Pyare Afzal-A Never Ending Love Story (Episode 3)

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The episode starts with Afzal standing infront of his almirah reading letters of Farah (the girl who writes letters).His sister Arfa comes and says “Afzal what are you doing??come for dinner..Abbu is calling you”.Afzal says ok and goes.Arfa sees letters and reads them.

At Farah’s house,Mr.Ibrahim asks Farah at dinner “So,When are you taking him for meeting?”
Farah : “what meeting?”
Mr.Ibrahim: “I’ll talk to Afzal about his future nd if he loves u or not….
Farah and Lubna looks at each other.Mr.Ibrahim says”Call him tomorrow”and leaves.

At night on bed,Afzal recalls Farah’s words and smiles.And on same time Lubna calls him.He picks the phone.
Afzal: hello….yes…
Farah takes the phone from Lubna and says “Abbu want to meet you tomorrow.You have to come and win his trust that you love me.Ok??
Afzal: *silent*
Farah: *angrily* Are you listening to me?
Afzal : y..y…yes…But i don’t know how to act.
Farah: You have to do acting.We will give you fifty thousand.
Afzal: o…ok
Farah ends the call…

In next morning,Afzal comes to Farah’s house and meets Mr.Ibrahim. He stares at Afzal.Afzal becomes uncomfortable.Mr.Ibrahim asks him water and says be comfortable…im not going to eat you…so dont afraid…
Farah and Lubna comes and Mr.Ibrahim sends them to their room.Farah comes to room and says angrily “What is this idiot doing…??”
Mr.Ibrahim asks Afzal:What u do?
Afzal thinks and says:Love
Mr.Ibrahim:Miyaan,Sirf love se ghar nahi chalta…you should earn something…
Afzal: searching job…when i’ll get job…i’ll earn a lot…
Mr.Ibrahim :Ok…so…how much you love Farah?
Afzal :More than myself…
Mr.Ibrahim :Hmmm…mm…gud…i m going for a meeting…we’ll talk later
Afzal : oK sir..
Mr.Ibrahim : come on…i’ll drop you…
They both leaves.

Precap : Arfa tells Maulvi Subhanallah about Farah.

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