock, as ahil keeps screaming his name, while she remembers seher’s love fr rehaan, and her own equation with rehaan. Meanwhile, tanveer remembers rehaan warning her to face her own punishment many a times earlier, as she recapitulates her killing her own son. The new bride tells tanveer callously, that her son is dead and her crying wont bring him back. tanveer berserkedly says that she would have to go to her son, screaming her name. But the new bride stops her and drags her away from there. tanveer is distraught and apalled, as she is dragged away. Ahil remembers his moments with rehaan, and cries inconsolably, trying to nudge him into senses.

Seher is shocked and distraught to see the vermillion sprayed on the floor, and gets down to overwhelmingly collect it back, fighting back tears, determined not to let it affect her, as she is oblivious of a dead rehaan, in ahil’s arms at the temple. The screen freezes on rehaan’s face.

Precap: Sanam distraughtedly tells seher what happened at the temple, and that rehaan is dead, and she refuses to believe it. Seher behaves ignorant, and is in her own dream world, while sanam is distraught for her sister.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. omgggggggggggggggg…………..

  2. This is moving to fast on different story tracks that i am unable to keep up with it. First there is Haya love triangle where Fiaz keeps popping up from the dead, then the new sanaam witchcraft, Tanveer always getting her way, it is confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo,,, rehaan shouldnt die…

  4. dead or unconscious? Is he dead? wdh . This show really better be wrapping up if this is true.

  5. noooo rehaan shoould nt died 🙁

    this serie will never end omg
    wat will happen nw

  6. Rehaan isnt dead, its just to create hype and increase rating! Wait and watch!!

    1. Really????? Are you sure?? Do u know the spoiler?

      1. Ya bilkul sahi!!Rehaan will come alive!!

  7. What the hell?this serial is trying to show evil can win over good.just plain nonsense.rehaan is a very good character.

  8. Why are they don’t take Rehan to hospital? I’m very disappointed. Rehan shouldn’t die 🙁

  9. Why don’t they take Rehan to hospital? I’m very disappointed. Rehan shouldn’t die 🙁

  10. writers what is really wrong with you all why kill off rehann and not his mother tanveer she is the evil one all you writers doing is killing the good and leaving the evil you writers are portraying the wrong message to viewers that is not good at all tanveer is bad to the bone and you all are just prolonging the inevitable get rid of her now and mind you it is three days now and no storyline with haya and rahatt writers kill off faiz now bring this storyline to an end and please let rehatt be alive to get married to seher it suppose to have a triple wedding ahil and sanam haya and rahatt and seher and rehatt also I forgot to mention the new long toenail bride with all that bent up teeth in her mouth she needs to see a dentist she is also evil she committing murder now she killed poor suleman what next I say kill off long toenail also with tanveer and faiz and then the story would make sense

  11. rittika mittal

    rahat dies and haya doesn’t care to tell to her own sister! damn stupid!
    tanveer to die and return as her daughter who will take revenge on aahil and sanam (most probably)
    suleiman died, who’ll tell the truth? asad and zoya? idiots!

  12. Rehaan can’t die.he is a 2nd hero in this serial.Feeling distraught abt sehersnow . sure this would end up in killing tanveer .I think ahil will believe sanam now and gets to no abt her twin sis. Wat abt sanam 2 now ? Now it is big question for seher to seek revenge or not? Now it is tanveer daughter to return. Real qubool hai starts now.rehaan will be back after some episodes or at least look alike of rehaan will come. Sure seher cannot be paired other than rehaan. Let’s watch wat happens.

  13. In the coming episodes, Tanveer decides to kill Sanam and Sunehri a foolproof plan for it. However, fate played him a dirty trick as it will eventually shot his own son Rehaan.
    Tanveer will get the shock of his life when she learns that her daughter alive somewhere in Pakistan and her daughter did not like the two ais Sanam supposed rumors.
    Amrapali Gupta who until now plays the character of Tanveer will play a new role in Qubool Hai on the death of Tanveer’s daughter tanveer it will happen Played by Amrapali the actress who plays Tanveer.

  14. may sehers touch make shim alive again

  15. This is crap they do till the kill rehaan and tanzeer is truth will never come out because nobody else know the truth if sanam try to tell ahil he will never believe her because he dont want to hear a word against this evil mother tanzeer she only cares about money n property till she kill her own son she dont know when people die the dont carry anything only the goods n bads thing they do in the life but she think when she dead she will take every things with her

  16. It might happen that both Rehaan and Seher die…

  17. Nowhere on the internet I see that Shehzad Shaikh is leaving the show so I continue to cross my fingers that Rehan is NOT going to die.

  18. Everyday life we have had been seeing people dying in horrible death. The serials we are watching to entertain our selves. We feel that the shows give us knowledge and family trditions and values and we can sit with our family and enjoy the shows. WHEN WE ARE SEEING KILLING SECNES IT’S NOT A THRILL TO SEE. EVEN OUR MIND GET FURIOUS AND NOT FEEL LIKE WATCHING THE SHOW. I HOPE IN THE FUTURE SHOWS PLEASE DON’T INCLUDE KILLING SCENES. ALSO MAKE SURE THAT EVIL NOT RULE THE SHOWS AND THE EVIL SUPPOSED TO BE PUNISHED TOO!! (PLEASE CAST GOOD STORIES WE CAN ENJOY AND EAGER TO WATCH EVERYDAY.).

  19. Serial should be renamed Shaitan as only evil wins.

  20. Rehaan should not die and for the new samaan very evil seher should get her but it only a show

  21. I can’t wait to see tanvir been punish

  22. How sad omg

  23. Ok, Tanveer killed her son, Ahil see that his brother love him, and now that cost his life. And now the show is going to whole new level. I think that Reheen would have been a great husband and maybe someday a great father. Whatever happened to Haya ok I forgot her husband name. So I guess that I will watch the show like I done in the past , and see what happen. Ok. Peace Out.

  24. Please end the show already

  25. Qubool nahi hai

    Aaj rehaan k saath Jo kuch bhi hua o mujhe QUBOOL NAHI HAI….end this crap n bring rehaan back….

  26. no no no please rehan please come back yard without you show will be incomplete pleasee

  27. Bring rehaan back otherwise end the show but plz bring rehaan back

  28. No Rehaan Then NO qubool hai
    That will be the climax for producer!! -_-
    consider this cvs!!

  29. Noooooooooooooo………………………REHAN shud not dy

  30. Dis is QH,right? so I hop REHAN wil b back:(

  31. Omg no no no plz don’t kill rehan… dis so soapie is losing It plz end

  32. I am shocked .Not Rehaan.I think he is in a coma..Tanveer is going to be tortured bt the new bride,she is also a hater.They both need to to seek God and change.their filthy ways.

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