Qubool Hai 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Mahira is about to open the door, when khan begum opens it herself, watching her tensedly. then she asks her whats the problem, and mahira says that amad was searching for her. mahira tries to peep through, thinking that she heard something weird from inside the room. she stands outside boggled. while khan begum shuts the door. She eyes evilly the girl’s dead body, saying that for 25 years she has been fighting this war, and today she finally won over sanam. but one look at her still decaying skin, makes her wonder how is this possible, as its the same bracelet. when she doesnt find the figure on her, she thinks that she killed the wrong girl. she wonders how she got the bracelet then. she again sets to searching that special girl.

she comes down, and finds everyone gone, and thinks that this cant be, as destiny cant be that rude to her, and wonders where that girl could be. While mahira is working in the drawing room, scrubbing and cleaning the floor, with her back exposed, khan begum stands at a distance, oblivious of the fact that the girl she is looking for so desperately, is actually standing in front of her. she is tensed and leaves. mahira murmurs to herself, that khan begum and azad are equally brutal. she remembers azad choosing her, and wonders why she was chosen from all the girls. She says that she felt his eyes hid some pain, and he isnt what he seems. she remembers about having made the herbal ointment, and thinks that if she doesnt administer it today, then she would lose its effect.

In his room, azad reminisces his nice moments with sanam, from their first meet and is lost, tensed and worried too, as to whats happening to him, and why does he keep thinking about that girl, and thinks that this isnt right, and he shouldnt think like this about the girl, or anything else even. mahira approaches his room stealthily, and finds him asleep. She thinks amusedly that he does sleep with peace, and then thinks not to disturb him, and then thinks that she should the herbal medication hurriedly, and prays to God, that he doesnt wake up from his sleep. She starts applying it on his forehead, while he sleeps. She thinks that if this works, then his breaths sounds would increase, but feels that it isnt like that. she checks with her fingers, over her nose, and then is boggled, wondering how is it possible. she then decides to check the heartbeat and places her ears next to his chest, leaving over him, trying to listen intently. Suddenly he wakes up, and finds the ointment on the head, while she stands up scared and tensed. he asks her whats she doing here. she makes an excuse that she came to check on him. he asks why she felt that need. she is at a loss of an answer, and asks her whats her interest in him. she tries to engage him in banter, about his horoscope thats very rare, as normal people dont have it, and maybe he isnt even a human after all, as its very unique. She says that he is very special. he gets tensed. she says that he might look tough and villanous, but he is a hero from inside, very kind hearted, innocent like a child, and an angel with a pious soul. He asks her to leave. she says that she isnt scared of him, and lying, but actually her studies show that he is very different and far form being evil. she talks about how the ointment would have made his heart and breath be faster, but it didnt happen. she asks him to check for himself. He sdtands tensed. As she insists, she topples, and falls on azad, as he too falls on the bed. An awkwardly romantic eyegaze follows, as she lies atop him. then they compose themselves, and stand up again. worried, he asks her to leave, while she says that she can help him. he says that noone can help him. she is boggled, and insists. but he takes her by the hand, and throws her out of the door, and locks it from inside. she keeps saying that she isnt lying, and has studies his horoscope. but he doesnt listen. They are oblivious that their hands are at the same place on the opposite sides of the door.

In her room, khan begum is irritated with gazalla and latif overreacting to the murder, and she clarifies that she made a mistake of marking the wrong girl. They say that she should have checked for the figure atleast. she taunts them and then asks if the work she had assigned is done. latif says that its done, and then she is told to get rid of the body along with gazalla. they get to doing it resignedly. khan begum walks out, keeping guartd, while latif and gazalla drag the dead body, from the corridor and across the hallway. When mahira reacjhes the corridor, she finds wet patches all over, and wonders why is there so much water. Mahira arrives in the hall, just when gazalla and latif have pulled the dead body out of the house. Mahira however follows the trail of water. she goes outside.

While in the garden, in the late hours of the night, khan begum waits impatiently with the dead body, gazalla and latif are all tired. she asks them about the spade, and they tell her that they forgot. She orders them angrily to go and get it. mahira oblivious of this, following the trail, approaches in the garden too. she starts walking carefully right to where the dead body lies. She is boggled. But her feet collides into something and she falls. khan begum is shocked when she finds mahira having slipped on the floor, her spectacles on the floor, at a distance away. the screen freezes on mahira’s face, as she looks up.

Precap: While all are in the hall, amad tells everyone, about that girl’s disappearance since last night, and shows the last selfie that he clicked with her at the party. khan begum comes with gazalla and latif tensedly. mahira asks if she can see this photo, and when she does, she looks at khan begum knowingly, and she is scared too of mahira’s response now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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