Qubool Hai 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: In the captive shed
Razia glaoats to the new bride, that she knew shaad cant be traced, and reprimands her for being so easily befooled, by sanam, as this was her plan all along, and maybe she is already on her way here. The new bride is boggled and tensed.

Meanwhile, wazira arrive somewhere near the place, and finally sanam recognises it as the place where ahil wanted to build her a hotel, and says that the new bride must have chosen this place only. they progress towards it, but find that its manned by their men. They distract the men, and try and scurrry stealthily from the other end. but a sudden noise alarms the men, and they go into an ambush, where gunshots are fired from both the ends. wazira says that she shall hold the grounds, here while sanam should

go to search for shaad. she complies. She rushes ahead, while wazira continues the gunshots with the goons. Finally one of them gets her in the shoulder, and she gets hurt. But she still manages to kill three more of her men, giving sanam an easy way out. The new bride and razia are shocked to hear gunshots, while shaad is amused. He points out as to how their doom is approaching near them. The new bride is tensed. razia says that sanam shall definitely not be able to get till here, having evaded her men. the new bride however is not so sure. She goes to check through a hole in the wall, while razia goes to make some preps. She finds sanam coming closer to them and is scared thinking that razia would herself die and take her down with her too. She escapes out, while her dupatta gets stuck in the door knob, and a portion tears off. She doesnt bother and runs out. Meanwhile razia comes back, and places a duct tape on shaad’s mouth to prevent him from screaming and grabbing sanam’s attention. He fights but in vain. then she angrily says that she shall end this today forever, and then stuffs a bomb at the back of his chair, while shaad is distraught and apalled. He sits helplessly. Razia notices that the new bride is gone, and finds her rushing out through the gates. She then also notices sanam coming inside and is surprised. she gets back to finish strapping the bombv properly. Sanam comes in from the same gate thbride escaped from, and finds the torn stuck piece of dupatta, and understands that the new bride wont be found here. she progresses ahead. She finally comes to the cage where shaad is locked, and desperately tries to find the key to the lock. she is overwhelmed emotionally that she finally found shaad and assures him that she shall not let anything happen to him. She begins pelting the lock with stones, while shaad desperately tries to convey the message that she should move far away. just then razia comes, and tells her that iron locks dont get broken by stones. she says that her aggression and her attitude, remind her of sanam’s parents, ahil and zoya. sanam tells her that she should leave shaad out of this, as she has a problem with her, and not with shaad. Razia smirks and says that instead of hitting advises at her, she should focus on getting shaad out and saving him, as she has just two minutes to do so. sanam is boggled. Razia tells sanam that in the next two minutes, her lover shaad, shall die along with a bomb explosion that would rattle the entire building. She gives sanam a timer watchclock, while she is tensed and worried for shaad. She tells that she has got two minutes to be able to save shaad. Shaad meanwhile is tied to his chair, with explosives strapped on. Razia says that her countdown starts now, and turns around and leaves. sanam desperately tries to break the lock of the shed by stones, but in vain. Shaad keeps nudging and signalling her to go, to save herself. Finally, he is able to manage the duct tape out of his mouth, and asks her to go as its too late now, and there’s nothing that they can do. She gets berserk and asks him to stop talking like that. She starts venting out her frustration, that everytime he cant expect that she shall listen to him, and that this time she wont and get him out of there safey and alive. She starts hurriedly hitting the lock with whatever she grabs her hand on, to get it to open. he resignedly keeps asking her to give up, but she doesnt listen. he asks her why is she so adamant. She continues. he says that this is what he likes about her, that she never gives up, whatever the situation might be. He asks her to look at him, and when she does, he says that she always smiles every single second of their time together. He reminds her of how he saw in the scared eyes, the first time he saw her, the hope that could empower him to do something like this, as he always thought that love weakens people, but after meeting her, he got to know what love’s power is, and that its due to her, that everyone’s sacrifices of their lives didnt go in vain, and that he would have been honoured even after death. she asks him not to talk about dying, as he saved her from that day. He reminds her that her only mission is to get the new bride out, and hence she would have to live, for his and ahil’s sake, who loved her terribly. He makes her swear on him, that she would stay alive. Sanam is distraught and apalled. shaad closes his eyes, and a tear trickles down his eyes, as he remembers his converstaion and time with sanam as a couple, and the countdown closes in. Much to sanam’s horror, the bomb goes off, and shaad is dead, as he too explodes with the chair. From the impact of the xplosion, sanam is thrown afar from the ground, and she goes unconscious. She wakes up immediately and gets up to witness the whole place in flames. She finds shaad’s locket thats been thrown out of the cage. She eyes it in despair, as she clutches at it tightly, and remembers what an ideal husband he was. she gets in uncontrollable tears. Razia points a pistol at her, and then says that her love stories have finished, and now its time for her also to go, and give her greetings, to ahil, zoya, asad and seher. the screen freezes on sanam’s teary face.

Precap: Razia points the gun at sanam, ready to shoot. later, sanam says that her parents were tested along with their love, and that her love too had to face the test of time, but now its the time, for doomsday, when everything ends and destroys, and from its ashes shall start a new beginning, with Qubool Hai in a new avatar.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Shaad is dead????????? Stupid episode…….. Waste of time. Nonsense

  2. Omg saad is dead in bomb blast.I am very upset.

    But, anyone say to me why witch apply over makeup in her face for past 2days.

  3. Shaad tooooo?????????? Oops…. I guess in tomos episode sanam will also die nd QH 2 will start…….

  4. I am soo sad… Shaad was such a nice sweet genuine person… I will seriously miss the good cast.. I will even miss khala and lateef . Those 2 crazy heads.. hahahahaaa !!! They are funny.. especially ho choy mo ee ! Lolll

  5. Stupid and sad episode
    Crying???while reading this
    Razia?and new sanam?suppose to be the one to die not poor shaad i though sanam would kill the two of them n save shaad live happy with him but no it the opposite….
    Now when the new chapter start again the will have the two vamp??doing dirty works once more again
    But so upset??right now why shaad have to die he was the best going to miss him i miss ahil too but shaad more i going to miss sanam right he was an ideal husband?to her Despite not being her husband??but he was always there with her when she lose her memory
    R.I.P SHAAD????

  6. soo sad episode………….. a new beginning with qubool hai?????????????????? shittttttttttt…..

  7. Ahil and shaad is dead then how come sanam is having daughter after leap .

  8. For episodes sake please stop longggggg drama even kumkum bhagya is draging…… But they showed the precap so I hope it ends…even this shud be last episode of draggingness

  9. Qubool hai has cross the limits .They should have show the happiness to the viewers.Whats the point of showing all the sadness to the good persons and even let them die while the bad people have always bad plans and happy.Nonsense.Stupid.i will not watch qh anymore start from today.hope everyone will do the same .So,the show must end.

  10. Wow !!!, What a violent story. Cannot believe India has become the ” Goodon ka Bazaar”. The whole show runs on cheating, violence, poisoning, bombs and killing. May be it is India and the writers and producers showing the real face of India and making money. Anyway

  11. Omigosh!! Today was the saddest episode of all.. I literary cried when shaad said I LOVE YOU JANNAT! I actually thought that she would save him and they would live happily, guess it didn’t work out that way! :'( please producers and directors of QH we need a happy ending story! First I used to watch for Asad then for Aahil then for Shaad(i used to watch for zoya/sanam/seher too tho)! But now for whom? Also url had chosen good looking male leads please select a good one for the season 4 aswell so maybe then we could still keep watching! I will miss the former QHcast! They meant so much! :'( please do something nice and new! Thanks

  12. Hate this show! Why can’t good ever win. You make such good characters and then kill them off. How many avatars of Zoya do we need to see! Let good win over evil! !!! End this rubbish!!!!

  13. Sahil Singh Subchintuk

    So all of them are dead what a wate of energy watching zeetv .

  14. I hate this serial too much…. 2nd time it start from new style but never try for a happy episode Nd happy ending old twist old story agAin….. Shit o_O

  15. this serial is really way tooooooooooooooo much shit the length of time sanam took trying break the lock and speaking to shad at intervals and he shad confessing his love that lock could have been broken so much time wasted you writers know how to a serial which had a good storyline and mess the whole damn thing up wayaaaaaaaaaaaaa boy writers I give you the award for writing shit LOL and now that you have accomplished that you are A CLASS at it please end the serial now and kill everyone out and let the most evil of all sanam 2 and razia live to carry on here I end it

  16. to much talk razia pull that trigger to tell the truth sanam is better off dead with all her loved one and leave all you evil one to rot in hell what a serial unbelievable hope z tv never make a mistake like this again and bring to the viewers soooooooooooooooo much shit

  17. Imran I agree with you 100% but you know if I had made that same comment the fan and rosey would have picked it up and say that I said something negative wayaaaaaaaaaaa boy I totally agree and for all the waiting ahil went through to unite with his beloved sanam imagine BAM they killed him off and the love struck ahil never got his wish how sad I tell you these writers are a waste of good time and I say stop gaming around now and end the damn serial we are not interested in watching it any more because all the good ones are dead now so what is the use of dragging the serial BAM TO YOU WRITERS TOO

  18. Shaad died? shad died?…..what nonsense! Kill the show and everyone in the cast and say maut aapko qubool hai (lol)

    1. I so agree to this!!

  19. Bl***y hell ep.

  20. Omg shad dies I can’t believe it I want him back he was sooooooo nice he really shouldn’t have died

  21. Why not end the Qubool Hai right now , all the loved characters apart from Sanam is left. Really , how many twist and turns do we have to live with in one story.

    1. This show has been going on for so long now and look how many things have happened this show needs to end what’s the point of watching qubool hai when all the most loved characters are dead

  22. Saddest and worst episode of qubool hai ever I can’t believe even season 3 they the makers couldn’t end a happy note I’m gonna miss u shaad now I feel there won’t be any thing which interesting me to watch QH season 4 though I love surbhi jyoti and wanna to watch for her but I’m afraid I can’t handle my self to watch evil winning over the good and sad ending story

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