Qubool Hai 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Chand Bibi ka Maqbara
Sanam, while stuck in the maze, when searching for Shaad, gets bitten by a snake, much to her horror and scare, as she screams

and writhes in pain. She tries to stop the poisonous blood flow to the leg, by pulling in ropes, and tightly gagging the area. she remembers promising shaad that they shall leave together and come back together. She screams as the pain keeps getting worse. she is finally dosing off into unconscious.

Meanwhile, Shaad gets up with major difficulty from the cliff, and thinks that even death cant stand between him and shashi kapoor.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil paces nervously, trying to get a hold of sanam’s whereabouts and remembers that he had given a pic to the inspector,

and is about to leave, when the new bride comes in with breakfast of eggs and toast. he pretends to beloving, and tries it all, eating in gulps, while she asks why is he in such a hurry. he says that he is going to the office. she asks what happened to never parting, and he impresses her by saying that they can have a candlelight dinner tonight. She agrees for him going, that he can go only if he takes her along. he is taken aback, but says that its a wonderful idea and asks her to get dressed as its a wonderful idea. she leaves, while he is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s office
Ahil is tensed as he finds the new bride having been tampering with the business deals, but doesnt express it on face. He says that she did a wodnerful choice, bny handling the business so efficiently, as she clarifies that she had to do it, since he ws unconscious for a long time, and hence couldnt take care of business. She is happy that he is pleased with her. he thinks that he would have to place the call, but wonders how to get rid of the new bride. He asks the employee about a certain model, and they say that its in process. He then asks the new bride to look at the papers while he goes to look at the model. She asks him to go with her only, and he says that dividing their work, shall end their work soon, and then they shall spend quality time together. he convinces her and leaves. He wonders that till she is busy, he should ploace a call, as with each passing moment, he feels sanam distancing from him, instinctively. he then asks his employee to act very normal, and not react awkwardly, and asks him to check if the new bride is looking at him. wasim answers in confirmation. He then asks wasim to stealthily place the access card inside the file, without raising a doubt. he complies. Then ahil asks him to keep the new bride busy anyhow, and stop her from following him, while he goes to place a very important call. Wasim asks why is he doing so secretively. Ahil asks him to do as he is told. Wasim complies. Ahil goes inside the conference room. The new bride goes to check on ahil, but wasim distracts her with business talks successfully and then takes him aside. he then enters his office, with the access card, tensed that she might not see him. he then places the call, and the inspector says that they didnt get the final hearing from anyone, and then ahil asks him to give the phone number, that contacted them. He notes it down. he then prays to the lord to keep sanam safe, and that he is fortunate to have true love in her. He eyes sanam’s pic, and thinks that noone can keep him away from his love for long, and that he shall come back, and promises that he shall find her out from wherever she is.

Scene 4:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Misbah meanwhile enjoys her victory, dancing freely at the happiness of getting rid of shaad and jannat. She thinks that he was the only one who thought that shashi was alive, and today with his death, shashi’s existence is lost forever, when she retrieves the file kept in shaad’s safe, and once she secures the international file, she would have her destiny, in terms of name, fame and money. She tells the lord that she is undefeatable, even by him. Just then, she hears shaad’s tensed voice, calling out to the family members, asking jannat’s whereabouts. Misbah is worried and frustrated as to how he is alive. shaad is worried that jannat is still there and how could they be callous as to leave her alone. Aftab asks him to take the police’s help. He says that jannat is his responsibility and he doesnt trust anyone with it, as its his duty to protect him. He hastily leaves. misbah hears this and thinks that she wont let this chance go in vain, and that they need to die together.

Scene 5:
Location: Chand bibi ka Maqbara
Shaad finally arrives at the maqbara, and then asks the officials there to search for jannat, again and again, as he is sure that she is here. he finally arrives at the haunted area, wondering where is she, despite him having searched a long time for her. he remembers the guide’s warnings, and then turns around to find the door locked. He tries to break open the door, and finally is able to, while misbah sees him from a distance. He then takes some pebbles, to leave a taril to make his way back with jannat. Misbah is frustrated. He then goes towards the haunted house, and starts screaming for her, wherein he finally finds her dupaatta and her earring, identifying ikt to be Jannat’s and gets tensed for her safety. Sanam meanwhile wakes up from her unconscious, and screams shaad’s name, and he too reciprocates, each hearing the other. they both try to locate the other’s place, while sanam tries to walk with great difficulty, but then falls down yet again. the screen freezes on Shaad’s jannat’ and ahil’s face.

Precap: Meanwhile, the new bride is hit by the pistol, which ahil holds out, saying that he is now coming for his true love. Shaad meanwhile takes sanam in his arms, saying that he knows she belongs to someone else, but from hereon, he shall keep her like his true heaven, and that he shall protect her. He takes her out of the place while he is oblivious that misbah has her gun aimed at them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. When will ahil shoot the damn witch ?

    1. I was thinking the same thing

  2. haha 😉 nice one imran

  3. the same precap is written many days now

  4. Same precap

  5. I am so excited this track is going very good misbah need a good beating

  6. same old same old this serial needs to end we the viewers are bored and frustrated

  7. New sanam won’t die so easily as she is a witch

  8. Don’t u guys know that new sanam already has a knife in her body and now a bullet is added to her collection. Her dress too is awkward and her hairstyle ugliest totally hate new sanam.throw her out fast or u will lose ur viewer s as u hv already lost some………….

    1. quboolhai4ever

      Her hair is too lifeless but she has looks

      1. New sanam is really pretty, BT she is given a evil roll, so she has to look a bit evil.. BT otherwise its really good an Plzzz bring Seher back

  9. i jst like sanam1 and shaad they r erfectly match than ahil and sanam wsh they fall inlove

  10. I agree wid anonymous

  11. I don’t like new sanam

  12. If they drop the new sanam it’s good and it will be wonderful

  13. quboolhai4ever

    Dear dislikers and haters of Qubool hai,
    I love Qubool hai so please dont be so arrogant this show will surprise u in a good way soon the track wilback to normal and director must think about huge fans like me before stopping
    ( i have lots of patience to ignore the crap this show now has at least aahil has sense)

    1. Thank you ! atlast there’s someone who r with me n i ‘m agree ^_^

  14. C’mon yaar that b*t*h should just f**kin die now blo*dy witch

  15. i really love this series but it has too much evil ommg all the evilness has to stop now

  16. Sanam 2 she’s from a village right so why is she up in Aahil business deals etc. What does a village girl know about business she messed up everything lol poor Aahil her character does nothing for this show it just irritate the viewers… I know villains they make the shows or movies interesting but the black magic part of it is a no-no

  17. bring Seher back!!

  18. This serial needs to end….its very annoying.
    …no happy ending..jjust a roller coaster going round n round all the time…

  19. Wow great now jannat doesn’t die after poison bite but i like just of the idiotacy

  20. The director of qubool.hai should please put and end to dis melodrama of the new sanam and misbah too, it’s high time the lovers get united again…

  21. New sanam is really pretty.. BT just given a evil roll an dressed weirdly .otherwise the soap is really getting interesting

  22. Every single episode has been recycled so when are you guys planning to end this drama and stop making sanam looked like a dimwit. Right from her first role as Zoya she has been foolish one and likewise her family members. Why will all of them(family) be stupid. Everyone in d cast is against them (villians) everyone wants their love interest. why must the writer make family members marry their brother’s or sister’s love interest ( eg haya vs d brothers, Zoya vs the khan brothers and so one) what does the drama teach? That we are free d snatch our siblings love interests.
    Seher came and we were all happy then the writer now turned her
    character into rubbish hence inheriting her family foolish way of executing plans. Then the village sanam automatically starts reading and
    signs documents she doesn’t understand. No follow up in terms of excutions eg which of Tanvee’s kids is Haya’s sibling, what happened to Gazalla’s son. The greatest blunder is….. how can a very RICH prince’ s wife (sanam get missing just like dat and she moves about in an auto. Lol. And Ahil’s father a king or whatever just vainshes like a paint whenever d writer (s) feels like. End already cuz Sanam is tired and there are better scripts awaiting her. We love Ahil but you guys are making his character look nonessential and too weak. Make him firece even dat of sanam’s.
    Goodluck though.

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