Qubool Hai 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 10th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
seeing a tensed Razia, badi bi asks if she is again upto something, and that she should leave this now. Just then, shirin interruprts them asking for nikhat’s jewellery, but before she can finish, a scream emanates from nikhat’s room, shocking them, and scaring razia. Razia hears screams coming out from the girls room, and finds that a girl is surrounded by other ladies, while she’s screaming in pain about her face. She is shocked to find that zoya and nikhat are all right. she sifts through the ladies and is shorrified to find that its actually humaira’s whose face is spoilt due to the makeup. Humaira is distraughtly shouting clutching at her face in pain. razia asks how this happened. Nikhat says that she applied makeup and she started

screaming. all are tensed. shirin says that they shouldnt have used anyone else’s makeup.

Razia asks her to say clearly that she must have mixed something. Zoya is shocvked, while razia tries to put the blame on her, saying that she has always hated humaira. Zoya tries to protest her innocence, but razia puts the blame on her. Zoya asks why would she try to harm humaira. Razia says thats because she cant bear her living in this house in front of her eyes. Zoya is hurt, and says that if she feels like this, then she wont clarify. She is about to leave, but is stopped by Ayan, which surprises everyone including humaira. He asks razia to show the proof first, and clarifies for zoya, that the person who tampered with it, wanted to hurt zoya. razia asks whats he means. Ayan says that he doesnt know, but knows this much, that zoya cant hurt anyone. Humaira hides gher face with a veil, from ayan, but is surprised to see him standing up for zoya. He lets go of zoya’s hand, and is tensed to see humaira’s condition, while zoya leaves.

In her room, zoya remembers what happened with humaira, and gets tanveer’s call. She picks up and says hello. Tanveer taunts her if her mood is bad, and that it would go worse if she hears what she has to say. she asks tanveer how dare she call her. tanveer says that she called her to remind that she should stop dreaming about the marriage happening, and her becoming asad’s thereafter. She says that when the nikah happens, only then she would be asad’s, and she should know that she wont be asad’s, as nikhat’s marriage wont hppen. zoya is shocked to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
Farhan asks one of the relatievs, about the whereabouts of his family. He asks him to tell his family that he’s waiting outside in the car. Howevere, he takes the car, and before he realises, someone drives off instead of waiting. haseena is finally ready and getting ready to go. haseena asks nazma where is imran. Nazma says that he has gone for gifts. Haseena says that they take gifts and not give them. She asks her to tell him that he should come in another car. Just then, imran comes and informs them that the Baraat car isnt outside, and nor is farhan. all are surprised as to where is he. Farhan asks the driver to stop the car, but is rendered unconscious, by a needle stuck in his thigh. Nazma gets asad’s call, who asks about the Baraat. nazma tells about farhan missing. After she cancels, asad remembers tanveer’s warning, and wonders if she is behind this.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
All are tensed with haseena’s wailing about farhan missing. shirin tries to compose herself, while others try to find out about him. rashid asks where did he go alone today. nazma says that she thought that he might be here, but he isnt. Zoya hears this and is shocked. Zoya asks nazma what happened, while haseena is imagining worse things. Nikhat comes in asking what happened, and finding haseena wailing, she asks what happened. haseena taunts nikhat, that due to her, farhan is missing, and rashid tries to compose her and asks her to sit down quietly. nikhat is shaken to the core. Haseena wonders who to blame, while shirin tries to make her understand. Zoya thinks that she would have to tell ayan about tanveer’s warning, and save farhan. As she progresses, Haseena grabs zoya, and addressing as someone who brings bad luck, says that since she stepped foot in thisn house, everything has gone wrong. she reprimands and asks zoya where is her son, and where has she hidden him. zoya is boggled and shocked. Ayan and others try to free her from haseena’s grip. Just then, the commotion is broken by Farhan’s voice, and all are surprised and stunned to see Farhan standing at the gate with asad. Zoya is shocked. Haseena goes to ask fdarhan where had he gone. Imran too asks the same. Farhan is tensed, while all wait for his answer.He finally manages to say that his car broke down. Asad is tensed too. Farhan thanks asad for reaching just in time. Ayan thanks asad for this. asad says that he just did what he had to, and he didnt want any problem in nikhnat’s marriage. Zoya eyes asad, and is overwhelmed.(MITWA) Razia asks theem to begin with the ceremony now. all get busy, while farhan thanks asad,still boggled as to what happened, and who was tghe driver, and where was he taking him. asad asks him to forget and never mention this to anyone. the priest takes farhan from there, and towards the nikah area. While all others are busy socialising, Zoya asks asad, if he’s okay. He says that he is, and says that he would leave now. Rashid calls him from behind, and he turns around to face his father. Rashid asks where is he going, as its his sister’s marriage today, and if he stays here, then her happiness would be doubled. Nikhat looks at them anxiously. Haseena comes taunting asad that he cant leave, as he has two relations in this house. As he begins to go, Haseena taunts zoya to ask her brother in law, Asad to stay back. Zoya and asad are both pained at this, and awkwardly face each other. The screen freezes on asad’s tensed face.

Precap: While humaira is wincing in pain saying that she cant even open here eyes, with some lotion applied on her face to soothe her skin, ayan blows air to give her some relief. Humaira tells ayan that he shouldnt be here. Ayan says that he would go, and says that he would definitely fulfill hr wish of attending nikhat’s marriage. He leaves. Zoya is packing her bags when ayan enters, and finds that his wound on his back is bleeding yet again, but he ignores it. Ayan says that her stuff can be gotten later too, right now only she should come along. Zoya is surprised but complies anyway. as she begisnt o go, she finds bloodstains on the floor, and asks where’s it from. ayan diverst her and takes her out, without mentioning his wound.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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