Qayamat Ki Raat 29th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Karuna promises to kill Raj

Qayamat Ki Raat 29th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kalasur comes towards pandit. He runs from there. Pandit ji throws sindur on kalasur. He burns and screams.
Gauri says ma dadi.. She opens window its all dark. Gauri is scared. Everyone door she opens, opens into jungle. Raj comes downstairs. Karuna comes after him. Gauri is scared.

Pandit ji sees dharam. He says no you are not dharam you are kalasur. Dharam runs after him and says please stop I am dharam. Pandit ji hides from him.
Gauri says Raj.. Di.. Karuna comes behind her. Karuna floats in the air. Gauri says di what are you doing. I am your sister. You can’t do this. I know kalasur is making you do this. Karuna holds her and floats her in the air. Gauri says di please.. Karuna says don’t worry I will talk to kaalasur for you. He wants to make you

his. You will lose everythin otherwise. Do you want them all to die? Everyone has died. Aman too. She laughs. Karuna says you wont find a single body like Aman’s. Everything will be over. Go to his life. Gauri says I wont let anything happen. I will save everyone. She throws her on the floor. The lights turn on. Gauri says what was all this. Karuna says it was all maya. You are in his web. You know that pandit.. He will die. Kalasur will kill him. Go save him if you can. Gauri is scared. She runs out.

Dharam looks for pandti ji. Kalasur stops pandit ji. He throttles him with fire. Panti ji runs and hides. Kalasur finds him. Pandit ji tries to run. Kalasur throttles him. He says no one can save you. Gauri comes there to save pandit. Kalasur says you came. This will be our night.
Karuna comes to Raj. Se says I am really scared. He says when did you come? Karuna says I got a call from someone. THey said Aman is in hospital. She made that fake call and recorded that. She says lets go and tell everyone. Karuna says we should first check if he is there or not. Lets confirm then we can tell everyone. they go out. Karuna says you will die raj. I came here for that.
Gauri says you and your evil will die. I will get my sister back from you. Pandit says see the truth yourself. Raj is with Karuna. Karuna says if anyting happens to aman I wont forgive myself. Raj says nothing will happen. Kalasur says Raj will die. Gauri says please don’t do anything. Kalasur says because you’re inclined towards him. She says there is nothing between us. Kalasur says I wont repeat my mistake. He has to die. Gauri says I wont let you do this. She says in heart I have to save Raj’s life.

Kalasur grasps Gauri’s hand. Pandit recalls the woman gave her locket and said keep it to you. Kalasur can’t touch anyone who has this. Pandit gives gauri his bag. Tantrik screams and falls down. Pandit says gauri I wont live. Please go and save Raj. Karuna is working for tantrik. Take the kalash from it. It will help you. He dies. Gauri screams.
Karuna and Raj are in hospital. Its all dark. Raj loos everywhere for aman. Karuna comes after him. Gauri comes an says Raj.. they both fall down. Karuna sees Gauri in anger. She says did you find aman? Karuna says we didn’t tell anyone. Gauri says dharam saw you and told me you both were going to hospital. This hospital shifted to another building. Didn’t you see the board outside. Raj says the caller gave us this address. Gauri says maybe someone fooled us. This hospital is empty. Let’s go. Raj goes out. Karuna sasy to Gauri how dare you come here. You played game with me. I will kill Raj. Gauri says I know its not you its kalasur. I have locked him in kalash. His magic on you will end too. Karuna says he is tantrik he doesn’t die. I am here to kill raj and I will do that.
Gauri says I will get you out of here.
Raj says lets go. They leave.

Raj Gauri and Karuna come home. Karuna pretends to cry. Raj says its okay. Raj says Gauri lets go. Why are you crying? She says let me go. He says what happened tell me first? We will find aman don’t worry/ Karuna is really stressed. You have to be there for her. Gauri hugs Raj crying. Dharam comes and sees them. Gauri recalls what Karuna said. Raj says you are not weak relax.
Precap-The woman says to Gauri this story is yours and every character is related to you. Gauri looks for the Kalash but its not there. Karuna has it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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