Qubool Hai 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: On the road, ahil’s residence and in the temple
Ahil’s car finally steps on the nail, and the tyre obviously deflates, and he almost collides into a tree, trying to gain balance. The new bride gets distracted suddenyl, and the stone she was scribbling on, falls, creating a noise, that alarms sanam. but when she goes to check it out, she doesnt find anyone there. Suleiman says that something is wrong here, and that ahil too hasnt come yet. sanam decides to call him again. Ahil meanwhile is changing tyres. he tells about his deflated tyre, and she tells him that suleiman is getting restless. he asks her to go to the temple. She complies and takes him to a safe location, where they wont fear anyone. the new bride gets frustrated as to where sanam is. she gets

tanveer’s call, who too vents out her frustration to her stupidity in letting them get away. As sanam and suleiman reach the temple, which is the same that seher was mentioning, the new bride assures tanveer, that they wont be able to hide for long, as she would find them out. tanveer meanwhile takes the wheel herself, dropping gazalla and razaak, at full speed. As the bride reaches the temple, she previously remembers her encounters at the dargah. she is about to step in, when the bells ringing upset her badly. She tells tanveer that sanam is in the temple, where ahil too shall reach soon. tanveer drives hurriedly.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Meanwhile, seher calls rehaan, and they keep their romance continues, while she gets shy. She says that it feels like a dream, that she is living her dream life, a thug who now has everything. He gets tensed and emotional to hear this. She adds that soon he would come with her. She says that she wants time to stop, and their world never changes. He teases her saying that time never stagnates for anyone. He says that she shall forever be happy with him. He tells that he came near the Ganesh temple, and she asks him to visit once, just for his sake. He romantically agrees, and enters inside, with the puja thali. While he goes to the main temple, suleiman is still tensed for ahil. sanam asks him not to think like that, and only think nice, as good shall happen then, and that god tries the good, so that he can test their patience and courage. She says that they shouldnt lose hope, but show courage, as thats what the lord wants to see, and they neednt be scared, if he is watching from above. suleiman is happy, saying that now he is assured for ahil, as she is with him, who loves him immensely. He thinks that ahil should know about his father’s murder systery as well as her love. she thanks him. tanveer comes to the temple, and calls the new bride, who is tensed, and loses her phone on the ground, which falls near the feet of a priest. She is tensed what to do now. She asks someone else to pick up the phone for her, but the priest steps in just then, and breaks the phone. she is frustrated. tanveer wonders meanwhile, what is she upto. Tanveer gets inside the car and takes the revolver out from under her seat, determined that she cant risk everything trusting someone else, and that she would have to find suleiman and sanam herself.

Inside, rehaan offers his prayers, praying that the lord should forgive him, for not knowing how to pray, but knows that if the intention is right, then prayers are blessed, and that seher should be kept safe while he is away. he says that she is naive and innocent, like a child. He says that he can give everything for one smile of hers. He says that since he has her, he feels complete, and that he wants to take her far away, and settle a new life, where she has truth in her eyes, and happiness on her lips, and that he doesnt even know if he deserves her, but her love is his life, and thanks him profusely for this. he requests him to keep her safe. He is oblivious that tanveer has arrives just then. Seher starts to dress as a wife and newly wed.

While rehaan is praying, while tanveer too arrives there. As rehaan turns around beside him, he doesnt see her, as the priest comes in between. tanveer hopes that ahil hasnt reached already, and leaves hurriedly. rehaan too leaves in the opposite direction. tanveer doesnt find them anywhere and gets frustrated that none of her people have been able to help her. Ahil meanwhile reaches and asks sanam on the phone to raise her hand where is he. Meanwhile, sanam takes directions, from ahil, and they finally see each other. He comes to them, and thanks suleiman for his help. Suleiman says that he didnt have the strength to face the truth. Suleiman says to ahil that sanam gave him the strength to tell the truth that he is going to say today. He says that its all credited to sanam only. Ahil looks at her with overwhelming gratitude. sanam eyes him lovingly. tanveer thinks that ahil must have been told the truth by now. She calls ahil, who is tensed to see her call. He picks it up, while sanam is tensed. Tanveer eagerly calls and asks where is he. Sanam asks him through signals, not to say anything. the screen freezes on tanveer’s, sanam’s and ahil’s faces.

Precap: Tanveer notices ahil learning the truth from suleiman and sanam, and aims the pistol at them. rehaan finds his mother doing so from the other end, and is shocked. Seher meanwhile tries on her look as a newly wed bride, she tries to give the finishing touch by putting vermillion on the forehead, but before she can do that, the box falls on the floor, shocking seher, as a bad omen.

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  1. I hope Rehan doesn’t die. I wonder if the new show is replacing QH. Does anyone know?

  2. Rehaan shld not die

  3. please do not let rehann die as this story suppose to end with ahil sanam and rehan and seher and haya and rahatt getting married please let tanveer and the new long toenail bride get the same bullet that they planned for suleman and sanam and this would be the best ending ever. writers it is two days now what happen are you still asleep wondering what to write about haya and rahat script because we are not getting any scripts to read concerning them it is about time that faiz ass be killed off and this time I want rahatt to finish him off once and for all that would be the greatest ending ever

  4. Plz do not let rehan die let tanveer n new sanam die but let ahil know the truth first and then kill the two them so ahil sanam rehan n sehar can live happy and not forget haya she too deserve happy in her life

  5. o no not rehaan please let him live so the show can have a wonderful ending

    1. So much confusion I am lost.I cannot believe Tanveer is still in the killing business and cannot be caught.

  6. This is ridiculous, how can rehaan die? My lord, Wat abt seher thn? This is so embracing to know first it was shown faiz died ,now rahat and it turn for rehaan to die.so bad.hopefully this serial will not make love failure. I no for sure rahat will come back and rehaan too.orelse a look alike of rehaan. So sad of seher in this place.now Wat abt newsanam 2 now? Think tanveer daughter and new sanam will reconcile to sanam life.now it is turn for zoya daughter sanam and tanveer daughter to fight .same like part 1.

  7. I think rehan will tey to stop hia mother and both may die. Tanveer is coming back as a new character. She will be playing her daughter who grew up in pakistan

  8. Typos – I think rehaan will try to stop his mother.

  9. Rehan should not die pl

  10. I hope rehab stop blind bat n hail reach there n see for himself

  11. I hope rehan stop blind bat n ahail reach there n see for himself

  12. Oh shit I just hope Rehan doesn’t die

  13. Just thinking that Rehaan do get shot her own son,, Ahil will definitely know that Tarveer is the evil women, and what Uncle told him is the true, that she did shot his whole family. I mean think about it, she has enought gut to shot her son in the temple. That is a lot of witness.you mean to tell me that the police wasn’t involve in this family mystery, from the begin, was the police payed by her for them to turn there cheek. Here in the United States we have a show name CSI,if there anyone that watched the show this is where I asked the question, the evidence, fingerprint , footprint ETC………… Peace Out

  14. I think seems like that bullet will shot Rehaan. cause of Tanveer bad deeds . May be Rehaan at the hospital in critical condtion. Seems like ,after this incident tanveer accept her crimes. New Sanam will accept that fact Ahil only love Sanam. Tanveer will accept both Sanam and Seher as her daughter in laws. I think Rahat didn’t die and he will be back with Haya. Faiz need to accept the truth and ask forgiveness to Haya and Rahat MY REQUEST IS PLEASE DON’T SHOW ANY KILLING SCENES ANYMORE.. WE HAVE HAD SCENE IT ENOUGH.


  15. New Sanam doing her part very well. keep it up your best acting.. we love you forever Aditi!! Surbhi we love you too!! both are an amazing actress.

  16. kisi ke sath to acha katro please request tanveer ka raaz khol bhi do ab serial start se us ki hi jeet ha ab ksi aur ki karwa do

  17. pls end ds serial with happy ending….kill tanveer n new sanam…happy pair with sanam n aahil & seher n rehaan & haya n rahaat….dnt kill rehaan

  18. Noooo…….. plssss don’t kill REHAN

  19. Sure OUR RehaaN will not die….but his mother wi!!

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