Qayamat Ki Raat 4th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj gets Kalasur’s blood

Qayamat Ki Raat 4th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dharam’s mom comes home. Uma says what a timing. Dharam says ma.. She says dharam I came for you. Come to me. ARe you okay? Dharam runs towards her. Uma says that isn’t your mom Dharam. She is a shadow. It is a witch, it its Uma. Anjal comes as a ghost. She its Dharam. She says no one is crying here? Anjali throttles Uma. Prithvi says leave her please. Guru ma comes talking like Kaalsur. She says your whole family will die. Tantriks don’t die. Guru ma hits them.

Raj wakes up. He walks out in jungle. Uma comes to him. He is possessed. Uma takes off her veil.
Anjali and guru ma’s ghost hit everyone.
Uma says today is amawas. This night is dark. I will make you kaal tonight. He sits in front of fire. She says your mom will make you something

that no mother can imagine. I will make you king of darkness. No one will know what is happening with you. Uma starts doing the magic. She cuts Raj’s hair and put it in the the fire. Uma says since I have them you will be in my control. I will make you so powerful. Uma says you have stepped first in Kaal’s world. You will become kaal. They will be surprised to see you. He leaves. Uma says he is going to come back. He will become kaal.

Gauri looks at Raj and cries. uma says raj will destroy everything.
Prithvi knocks on RAj’s door and says open the door uma. Dharam breaks the door. uma is pretending to be fainted on the floor. Prithvi says please open your eyes uma. Menakshi says how did you faint. Uma says I don’t know. I am really worried for Raj. How is Raj.
Dharam says I am calling Gauri. He calls her and says is everything okay? She says yes.
Dharam comes to hospital. He says we will both take care of Raj. Lights turn off. Gauri says what is happening here? Someone stabs the doctor. Gauri says I will check. Dharma is with raj. He sees black hat woman. He runs after her. Dharam stops her. He hits her. She is about to stab him. dharam throttles her and says I wont leave you today. I will know who you are.
He is about to take off her veil. She hits his head. dharam faints. She picks axe and says I will kill you today.

The doctor is possessed. He goes towards Raj to give him that blood. Gauri runs towards him. The door is locked. Gauri tries to go in. she sees that blood hanging with Raj Gauri sees the black hat woman. she says I will know who she is. Gauri grabs her. the woman is about to hit her. Prithvi shoots Uma. She falls down. Prithvi comes towards her. Gauri stops the hand from giving Raj the blood. The hand throttles her. Prithvi comes in to save her. The hand shoves Prithvi. Dharam gets up. He comes to Gauri. Gauri says the hand tried killing Raj. She picks the hand.

Precap-Gauri says we will start a new. Uma gives Raj blood of Kalasur. HE becomes Kaal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The most awful episode ever, not watching anymore.

  2. Yeh pura bakwas dharavahik Ishq director Pagal Hai

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