Pyare Afzal-A Never Ending Love Story (Episode 2)

Hlo to all..thnx for your appreciation…i’ll change the story track soon…this time, it will not a sad story but a happy and love story…so plz invite your friends to read this… 🙂

The epi starts with Ibrahim family having breakfast.Farah says “Abbu,I dnt want to marry Mehtab”
Mr. Ibrahim : What??What happened?
Farah : actually i like someone else.
Mr. Ibrahim :who’s the guy?
Farah : i’ll tell you but not now.
Farah leaves with Lubna to her room.Lubna asks Farah “why u said it now.we’ve nt talked to afzal.i dnt know will he do this or not.”

In noon,Farah and Lubna goes to the ground where Afzal was playing cricket .He seem them.Lubna calls him. He completes his six and comes.Farah says we want to talk to you.Azal says ok.Lubna says but not here,lets go to a restaurant.

They reaches a near-by restaurant by Farah’s car,and sits on chairs.
Farah : Afzal, what you do?
Afzal : *silent*
Farah : (in anger) i m asking u something!!!
Afzal : i do nothing.
Lubna : would u like to work for us?
Afzal : which kind of work?
Farah : You have to play the role of my lover.
Lubna : will you????we’ll pay you for this.
Afzal : o….o…o…ok…okkk…
*nd faints*

Precap : mr.ibrahim meets afzal and questiones him.

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  1. Very gud

  2. Sweetie

    Lovely episode..I loved this serial a lot but sad ending.. 🙁 That’s why I asked about the changes in the plot in the first episode..Waiting for the next dear..Stay blessed.. 🙂

    1. Sweetgirl

      Hlo sweetie…thnx for your comment…starting of the story is same bt i’ll chng the track to a happy ending…. 🙂

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