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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Afreen is boggled as she comes back to the kiotchen, when begum taunts her, that she is more surprised at her being alive, or the fact that the milkshake didnt work on armaan. she explains how she tampered with the drink when the light went off. afreen is shocked and disgusted. before she can come, begum drops the glass and it falls on the ground, much to her shock. begum smiles at her. she comes to her and asks if she felt, she could kill her and get everything, and asks her to stop this futile attempt of stupid tricks on her. afreen starts guffawing evilly, and then turns to her, saying that she is innocent, to still have such pride intact, as she saved hsrelf, but could she save mahira, as she is semi-dead in her room, and asks if she thought,

armaan would fall in love with an unconscious girl, as he shall only love afreen. she also adds that since she knows the truth about her first son, and tells how he only has hatred for his real mother, justifiably, as she left him on the streets to die, and was wondering if she should tell this to armaan, that begum is the cruel mother, and then he shall have her thrown out of the house, and asks begum if she should do this. begum asks her to stop underestimating her enemies, as she shall have afreen thrown out, before she can.

Later, begum again begins with her witchcraft, to stop and teach afreen a lesson, who is unnecessarily interfering in her life. she continues with the rituals. As afreen dresses herself, she thinks that a woman’s greatest weapon is her beauty and now she shall captivate his heart, using this very weapon. just then, begum comes in with a smoking pot of laced black magic, and opens the lid, in the same room, while afreen doesnt see. the smoke starts emanating, while begum steps out, of the room, with her mouth covered to stop being exposed to the smoke. A boggled afreen starts coughing in the smoke, as it engulfs the room, wondering whats going on. outside, begum smiles, and leaves. Afreen tries to open the door, but finds it locked, and screams for someone to open the door. armaan passes by just then and hears the screams. Seeing this, begum gets tensed, as he comes to the room and opens the door, while begum is frustrated that her plan got ruined. afreen comes dizzy in his arms. he asks if she is okay. She points to the smoke, while severely coughing. begum comes and asks what happened to her, and then gives her water, but afreen denies, saying she is fine. Afreen tries to talk to him, but begum says that she isnt listening to her, and he should insist that she drinks the water. afreen is unable to resist, as he insists, and then gulps it down. he then leaves from there, saying he has important work. afreen tries to call out to him, but is unable to as no voice comes out. Afreen is unable to say anything, while begum taunts at her speechlessness, asking her to go and tell him the truth, and reminds that the more she interferes, the more she would be troubled. begum then leaves from there, while afreen is unable to speak. She decides that she shall give her a defeat, as she shouldnt be bothered about him, but mahira, as most probably she wont see the light of another day.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Granny is meanwhile playing with a young kid, who is acting as a terrorist, and she gives a box of choclates to him. he is excited first but then gets tensed. She asks if he didnt like the gift. he says that his friend’s mother too got the same gift, and it would have been wonderful if he too had his mother. granny gets tensed. meanwhile, his father comes and tells him that he has brought pizza for him, and he lights up. the father is the same guy, whose wife resembles begum. he is the actual grandson of granny, and who talks about the recent surprising happiness in his life. she is tensed if he is upset or anything. but he assures that he is taking proper medication, and also adds that this surprise shall make her happy too, but she shall have to wait for it, when the right time comes along. she thinks that the problem he is going through, makes him see a rosy picture always, but when it dissipates, then everything turns gory.

Later, when he puts his kid to sleep, he holds his hand, and then asks why is he so happy today, and says that he is happy to see him cheerful and asks him to remain so always. He kisses his son’s forehead and then puts him to sleep. He caresses his head, while thinking, that he wants to stay happy always too, and if today what he saw was a reality, then it means happiness is back in his life, but is tensed wondering what if it was all a hallucination. he eyes his wife’s pic.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Helpless by his heart, armaan is unable to resist himself from checking up on mahira. he finds the windows open, and then shuts them. he pulls the drapes on her, while he eyes her sleeping. As he begins to go, his handcuff gets intertwined by the dupatta of mahira. he is boggled, and takes it off. he caresses her face and then rubs her hands to keep them warm. he wonders whats happening to him, and why is he caring for the person, who troubled him so much, and he shouldnt give a damn, but why cant he see her in pain. Afreen sees this from outside the room, and thinks that this cant be, as he cant be close to mahira, and before they become inseparable, she shall have to do something. she leaves from there. As he steps out of the room, he accidentally sets foot, obliviously, in a plate with red colour powder in it, and then something happens, and he is drawn to a room lighted with incense candles, and set to a romanctic ambience. he finds afreen gyrating to a sizzling, alluring number. Armaan is out of his senses, as she tries to successfully seduce him and tries to consummate the relationship with him, dancing provocatively. but unknowingly, her hands fall on the taveez, attached to his arm, that happened when he was with mahira, and she gets up with a start. he is boggled and confused too, and apologises that he doesnt know how he came here, but knows it isnt appropriate. then he leaves. she thinks that she had done magic on him, which should have made him forget everything and be with her, then how could he compose himself. She is bogggled.

As the doctor checks mahira, while granny, begum and armaan watch tensedly, he tells them that the condition is worsening now, and given the condition, she barely has 3 days to live on. he says that the nerves are falling, and anything can happen. Armaan pleads her to save him, and try some other medication. granny tells him that she doesnt need meds but blessings now. he is tensed as he eyes mahira. he leaves from there. granny and begum stand tensed. the screen freezes on mahira’s face.

Precap: The peer baba blesses armaan, saying that when things seem insufficient and helplessness kicks in, all should be left on the destiny decided by the almighty. he says that the lord shall make everything right for that girl. he says that her heart contains true love and now only that heart can save her, the one that was made for her, and was always hers. begum and afreen hear this intently, from hiding.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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