Qubool Hai 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Granny comes and shows begum the keys, whoe immediately retreats away from the bait. Granny takes a stick and shoves him out. then begum gets angry and swears that she wont spare her for this wrong. granny says that she shall expose her and thats her promise. Begum gets angry and decides to gag her and kill her. But she remembers the witch’s warning against it. She finally retreats away, scared. granny asks if she is scaring her, as she has been given life by the lord, and she cant do anything about it. she says that she shall throw her out of the house very soon. She drags her with her hand, but before she can take her out, begum eyes a jug, and opening it, she starts muttering some chants, that captivate her, and she becomes captive inside

the jug, while she screams and is extremely uncomfortable, and screams at her to come out. Granny screams for imi and farida, while begum is amused. Begum evilly gives the jug a whisk enjoying her prank. Granny asks to be taken out. begum says that she wont, and then she takes the jug and places it in the deep ends of the closet, but suddenly, she remembers something, and if frustrated, that she isnt able to see anything, and wishes ardently for armaan and mahira to consummate the relationship.

Scene 2:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Like a dutiful and caring wife, Mahira attends to armaan by prassing his legs, while he rests on the bed. after she is done with one, and gets to go, he presses the other leg forward, and she complies to that too lovingly. Later, she gives him soup, and attends to him in a highly dutiful wife’s manner. He tells her that he isnt able to taste anything, that she makes, maybe because he isnt fresh. He is enjoying the way she takes care, and then she gets to giving him a shave. While doing so, he takes the shave off her hand, and tries to get her close, but she retreats away. he holds her and says, that its a wife’s dut to keep her husband happy too. She says that there’s a difference between wifely duty and slavery. She says that a wife shall do anything but only when her happiness is linked with her husband’s happiness, and she gives in everything only when he promises that he shall keep her safe and protected from everyone including him. She says that its his problem that he doesnt need this relation, but for her its a big deal, and she shall duly follow it, as her lord is watching. she walks out, while he eyes her tensedly.

Mahira comes out hollering for latif and gazalla, when the llights go off. She is shocked. When they come back on, she finds violinist couple, playing a quartet for her, as she is bathed with rose shower from above. he sneaks in behind her, and holds her. she begins to go, but he grabs her hand. she looks back tensedly, and he lets go. She rushes away from there, and then thinks that she got rid of him, but he springs up in front of her, eyeing her cutely romantically. He keeps whirling her around, while she resignedly damces, as he enjoys doing so with her.

Later, mahira comes back in to find the room romantically set. he comes in amusedly, and asks whats his problem, as when he isnt close, she keeps looking for a reason, and when he does, she shys away. While mahira stands in front of the dressing table, he springs from behind, and cups her from the waist, while she gets uncomfortable. he asks her to stop shying as they are married, and now only a honeymoon is awaited. mahira gets tensed at the weird physical intimacy with him. She looks at him shocked, while he says that its important, and asks her to stop shying away.he gets poetic, and then suggests consummation of their marriage and then leans in. she abruptly breaks the moment saying that he is right, and then gets seducing and says that she herself was waiting for her honeymoon. As she eyes him amusedly, he is boggled. she asks whats the matter, and why did he stop. He is taken aback, and then refrains saying that he feels she isnt ready, and he isnt those men, who force themselves on her, and she neednt be scared. she leads him on, asking what happened suddenly. she calls his bluff, and then puts her arms around him, saying that she isnt scared at all, and maybe he is. he vehemently denies. She asks him to come on then. She places him to sit on the bed, and then throws him backk, while he is confused. she eyes him lovingly, and then gets atop him, beside him on the bed, while she is still unsure of whats happening. She cups his face, and then leans in close, both awkward but hesitant to admit it to the other. He asks what are they doing. she continues to lean in amusedly, while he eyes her tensedly. Then he caresses her face, and the hairlock covering the side of it. She tells him, whispering in his ear, that she has waited for this night for a long time as tonight shall be very expensive to him, as if he consummates the relation with her, and they establish themselves as a married couple, and then if he plans to divorce her, then he would have to give double the amount as Meher, i.e. 500 crores, which is his entire property. he is tensed. She gets up amused and asks whats the matter and if he is scared, and asks whats he thinking, and if he so scared of bankruptcy. he shoves her down and then gets atop her, with a swirl, and eyes her, and then starts shooting wondering, whether this video shall sell in huge amount of money. he asks her not to challenge her. she is disgusted by what he thinks, and gets up, pushing him away. She asks how is he such a lowlife that he is even suggesting it. wishing him to go to hell, she walks off. he guffaws, thinking that he has started enjoying it, as he doesnt love, but merely hates her. he walks out, but then instinctively stands still. Outside, mahira is tensed as to how she is stuck with a husband, who doesnt even know how to respect her, but she is determined that she shall anyhow get him to respect her and treat her as a wife. The screen freezes on both of their faces.

Precap: Begum does some black magic ritual, swearing that for long she has tried everything to get back her powers, gave many sacrifices, even her own son, Azad, but destiny played crule with her, and she suffered many wounds, but this time around, she shall not let destiny play games with her, and cuts off her hair, and throws it into the fire. she says that after MURAAD-E-KAINAT, she shall be the master of her destiny.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    What a nonsense??show why mahira is acting is armaan too acting back was such a worst story line

  2. ulti ganga!!
    abbey yar,finish it….????

  3. I think armaan is playing mahira to see if she would really fall in love with him

  4. Since Aahil and Sanam died. This show turned into shit. Also the black magic needs to go.

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