Qayamat Ki Raat 15th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aman and Karuna’s wedding postponed

Qayamat Ki Raat 15th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi says I am really worried. Something wrong will happen. Head says in Minakshi’s voice stop Mahindra. What if Karuna dies like Swahasni. Light turns on and dadi sees Minakshi. She says you were talking to me to me here. Minakshi says no I was here.

Head says Nisha in ananiya’s voice come with me upstairs. I am scard. Hold my hand. Tantrik’s hand holds her hand. She goes upstairs. Lights turn on. SHe sees the hand and screams. Everyone runs upstairs. Gaur comes to store looking for Nisha. She sees her fainted there. THere is a plastic hand. Gauri screams. Everyone comes there. They all take her hospital. Gauri hides that hand. Tantrik laughs and says no one will know. I gave her fake hand so no one will trust her.
Dharam is angry. His mom says see what

happened for helping. See how raj slapped you. Pandit says we have to do something. DHaram says I wont let tantrik kill Karuna. He gets a call and says what..

Doctor checks Nisha and says she needs rest. She will be fine. Gauri sits next to her. Dadi says we will go next morning. Gauri says someone is trying to scare us. We can’t be scared. Tantrik says you will all be scared. Gauri says please let them get married. I promise you nothing will will happen. She says Raj don’t be rude to dharam. He needs your help. We all need to stick together. Tantrik says lt me find my body and then you will all know.
Dadi says you don’t know what the story is. We all saw everything with our eyes. Swahasni who killed tantrik. You wouldn’t want to know how she died. It wasn’t an accident. I and Roma saw everything. That was kalasur’s shadow. It wasn’t a story it was a truth. Abhay and Karuna were born and you were to be born when this happened. She couldn’t sleep for a day. She was very scared. Pandit says we all know what happened that night. I told you he will attack us again. You all left his blood there. Ananiya says why he didn’t do anything for five years.
Dadi says sawahasni came here after five years. Gauri says how could his blood kill my mom? Dadi says your mom were to give you birth. Mahindra had to do paper work so he came here.
I roma swahasni and pandit ji were home. Swahasni had pregnancy pain. It was raining. The bridge broke so we had to go from the temple road. Everything was weird. We all saw a dark shadow. We heard his voice and saw his face. swahasni saw him too. Swahasni screamed ma he is coming. Please save my child. Pandit ji threw a thread out and and kalasur stopped.
They all rushed to the hospital. Gauri was born. People screams. There was a dark shadow in swahasni’s room. Tantrik said your kids will died like you killed me. He shut the door. Tantrik said no one can save you. Everyone ran from the hospital. Tantrik said my blood was there to kill you. Your daughter and you will die. Pandit ji opened the door and came in.
Swahasni said I wont let you do anything to do to my daughter. She put her daughter in cradle and said please go from here. Take my daughter and run from here. Dadi said we cant leave you alone. Swahasni said he can only attack once should run. She threw her locket on him but she died as well. Dadi says she saved your life. Roma says we lost her. She was like a sister to me. Prithvi says don’t glarify an accident. Gauri says three people can’t lie. My mom was the victim and there were three witnesses. They all can’t be a lie.
Mom gave her life to save me. She died to save me. How will I live with this. I was born twice. Once when I was born and then when my mom saved me. Dadi and mom saw it and so did. This is about my mom and my sister. Prithvi says what will we do next then? Gauri says we need time to think. Prithvi says now 20 years old accident will decide their future. Say something Mahindra. Gauri says if we postpone the wedding for a few days it wont do any harm. Prithvi says then why postpone, I am breaking this marriage. He leaves.

Karuna says Gauri when did you start believing in all this. Gauri says ma died in all this as well. She died while saving me. Karuna says don’t blame yourself. Karuna says I really love aman. i wanna marry him. Gauri says what if we lose you. Karuna says what is wrong with you. When did you start believing in all this. Is dharam saying all that? Raj says don’t know if gauri did this to dhrama or dharam to gauri. Karuna hugs aman. Raj says she wont let you marry aman. We have a plan. Raj says I will unite them. Gauri says di please don’t go. I dont’ wanna lose you. Karuna says I am sorry. She leaves with aman and raj.
Gauri says I have to find everything.

Gauri comes to Dharam and says we have to do something. Dharam says let me think. She says lets discuss everything. I saw a plastic hand in nisha’s hand. SHe said that a hand held her hand. I saw lakha talking to land that he wont let him do something. THat means he was talking to the hand. That hand is out. Minakshi was attacked. That hand attacked her as well. Gauri says it happened after you came here. gauri says when Karuna fell in swap I help a hand but it wasn’t her hand. I thought it was stem and then I held his hand and it came out.
We opened the trunk, it must have had the head. The head came out. Head says gauri you are smart like your mom. You will find my body.
Precap-Karuna and aman run together. Minakshi says Gauri has played this game. Mahindra says don’t dare blaming my daughters.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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