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Recap : sanskar saying everyone about swara and he going to bangalore.

~~~~Unpredictable life~~~~

Kavitha was dumbed to hear swara name from sahil mouth. “He loves swara no no this can’t happen. Swara and he ? Maybe he talking about someone else after all my shona who share her each thing with me never can hide if she love anyone. So it must be someone else afterall swara name is not for single girl in whole world na.. ” she hit her head on hand.

Ap running on hall from left to right and in hurry…
Ap (worriedly) : swara u kept all ur and sanskar necessary things naa. If packing is done and…….

She was saying all this in one breath. Sanskar keep his hand on her shoulder saying “mom relax packing is done… and it is time to go… c u mom” he hugged her.
Swara took her and dp blessings and hugged uttara . All give farewell to swasan and they leaves to airport.

@ airport.

Till now sanskar avoid talking with swara. he don’t want to hear her pleading for divorce..

Then both r going to counters for checking… Swara was seemed to be a bit uneasy which is noticed by sanskar… She is following Sanskar like a kid. He look at her face nd he saw something wrong I her….

They enter the flight nd take the seat. Swara is sitting near window and sanskar sat next to her… Swara was looking sanskar… What all he doing like how he putting seat belts she too repeating it…

Sanskar: is this ur first time at flight?
Swara(looking away):ha…yeah…

Sanskar kept silent nd watch swara uneasiness… She is watching all other passengers nd their doings… The announcement made that flight will take off soon….

Swara start getting scared… She was sweating. She started shaking slightly… Sanskar who was noticing her find this..

Sanskar: r u scared Swara?
Swara(give a serious look): yeah…ha..I mean.. No…I’m not scared.

Sanskar look at her hand which was shaking…..

Sanskar: OK. U know something when uttara first time came with me. She was behaving same like u. I said her that nothing to be sacred. There is nothing to be scared. We r safe inside it nothing will happen… U will be fine…

he said all this by looking swara who is listening all carefully and her face seemed to be a bit relax.

He continues “I knew u r not scared (he smiles)…. But I just said about uttara..”

Flight run through runway nd suddenly it get into air.. Which make Swara jerk nd grab sanskar’s hand in fear…

Sanskar was surprised by her touch…he understood the situation.. gave her assurance keeping his hand on her hand by saying “it’s okay…we r fine….”

Swara look at him and remove her hand..

Sanskar : There is time to reach so take a nap if u want…

Swara kept silent and look away frm him

After some hours…

Flight is about to land… Sanskar was sleeping woke up and look to his side. He saw swara who is sleeping peacefully at his shoulder… He look at her pale face nd smiled… He pat her cheek to woke her up…. Swara woke up and saw herself in sanskar arm felt uncomfortable with the position… she asks sorry for troubling him. While Sanskar just smiles.

Flight lands on destination bangalore.

Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru; the capital of Karnataka state. Bangalore is India’s third most populous city.. swasan reached garden city bangalore. Sanskar business main branch was on bangalore. They were welcomed by driver with bouquets. Then after sometimes they reached infront of beautiful mansion.

Swara admires the beauty of mansion. Sanskar ask her to get inside mansion. And ask driver to get luggage. Sanskar walk in front of swara and shows her each and every corner of house.

The ceiling was tallest ceiling swara ever seen…. there was a big dining table in the center of hall which decorated beautifully.. and there was two ways going up to the second floor(like in maheshwari mansion in serial)…. the floor is ceramic tile. There are pricey things all over the place. Then sanskar take her to kitchen. It has the best gadgets. The counter top is marble.

“If u need anything then u not need to work.. just order servants… “said sanskar. Swara nods.

Sanskar informs her there are eight bedrooms. And shows each rooms. Each one room was with a different theme and a bathroom of its own. After seeing full mansion swara thought herself “it is so big mansion swara be careful otherwise u may lost ur way?”

Sanskar : swara..
Swara : Haaa…
Sanskar : this is ur room u can stay here..
(Showing one room to her. Swara thank her through eyes.) And it is my room (showing exactly opposite room of it) now take rest.. if u need anything call me.

Swara nodes. Sanskar about to leave but reminded something turns and says “swara tomorrow get ready at 10 we have to go to ur admission…”

Swara shook her head saying yes. He then move to leave swara asks what is clg name?
“St. Joseph arts and science college” said sanskar smiling.

“Swara listen i am leaving for important work if u need anything than ask servants. I reach soon… take care…” saying this he leaves in hurry.

Sanskar stopped car in front of lawyer office took deep breath and says himslef sanskar u have to do this for swara..

@lawyers office

Sanskar: sir. Im Sanskar ….I called u yesterday.
Lawyer : oh…sanskar maheswari?
Sanskar : yes(uncomfortable)
Lawyer : I heard about u alot the famous young business tycoon …. OK…anyway come to our point… U yesterday tell tht u want divorce isn’t.?
Sanskar : hmmm…
Lawyer: so sanskar…What u mean by divorce… That after only 2 days of ur marriage days how u take this decision.. did u think marriage as joke.??

Sanskar : sir…tht we can’t continue this relation…
Lawyer : anyways its not practical now sanskar… only after 6 month u can do anything on it..
Sanskar : wht u mean
Lawyer:u can apply for divorce only after 6 month of ur marriage… Till then u both need to live together on same roof…. if then also u feel u can’t be together come that time.

Sanskar keep silent and stood from the chair nd goes towards the door..

Lawyer : sanskar ..

Sanskar turn back nd look at him

Lawyer : sanskar… Don’t take it as advice.. But just listen.. I don’t know what u r feeling for ur wife… but try to adjust …because in a realtion adjustment is necessary… And understanding will be there… before divorce give try to ur relation and see if it works or not.

sanskar hear all the thing and walk out of his office….

Sanskar driving car but he thinking something else what all happened in his life in one week how his life change upside down.. all his thoughts ended up as he reached mansion. He walkout from car like lost.

“before divorce give try to ur relation and see if it works or not.” Echoing in his ears

Chance to marriage. Will it works? He thinks to make all things normal.

He was moving towards his room but heard someone sobbing which made him to move the place voice coming from. Voice coming from swara room which made sanskar scared. He started to look around room to her. He saw she was sitting near bed hugging her kneels burrying her face between her leg. Seeing her like that his heart started to ached , its seems like that someone had stabbed his heart with thousands knives.

Being unable to see her like that he run from there and goes his room and locked it.

Sanskar pov~~~~

“See sanskar what u done to her. Ur reason for her current situation u could have stopped marriage but no.. u married her did u asked her consent noo… a big no…. what kind of marriage is this marriage for society and parents. If i got kavitha once i won’t forgive her for playing with swara life. She was shame in a name to sister. Y to blame her sanskar if u urself wrong..” cursing himself for her condition.
Sanskar pov ends~~~~~

In swara room

Swara sitting in same position. She thinks of her parents and dadi “whatever i am doing is it right. Divorce things will break my family after kavi di left us i was their hope. Am i doing correct? The family pride which i saved by marrying sanskar will gone bringing shame the family with a divorce. I had this destiny, but that life was still a gamble. Truly life is unpredictable with one day my dream of spending future with my love broken.
My destiny had another plan to me. But i want divorce by hook or cook. I can’t accept Sanskar if he come to know my past he himself will throw me out his life.”

She layed their with supporting her head to bed.

Precap :
Swara first day in college and sanskar dropping her.

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