Qayamat Ki Raat 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: the head comes out

Qayamat Ki Raat 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
the functions start. Everyone does arti of aman and Karuna. Everyone starts dancing. dadi joins the floor. Dharam says raj where is gauri? He says you would know it better. Dharam looks around the house with Raj. Prithvi goes after them. e comes to his room. Raj looks for the key in the locker. Gauri comes downstairs. Dadi says Gauri what are you doing here. Go and celebrate.
Raj comes to store room to look for the key. Hey opens the locker.
Gauri asks dharam where is Raj? he comes downstairs. Gauri says i think he found the keys.
They busy everyone in the dance. Raj takes Gauri upstairs. Dharam comes to. They try to open the trunk. it doesn’t open. Someone is keeping an eye on them. They are about to open the trunk but they hear something cracking. The Chandler

falls on a man. Everyone is scared. They run downstairs. It’s pandit’s son. the hand opens the truunk and the head comes out of it.

They all call doctor. the trunk falls from the stairs and its empty. pandit says this trunk.. the head says i am back. That night will be back. i will ruin their lives.
He laughs and says no one can stop me now. He comes to a place and says i had to come back. i will win in the end.

Pandit’s son says I am sorry papa. He is badly injured. He tells his dad everything he did.
Dadi says I am really scared. The trunk.. Prithvi comes in. He says i dont understand. dadi says you know what happened. That trunk. and pandit’s son has also died. Dadi says karuna and aman can’t get married. Gauri says what are you saying. what has it got to do with Viduth’s death. Dadi says there is a connection. That tantrik will come back. Karuna says what are you saying. aman’s mom says she is right. Prithvi says we don’t believe in all this. Dadi says mahindra you know what happened. Say something. Tell them what happened on that night. Gauri says what happened please tell us.

Dharam and Raj are in hospital with pandit.
Some villages see a man. They are scared. its the head.
All the windows open in the house. Mahindra tells everyone what happeend 25 years ago. Aman says if he had to come he would have come 25 years ago. Prithvi says exactly.
Kalasur says I am kaalsur and i am back. His hand kills both of villagers. Karuna says i don’t believe in all this. i wanna marry aman.
Dadi is worried. Pandit asks them to come to temple. He shows them dead people. he says see what that tantrik has done. He can go to your place as well.
The hand goes in house and turns off the lights.
Prithvi says dn’t say all this. Dharam says uncle these people are right. we all can’t do what you say. Raj says he is my dad you can’t say that to him. dharam says my dad died in all this. Just because he doesn’t understand that this all is truth. Raj slaps him.

Everyone is scared in the house. Its all dark.
Dharam says my dad has died because of all this. Gauri says if dharam wanna believe in something don’t stop him. Raj says shut up. Raj says she pokes her nose in everything. Gauri says he wants to know the reason of his father’s death. raj says we dont wanna know anything. Dharm says viduth told me the hand is out. And I will stop him. Raj slaps him. They both fight. Gauri says enough. Raj says you better stay out of it.
Precap-Dadi says he is back. Gauri sees tantrik’s hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mona146

    i heard some where karuna is goign to get killed. plz dont kill her role. I want to see daljeet more.

  2. Two leads who are weak in acting.. sometime I think may be the character of Dharam is better to be hero, or the character of Vivek brother is do8ng better acting

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