Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tantrik finds his body

Qayamat Ki Raat 21st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri says don’t insult me. Raj says I wont let you stop Aman’s wedding. He leaves.
KAruna’s brother says dad let her marry Aman. He says your dadi is really worried.
Raj says please dad Aman loves her. don’t stop this wedding. Prithvi says they called it off not us. THey have made fun of us. He leaves.
Dadi says enough. Karuna wont marry Aman. She leaves.

Gauri and Dharam comes to the old haveli.
Aman is worried. Karuna comes to meet him. He says lets runaway. We will get married and they will accept us. Karuna hugs him. She says let me get the wedding dress.

Gauri opens the door. The head follows them. Gauri says that tantrik’s body is nearby us. She texts him I don’t know where they are. I lied so his head

follows us. And then we can record him. The head says I will find my body.
Dharam looks at gauri and says the body must be here. Lets look for it.
Aman and Karuna sneak out of the house. Raj is in hall. THey hide and go out to the car. Karuna says are we doing right? He says they are stopping us from uniting because of superstition. So we are doing right.
Pandit sees them. He tells Raj Aman and Karuna were going in the car. Raj says Gauri also went with Dharam and said she knows where is the body. Pandit goes out to look for Gauri.

Dharam removes a curtain. A lot of bats falls on them. Dharam falls from the balcony on a trishul. Gauri says if I pull it out your life would be in danger.
Gauri pulls Dharam. They feel like the trunk is moving. Dharam sits in a side. Gauri pulls the trishul. Dharam screams. The house shakes with the trunk. Gauri looks at is and is dazed. dharam faints. Gauri sees the head. THe head says by body is here. I have found it. THe hand opens the trunk. Gauri is shocked. The head and hand join with the body. Gauri says dharam please open your eyes. She takes him to a side and sees the tantrik. Gauri is dazed.
The tantrik laughs. Gauri is scared. He says my body has united. Now see what happens.

Scene 2
Minakshi says your daughter has taken my son. Karuna’s mom says my daughter isn’t like that. Your son has taken her. Sneha says my Gauri is’t home either. Minakshi says now I know who did this. prithvi says don’t say a word about my daughter.

Tantrik sees Gauri. He says you can go nowhere. She tries to go out but he locks the door. Gauri tries to run. He grabs her and says I waited for you for 25 years. Gauri screams. She says please let me go. She records the video. Gauri tries to run. He says I called Swahasni here. I had to handle a girl and make her mine. Swahasni couldn’t be mine but now I will make you mine.
Dharam’s mom comes and says my son isn’t home. I wont stay quite now. I have sacrificed my husband I wont sacrifice my son for your problems.
Tantrik pulls Gauri. He says tonight is the night. I will make you mine and will be alive forever. Pandti comes ad pours a water on him. He screams. Tantrik runs out. Pandti ji says gauri are you okay? She cries nd says what I saw.. He says now yuo know. He is alive. Prithvi wont believe us. Gauri says I have proof. She shows him video. Gauri says dharam is there. we have to take him to hospital. Tey take him out.

Gauri runs towards home. Raj stops the car. He sayss it in. Gauri says that tantik is back. His parts have combined. Raj says enough. She says I have proof. He says Karuna and Aman have ran to get married. Can you stop this nonsense. He says I am going to look for them. She says I will go with you. He says this all happened because of you. Their life is in danger. Gaur says I will go with you. He says I wont take you. He drives. GAuri falls down. Her hand is injured. Raj stops the car and says can’t you listen. He picks her and takes her to the car. Raj dresses her wound. She says lets go. He says aman and karuna are really mad at you. Gauri says please I want to go. He says no you can’t go. He leaves her there on the road and leaves.
Pandit texts Gauri Dharma is better now. Did you show every the proofs?
Aman and Karuna are getting married. They make each other wear the garland. Aman makes her wear the sindur and mangalsutra. Raj runs towards the temple. But aman fills her hairline.

The tantrik says I wont leave anyone. I will make that Gauri mine. You are back and I will make you mine. Everyone thinks that this story started with swahasni but my destination is something else.
Aman and Karuna come out of temple. He says there is no network. She says lets go home. Aman says dont’ worry we will just go home.
Some thugs come to them. They bet Aman and say give us all the jewelry. Karuna screams. Aman says go and run. She runs. Aman snatches the knife and stabs them they disappear. He is dazed.
Aman comes to Karuna. She hugs him. She looks at him that’s tantrik. Karuna screams.
Precap-Gauri says I
have the proof. that tantrik has united. Tantrik kills aman and takes Karuna with him. Someone hits tantrik with stone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG that tantrik has found his body and has killed aman . wonder what’s going to happen to Karuna . I hope Gauri proves to the family fast.

  2. Mona146

    ajeeb heroine hain villain ki madat karke use bahar nikala hain. stupid hain sabke sab. feel bad for dharam.

    1. ??? true felt the same , in my opinion both lead actors acting was not so good….

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