Pyare Afzal-A Never Ending Love Story (Episode 5)

The episode starts with Maulvi Subhanallah talking to Afzal on breakfast about the girl who writes letters.
Maulvi subhanallah : Do you like her?
Afzal: who??
Maulvi subhanallah: You know very well.
Afzal: I dont know what are you talking about?…plz explain…
Maulvi Subhanallah: Im talking about farah.
Afzal: How do you know about her?
Maulvi subhanallah: yesterday Arfa saw you,Lubna and farah in restaurant.
Afzal remains silent
Maulvi subhanallah: I’ll talk to mr.Ibrahim about you and Farah And Afzal if she writes letters to u?
Afzal refuses and leaves.

Afzal comes to Arfa’s room and scolds her.And calls her a backbiter as she told everything to Abbu. Arfa also shouts on him and they have a hot arguement and in arguement,Arfa asks her if he loves Farah?
Afzal shouts yes and leaves.

Lubna comes to farah’s room and sees her reading namaaz.After dua,Lubna asks her what she wished?Farah refuses to disclose and says that we should not tell our wishes and smiles.

Precap : Maulvi Subhanullah meets Sheikh Ibrahim and asks him abot Farah and Afzal.

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  1. Sweetie

    Nice one dear.. 🙂

  2. Alisha

    Hey Ishu! Sorry for commenting so late, actually I had to go to academy. BTW, the episode was awesome. Rewriting the story written by such a well known writer like KRQ (who actually to our disappointment killer Afzal at the end) is not that easy and you are doing it quite well. Loved it episode. Just a request, please try to make it a little longer.. Please! ??
    Keep writing, I desperately wait for fanfiction.
    Have a nice day! ❤️?

    1. Sweetgirl

      Thankyou so much Alisha and Sweetie….☺☺☺☺☺☺

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