Qayamat Ki Raat 22nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aman dies, Karuna works for tantrik

Qayamat Ki Raat 22nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karuna sees the tantrik and is dazed. Tantrik says you married Aman and you will die now.
Gauri says dharam are you okay? He says yes. Gauri comes home. She says that tantrik has found his body. i have the proof. Come with me. she connects her phone to TV. In video Gauri says to pandit Thakur took my papa’s property. I wont let Aman marry Karuna. Pandti says I will help you in that. Everyone is dazed. Gauri says I never said that.

Raj sees Aman’s car. He says Aman Karuna where are you two? Raj sees Aman’s ring. He sees Karuna’s locket. Tantrik takes Karuna to his cave. He say someone save me please. Aman hits Tantrik on head. Tantrik throttles him and shoves him. Karuna screams Aman.. He stops her from saving aman.
Gauri says I had the proof.

Its not me. I never said all that. That tantrik is back. Prithvi says so now you say that this all is a lie? And you think I took your papa’s property? She says I never asid all that. Please help me. Minakshi says you said all that and we herd it. you made my son run with Karuna. I will ruin your life if something happens to my son. Pritvi says to pandit ji you are responsible for all this. Dharam says please.. Prithvi says enough. Gauri says we have to go and find Karuan. Dharma says I will go and look for them.

Tantrik throttles Aman. karuna sees a pillar breaking. Karuna shoves it towards tantrik. The pillars fall on tantrik’s head. Karuna says Aman.. She picks him and they go out together. Raj looks for Aman and Karuna. They run in jungle. Tantrik comes after them in Raj’s face. Raj sees aman and says where were you? Aman says that tantrik was alive. He was after us. Raj says did Gauri say all that? Aman says no we saw it. Karuna says Gauri was right.
Raj says come sit in my car. Aman and Karuna sit with them. Gauri is on her way. She sees Raj’s car. aman says see Gauri is there stop the car. He doesn’t stop the car. Raj drives past her. Its tantrik. Raj drives vert fast. He turns into tantrik. Aman and Gauri scream. He says you both have to die today.
Gauri sees real raj coming out of jungle by walk. She is shocked. Gauri says you? He says that tantrik.. He was in car with aman and karuna.. He was like you. She says please trust me. He says are you out of your mind. she says please trust me. I have to go and save aman and karuna.
Ran says stop the car. Tantrik hits him. Raj is dazed the way the car is driving. He says how are they so fast. Gauri says I told you its tantrik. He says shut up. THe car falls from the cliff. Tantrik says my curse has started. Karuna and Raj come out of the car. Gauri screams.. Gauri says my sister.. raj says stop. She tries to jump. Raj stops her. Police comes. Aman says to inspector raj and aman are in the car. Its is burned. We have to go there. inspector says please stay here. We re going and checking if they are alive. Raj hugs Gauri. They both cry. Tantrik says I will make Gauri mine.
Inspector says please go home. This place is dangerous. Raj says our siblings are there. Inspector says go or I will file a case. Raj makes Gauri sit in the car.

Scene 2
Gauri and Aman come home. Raj and Gauri are crying. Everyone asks them where are Aman and Karuna.. Raj says their car met an accident. It blasted. everyone is shocked. He says I saw that with my eyes. Everyone shatters in shock. Gauri screams and cries.
Police comes in with the car. Inspector says we only found her. She jumped out of the car before it blasted. Raj says and aman? Inspector says we couldn’t find Aman. We are still looking. Minakshi screams.. She says my son went with you. Where is my son?

Gauri says to Karuna I know you are scared. We saw him but no one will trust us. He deleted the video and saved a fake video in my phone. Only you can make them believe. Karuna is scared. Gauri says please don’t worry. Please sleep. we will talk about all this later.

Tantrik sees Swahasni’s photo and says Gauri i will make you mine. i will do something no one has done or seen before. I am coming Gauri.

Scene 2
Next morning, Karuna wakes up. She goes out. Gauri wakes up and sees that Karuna isn’t there. Raj is worried in his room. He says aman please come back. Please come back my brother. Karuna comes to Raj’s room. Raj says are you okay? She says where has aman gone? everyone is worried for him. I really miss him. She cries. She says only you can understand me.
Gauri looks for Karuna. She says God please help my family. Something wrong is happening. Pleaase help us find Aman.
Karuna says if anything happens to aman I will die. Raj hugs her. she looks at her long nails.
Tnatrik says to Karuna kill him. This is your weapon kill him. Raj says Karuna plaese calm down. Gauri comes. She says di.. when did you come here? Raj says aman is my brother I will do anything to find him. Karna leaves. Tantrik says karuna stay on door. Gauir says I am really worried for Karuna. I want her to tell everyone how tantrik attacked everyone. Raj says we need proof. I felt like you lie with all this. But i know there is something wrong.
Gauri says we just want everyone to stay together and safe. Gauri slips.. Raj holds her. He says you are so heavy. Gauri sees a bruise on his hand. She says let me dress it. SHe dresses his wound. Gauri says are you scared? He says no I am not. Tantrik says they can’t be friends. Raj has to move from my way.
Precap-Gauri says to Karuna tell everyone. Karuna says I don’t wanna tell anyone anything. Gauri sees her changed behavior. Damini gives a thread to Karuna. She doesn’t take it. Gauri is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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