Qubool Hai 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 11th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is speechless at badi bi’s question. Razia reprimands her that she is falsely accusing her of murder and branding her as a criminal. and that it was better that she dies then. Badi bi is happy at seeing her breakdown, but says that she didnt insinuate it, she only had a doubt. Shirin tries to intervene saying that she might have had an instinctive feeling. badi bi says that such feelings come for those who people love, and not hate. razia again tries to reprimand badi biand looks at mamu. Mamu too puts bi down saying that noone remembers what happened in the commotion, then how can she be so sure and act so immature. rashid interferes saying that every word spoken by asad is remembered by him, as thats the first time, a son came to

his father’s place, and he supports badi bi’s claim and asks razia the same thing. Razia says that she saw it on tv, much to everyone’s surprise. rashid is shcoked and asks that she still forced him to go to delhi. She says that she didnt siunce she knew that he would go to dilshad and she couldnt see shirin’s marriage falling apart. she claims that her fault was that she couldnt see tears in shirin’s eyes. She iks asked by shirin that she lied when she said when she was watching serials. Razia accepts saying that she did it only for her own good. Badi bi says that she might try hard to cover her crime but some or the other way would be revealed by God.

Ayan and nuzrat are discussing about humaira’s chanegd attitude these days citing her reluctance to take part in the college function, that she was once very excited about, as she was instructed by nikhat to keep humaira happy. Ayan says that he would give it a try. Humaira tries to talk her way out fo the cookery competition, but he says that once she wins this competition, she would get suitors from around the world. She says that she doesnt need the best guy, but the person who she loves, and shockes ayan saying that she needs him. Ayan too says that why didnt she tell him before. Just then, humaira’s daydream breaks off, by ayan saying that she would have to take part. Humaira says that she would, thinking to herself that she would always do what ayan tells or wants her to do.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
While zoya is working on the laptop, asad is frustratedly asking her what is she doing, but zoya tells him that she’s scanning the design and then she would search and that she would get a clue regarding the collar. Asad says that they should give it to the police, but is mocked by zoya that then they would get results in ages. She says that she has hacked the software that would give them the results, but they are at no risk, since only the IP address has gone of asad’s place. While asad tries to

The search shows 5 results, one of which matches the PHOENIX Security, and thta the peron attacking must be a security employee, by which asad deduces that someone hired him to kill dilshad. Zoya asks him to go through the client list of the PHOENIX SECURITY, to find any possible person with a motive, for rivalry. Asad searches for the names one by one, and clearing out everything. Zoya says that they should interact with these companies and start investigation. But asad is still confused as to why anyone would try to harm dilshad.

Nazma opens the door to find rashid standing. She opens the door for him, while dilshad in her room, almost has a premonitory instinct. She motions rashid to sit down. Rashid complies. Both father and daughter have tears in their eyes. Nazma gets him water, that he drinks. nazma cant help but be extra attentive to her father. Rashid asks how is she, while nazma thinks to herself that he remembers her now after all these years. Rashid says that he has come to meet dilshad. Nazma runs away from there.

Asad calls up one of them, and clears it out saying that he bears no connection to the present owner of the company. Zoya asks him to try other names. Nazma enters very upset. When asad asks what happened, nazma says that rashid has come to meet dilshad. Asad is upset to hear this.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
razia is told by someone on the phone, that rashid has gone to meet dilshad, and scolds him for not telling earlier. She turns around to find badi bi standing there, who asks her as to what good is coming off, spying on rashid like that. Badi bi says that on the tv, it was only shown that she was a victim of a murder attempt and not that she got shot. She says that even the best of criminals leave a clue behind to lead to them, and that is what brought her out of her closet. Badi bi says that she knows that razia was behind the murder attempt at dilshad, and that now she has to find out what is the connection between this and the conspiracy 17 years back, that forced rashid to walk out on his marriage with dilshad, and move in with shirin. razia is fuming with rage hearing that. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Razia tells badi bi that dilshad’s life has become a burden on her and thats the reason she had sent her hired man, to kill dilshad. Badi bi is shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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