Qismat – Ragsan OS by Saghi

Hey folks.. Saghi here with a OS on Ragsan. Hope u guys are doing well…

Chandigarh Railway station:

A train was standing at station. When a girl came running to train. People start staring her and gave her weird look. Because she was not a normal girl, she was a runaway bride.

She was wearing red and blue mixed lehnga, with matching jewelry, bangles and she did her hair in messy bun. She is Ragini Mehra who run from her wedding because she loves someone else and wants to spend her life with him with his Sanskar.

She took a sit and closed her eyes to calm down. Then she opened her hairs. She dialed a number from her phone.

On the side a boy was sitting with some guests and his family when his phone started ringing. He is Sanskar Maheshwari. He looked at caller ID and disconnect the call.

Ragini was trying his number over and over, but Sanskar didn’t pick up. Water starts flowing from Ragini’s eyes. She was remembering  all her moments which she spent with Sanskar. How they met? How they fall in love and how Sanskar proposed her? She was hell worried why Sanskar isn’t picking her call.

Next morning she went to MM. Watchman didn’t allow her to go inside. Ragini was begging him to let her meet Sanskar and tears were running from her eyes.

Sanskar was having breakfast with his family. When they heard some noise from outside so Sanskar come out to check. He got shocked as soon as he saw Ragini who was in bridal attire. As soon as Ragini saw Sanskar a smile crept on face and she came running and hugged Sanskar tightly. Sanskar didn’t hug her back he was still in shock to see Ragini. After few minutes Ragini broke the hug and cupped Sanskar’s face tears of happiness still flowing through her eyes.

Sanskar why didn’t u picked up my call? You know how much worried I was. Sanskar I left everything for u, I left my house, my family and my all relations. Sanskar Ragini aa gayi tumhare pass apne Sanskar ke pass said Ragini with a smile and hugged him again.

Meanwhile Sanskar’s family came out and saw Ragsan hugging. DP ordered Sanskar to come inside and Sanskar left without saying a single word to Ragini.

Shekhar- Sanskar who was that girl? Do u know her and why she was hugging u?
Sanskar- papa woh…
DP- sanskar shekhar is asking something answer him.
Sanskar- bade papa she is Ragini. We both loved each other and wanted to marry.. but

Before he could say further shekhar interpret. Oh so u loved someone else then why did u marry my daughter? Don’t forget one thing that now my daughter is your wife if u ever try to hurt her than no one will be worst then me.

DP- sanskar shekhar is saying right now forget that girl. Shekhar helped us a lot in stabilize our business. Did u get that?
Sanskar- don’t worry. I’ll not give to chance to complain.

Ragini was standing outside the house and she was looking at what’s going on? She wasn’t able to hear anything properly.  Suddenly her eyes got stuck at a picture which was hanging on the wall. It was swa__________________san’s wedding picture. She wasn’t able to believe at what she just saw and runs from there not able to bear what Sanskar did.

She was walking on the road like a lifeless body. She was remembering how she and Sanskar made promises to stay with each other. She was remembering how she fought with others for Sanskar, how she left her family for Sanskar and how she runs from wedding. Her whole world got ruined in a minute. Tum ne aisa kio Kiya Sanskar… kio…. screams Ragini….

Bg music***
Kismat badal’di vekhi main
Eh jag badal’da vekheya
Main badal’de vekhe apne
Main rabb badal da vekheya -x2.

I have seen the fate changing
Have seen the world changing
I have seen own beloved one changing
Have seen God changing as well

Sab kujh badal gaya mera
Sabb kujh badal gaya mera
Chal hun jar hi jawangi,

Ve je hun tuvi badal gaya
Main te mar hi jawangi -x4.

My everything have changed
Well I will endure all this.

4 years later: XYZ cafe

A boy and girl were standing with her son. They are none other than swa____________san. Little boy was eating ice cream unfortunately his ice cream fell down on the ground.
Swara- beta kya kiya.. you made a mess.
Sanskar- it’s okay swara. I’ll throw it in garbage. And he came forward to pick up icecream.

Before he could do something a girl came running and picked up icecream from the ground and starts eating it. She was eating icecream like that it seems she didn’t had anything from months. It seems like her mental health is not good. Sanskar looked at girl and whisper “Ragini”…

He was hell shocked to see her condition she was still in her bridal lehnga. Her hairs were all messed up. Sanskar’s eyes filled with tears seeing Ragini’s condition. His moments with Ragini starts flashing in front of him. How he married swara under his family’s pressure and how Ragini came to him with hopes and how he shattered her dreams. Guilt was visible on his face.

He came forward to Ragini and she looked at Sanskar being scared and runs from their without looking back at Sanskar. Sanskar wasn’t able to control his emotions anymore and broke down, water was flowing form his eyes… “I’m sorry Ragini” he screams…


                              THE END

hope u guys liked it. I just got this idea from a song. Negative and positive comments are welcome…..

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy and stay blessed. And keep on watching Pehredar Piya Ke♡♡♡

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  1. Asra

    omg it’s a sad os yar…feeling bad for ragu….Sanky i didn’t want to talk about him…how he do lyk thz…if he married swara na he told thz ragini na…After she run away he didn’t wish to see her and tell his situation…he didn’t bother about her…how he love ragini..stupid Sanky…In last after saw her state also he didn’t do anything…he simply stand and say sry…omg hate him yar…plz write another part and show ragini in good state plz yar…tkcr dear…

  2. Awesome!! Loved it!!

    Pls update saadi love story!!

  3. Nice Story……But i am eagerly waiting for Shaadi Love Story………Update that too…..

  4. Richa19

    What a heart touching os!!! u literally gave me goosebumps saghi dear… .. So emotional.. Felt so bad for ragu!!! ?????

  5. Follybraverl

    It was something pinched my heart who said boys only love truly girls too do….. Awesome dear

  6. Venni

    When i read about swa______san mrg i thought to stop read but with little hope i continued ,completed with disappointed.
    Any ways nice
    I hate this sanskar

  7. nice..emotional one….feeling sad for ragini..

  8. Akankshanna

    Upload other ff also…… Dont know what to cmnt….

  9. Please post Shaadi Love story TOOOOO

  10. Aditi.Ayansh

    sad story di..but unique concept..poor Ragsan both were helpless..anh yh some love stories are better left incomplete..nice story di

  11. Amazing

  12. Superb update shaadi love


  14. Emotional yaar i hate this sanky

  15. Asw

    Amazing yaar keep going ?

  16. Lovely7

    Really disappointing with sanskar Character, I hate this type of people ???

  17. I hate him idiot stupid useless fellow how could he leave rag like this

  18. Very Emotional sissy update ur shaadi love story plzzzzzz

  19. story of song qismat of sargun mehta launch on 18 july

    1. Saghi

      Hmmm… just loved that song and concept…

  20. AMkideewani

    Fabulous feeling bad for both, but more for Ragini than Sanskar, when I read that Swa____San are married I was like should I read it or not, but then I decided to read it till the end. Yeah Adi is right about some stories are better to be left incomplete? You are an amazing writer???

  21. Bela

    It hurt me a lot to see Ragini in that state. She could go back once. Maybe she did but her parents disowned her. Dunno. Felt really bad.

    Beautiful OS?

    1. Bela

      Watched the video of Qismat too. Sargun was fantastic.

  22. Hemalattha

    No dear. Awesome. You made me cried. I just amazed with your story. Love all the scene. Please make this as ff. Please it my request.

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