Qubool Hai 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 10th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the cliff and Hotel in Ajmer’s Bulandshahar Dargah
Tanveer leaves from there, while zoya struggles to maintain her grip so as not to fall down the cliff, screaming all the while. tanveer comes to asad, and asks him to go along and leave in haste. But something seems to be holding asad back, while zoya struggles. As zoya slips down, and asad is about to get inside the cab, in the meanwhile asad’s green holy chadar flows from his hand, as he tries to grab for it, and he starts running after it. He doesnt realise that its taking him to his destiny and love. But before he can follow the dupatta, tanveer hastily takes him from there. Zoya grabs the green dupatta that gets stuck, and gives her a support to climb up the cliff again. Having reached to the top, she

regains her breath, and decides that she has to go back to her loved and dear ones. she starts running back, clutching at the green dupatta. Asad gets inside the cab, along with tanveer.(MITWA MOMENT)
Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad in her room, too feels her shouting, and runs down to find where the voice is coming from. but she is shocked when she finds nazma tearfully watching zoya’s video, where she is chatting cheerfully, and is in her best of moods, and trying out a cake which she has burnt, but is still enthusiastic to give her a slice from the unburnt side. they laugh at her memories. They discuss as to how much they missed her now. she wishes that zoya would come back soon. nazma assures her that she would come back definitely, as loved couples do meet in the end, and wherever she is, she hasnt forgotten them.

Scene 3:
Location: Christian Orphanage
Asad is blessed by the sister, as he makes a huge donation to the girl education. tanveer asks him the reason for this, as its the third one that he’s donating to. Asad remmebers how zoya was enthusiastic about this cause. tanveer herself says that he’s doing this for zoya, but she wont know about it. Asad tells tanveer that it doesnt matter now as now every breath of his is for zoya, and he belongs to her now, much to tanveer’s irritation. He says that all his prayers are for her only now, and he knows that wherever she is, she’s getting his prayers. Tanveer is very frustrated. Tanveer thinks that he got a little late in praying as zoya is gone.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence and Ajmer
Razia is very happy when tanveer tells her that zoya is gone. Both share the happiness. Razia congratulates her for this news. she tells her about her condition in the house. Meanwhile humaira comes behind her, and hears all this. she hears razia saying that she wishes she saw her throwing zoya off the cliff. Humaira is shocked, and razia too is flabbergasted when she sees humaira listening to her. She instantly changes her tone, irritating tanveer, who tries to clarify. Razia tells her again, and composes herself in front of humaira. after she cancels the call, she goes to the girl, and makes up a fake story about how they joke like this all the time. but she is unconvinced. Razia leaves in haste. Humaira wonders such a poor sense of humour.

Razia goes to badi bi and curses her to die soon, and not in installments, while she listens paralysed. Hearing rashid’s voice calling out to her, razia is shocked, while badi bi tries her best in her state, to be able to call out to him. Razia rushes to the door, and before rashid can peek through, she stands in the way. She closes the door, and asks rashid whats the matter. he confronts her that she told badi bi has gone to her relative but when he found out, he got to know that she didnt reach there. razia comforts him saying that she has gone to jamila Khala, another relative, who lives in a remote area, and hasnt got any network. She asks him not to worry, as badi bi would call as soon as she gets a network.

Badi bi, who is trying hard to have some movement, is finally able to manage to throw off the glass kept at the table. This alarma rashid and shocks razia. as he begins to go there, razia stops him saying that there’s too many rats, and she has to go for a pest control system now. Rashid leaves, and after that razia comes inside and warns her that if she tried any new nuisance now, she would be dead for sure. Saying so, she closes the door.

Scene 5:
Location: In ajmer
As zoya regains her breath, remembering tanveer’s attack and is at a tea stall on the roadside, she wipes her face, also remembering tanveer’s challenge and attack. She is a little groogy, when the tea comes for her, and the vendor asks her to relax as she looks very tired. she is determined and decides that she has to go back to her loved and dear ones, in bhopal. she starts running back, clutching at the green dupatta, remembering asad’s confession of love for her. She is determined that this time, come what may, she wont let tanveer get in the way of her being together with asad, for life now. The screen freezes on her stern face.

Precap: In the mahasangam episode, asad and zoya are dancing to a romantic number. Imranm Khan too joins them. Zoya is happily taking sarita to her remarriage with a new man, who sarita thinks remarrying would make raj happy, which is what she wants. Raj however is tensed. Zoya is amazed at this new level of sacrifice. But when she sees the groom’s facfe, who is to marry sarita, she breaks the gadhbandhan saying that she wont let this marriage happen, which is formed on the basis of a doubt. asad, also attending the marriage is shocked too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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