Pyare Afzal-A Never Ending Love Story (Episode 6)


Ghataon se chand nikal aaya hai,
fizaon me naya rang chaya hai,
aap hai ki khamosh bethe hai,
ab to COMMENT kijiye kyunki phir Pyare Afzal-A Never Ending Love Story ka new episode aaya hai…..

The episode starts with Maulvi Subhanullah reading namaaz in Masjid.He saw Mr.Ibrahim there and goes to him.
Maulvi Subhanullah: Asalam-o-alaikum Ibrahim Ji.
Sheikh ibrahim: Alaikum-assalam Maulvi sahab.
Maulvi subhanullah: Actually i just want to talk to you about Afzal and Farah.
Sheikh Ibrahim: I was also thinking of that.
Maulvi Subhanullah: Afzal and Farah loves each other??
Sheikh Ibrahim: Hmmm…I met him…He told me…I think we should think about their marriage…Farah will be happy in your sacred house.
Maulvi Subhanullah:Ameen…Ameen…

At night,Maulvi Subhanullah tells his wife Ruqayya about his meeting with Mr.Ibrahim.Arfa listens them and comes inside.She convinces them to take marriage proposal to Farah’s parents.They both agree.

Afzal thinks about Maulvi Subhanullah’s questions and thinks ‘if Abbu come to know that he is fake fiance of Farah,what will he say….what will people say….that a Maulvi’s son can do anything for money?????’
He was unable to sleep.He calls Farah and tells her that he is ending their contract.Farah calls him stupid and cheater. She says him that he can’t do this.She will give him more money if he want. He agrees.

Precap: In the family meeting Farah humiliates and insults Afzal.

I was thinking of a new starting,So i uploaded a shayari….So guys how was the episode?Sorry for the late update.Shoot ur comments at me…Positive negative all are welcomed. Bye love u all take care.

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