Qayamat Ki Raat 9th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalasur to kill Raj

Qayamat Ki Raat 9th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri Roma and Ananya control Karuna. Karuna says I wont leave anyone. Kalasur will come to svae me. Gauri says Kalasur will meet the same fate. Roma brings thread from the temple. Menakshi stops her. She says wat happened? Why are you going in such a hurry? Roma says leave me alone.
Kalasur says Karuan come to me. He can’t connect to Karuna. Kalasur says where are you Karuna come to me. Karuna doesn’t come. Gauri locks Karuna in a trunk and pours sindur in it.

Mishka comes to Kalasur. Kalasur says where is Karuna? Mishka says she is useless. I am going to do your work. Kalasur says Gauri I am paying a big price to get you.
Gauri says to Roma this isn’t Karuna. Karuna has died. Kalasur killed papa not Raj. Roma says what does he want? Gauri says

he wants me and he wants to kill everyone. Roma says lets tell everyone. We will all solve together. Gauri says we have to keep everyone safe. I have to know secret of that haveli.

Scene 2
Gauri says to chachi I want Raj bailed out. He says did you forgive him? She says he is important for all of us. Gauri says I am sorry Raj you have to feel tat I am mad at you.
Lawyer comes to get Raj bailed out. Raj says no one else came? Lawyer says they are waiting for you home. Raj sits in the car and faints. Mishka sits on the back seat. Kalasur says well done Mishka.
Roma says to Prithvi Vikram has gone to take Raj from police station. Vikram calls home and says raj isn’t in police station someone else got him bailed out. Roma gets worried. She says what is happening. Menakshi says first Aman and now Raj. Roma says please leave me alone. Menakshi says you never left me alone either. Menakshi gives her water. Roma spills water on Menakshi. Roma goes to Gauri’s room. Gauri says I am sure Kalasur did this but I wont let anything happen to Raj. ANaniya says how? Gauri says I will do anything to bring Raj back. Roma says who will tell you where raj is? Gauri says someone for sure knows.

Lawyer gives Raj to Mishka. He says give me my money. Mishka turns into a witch and burns the lawyer. She laughs. Kalasur comes there. Mishka says I did what you asked for. Give me what I asked. He says I do what I promise. Raj’s game is over. Come KAruna where are you.
Kalasur says where is this Karuna? Mishka says you cant find her? He says I want Karuana I need her. Gauri and Roma bring Karuna out. Gauri says to Karuna is it hurting you? Gauri says first tell us where is Raj? Karuna says I wont. Till you reach Raj he would be sacrificed. Gauri says Kalasur is making you go through all this. Tell me where Raj is. I will find him one way or other but no one will find you.

Kalasur and Mishka start their magic.
Kalasur starts beating drum. Raj says Gauri. Karuna says he is in Sumergarh.
Gauri says keep an eye on her. I am going to find Raj. Roma says I will come with you. What if something happens to you. Gauri says nothin would happen to me. Roma says my prayers are with you all the time. Menakshi says where is Gauri going? Roma says she is going for some work. Menakshi says I have to find out whats going on.
Gauri is on her way. She sees Dharam. Gauri says Dharam Raj’s life is in danger. Raj didn’t kill papa. Dharam says but your brother tried to rape my sister. Gauri says maybe Kalasur did that too. Try to understand. Please I need your help. He says first find out who did that to my sister. I am tired of this one sided friendship. He leaves. Gauri sits in her car.

Kalasur says his end is here. i have called the dark powers. He came between me and my Gauri. He has to die today. Gauri you can’t save him because you will never know where Raj is.
Gauri is on her way. Kalsur has called the black powers. Gauri comes outside the haveli. She goes running in. Kalasur is about to kill Raj. Gauri comes in and says Raj open your eyes. I am here Raj. Your Gauri is here. Kalasur laughs.
Roma says God please show Gauri the right way. Karuna hits the trunk. It shakes badly. Menakshi sees it and wonders whats inside this trunk.
Gauri says I couldn’t save my papa but he will save me. Kalasur says you were fooling me gauri? That you were mad at Gauri. But you lost anyway. Raj has to die. And that dharam he isn’t your friend anymore. He saw what I made him see. Gauri says I knew only you can do this. You wont harm me. I have this thread you can’t do anything. He says I am fire. A rope ties gauri. SHe turns back and sees Mishka. Gauri is scared. Kalasur laughs. Kalasur says see my new power Mishka. She drinks blood. She will drink Raj’s blood. Gauri falls down. Kalsur says he will die. Gauri says no.. Raj please open your eyes. Kalasur is about to stab Raj. Gauri screams Raj..
Precap-Gauri comes in Kali mata’s face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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