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Sanskar pov~

I entered the room and found swara who was with gloomy face. Felt really bad to see her like that. Even anyone in her place will broken. What was her fault? She married me for so called prestige of family. Fact is That social status and prestige matter than her feelings. No one asked her consent in marriage including me. Even i become selfish in this. But now the fact no one can change is we are married. I jerked this thought and went near her and sat next to her asked her to be comfortable.

“I know how u must feel now. And u need time to adjust here… take ur own time. I won’t touch u without ur permission” Said without looking to her eyes as i can’t face her.

But swara words made be stun “I’ve something to tell you that I wanna divorce…”

I observed the how much she hurt seeing her eyes and understood something there she hiding. I didn’t know what to reply. Whether to say yes or no i am so confused. Great during first day of marriage she want divorce.

“I want a divorce.” She saying repeatedly with cold tone.

Sanskar pov ends~~~~~

Sanskar didn’t seem to be annoyed by swara words, instead he asked her softly, ‘Why?’

But she avoided that question. This made Sanskar anger as swara not reveal reason behind asking divorce.

“swara sleep now we will talk about it tomorrow as it is very late” saying this he laying on bed and closed his eyes pretending to be slept.

Swara was weeping. Sanskar feel sorry for her. He wanted to find out what had happened to her. Y she demanding divorce? If she not want marry then y she married so much questions revolving around his mind. After sometimes swara wipe her eyes and lay on otherside of bed. Both sleeping opposite to each other and fall asleep.

Sun’s ray fall on swara eyes waking her. She wake up and went towards room balcony ; siden the curtain open balcony door. She could hear the chirpping of the birds. Then saw the beauty of nature, a cool breeze was blowing making her hair flying according to it direction. The sunlight added shinning to Swara’s gloomy face..

Then she freshen and got ready wearing salwar. She dried her hair and looked her reflection in mirror snd gave emotionless expression. Unknowingly tears roll from cheeks.

Sanskar who also wakeup by the then saw her like that. Now he was sure something bothering her and he felt it was so wrong decision he took that to marry her without asking her consent. He goes near her.

Seeing sanskar swara raises divorce topic whereas saskar try hard to avoid that topic. He was about to reply but Uttara came running to their room and said “bhabhi….come na… all r waiting for u…”

Swara hide her tears and gave fake smile at uttara.

Swara : for wht uttara..
Uttara : don’t know bhabhi..
Swara : OK I’m coming…

Swara give sanskar emotional look and leave from there.

Ap : swara beta u r new to here.. some more rituals there. Today is ur first rasoi for that you have to make any dish for breakfast …..u can do na …

Swara look at her shockingly… she goes to flashback.

Fb ~~~
Swara entered to kitchen where all others r cooking and doing some works.. Sharmista is teaching kavitha to cook some dishes..

Dadi : shona…u too want to learn cooking na…

Swara jumped back nd stand there like she said something unbelievable

Swara : dadi me and cooking… Ohoo….am I Drming….

Swara act like fainting… Sharmista nd kavi giggles….

Dadi : pagal….

Dadi hold swara ears.
Swara : ouch dadi it’s paining

As soon as dadi left her ear Swara run from there

Fb ends ~~~
Ap notice swara lost somewhere.

Ap : Swara …r u OK?
Swara(came out of the thoughts) : ha ma.
Ap : so start ur work dear.. we will be at hall..u come and call us when its ready..

By saying this ap left leaving Swara clueless..

Swara came to kitchen… She opened the cupboard and search for items.. whereas she not able to differentiate spices.. she was so confused.

Swara(to herself) : oh god… what will I do now…this all seem like last minute preparation for exam… don’t know… how or where to start with… what will I do now….who will help me….no one seem to come..

While she was thinking… Uttara came to kitchen… Swara was abt to ask something to her. But uttara interrupt her….

Uttara : bhabhi…u want any help…

Swara look at her with a smile. Smile of hope. As she hoping to ask help from her. Swara was about to ask help but again Uttara interrupt her.

“I think u don’t Want.. If want too I can’t do… cooking and kitchen all r out of my dictionary…” By saying it uttara take water and goes back…

Swara stand there helplessly.. Suddenly her look get stuck in something nd a wide smile came to her face….

After sometimes….

Swara goes to hall and call everyone to have breakfast.

Swara : ma.. come na have food..
Ap : u prepared… Wah…swara…u did it quickly…

Swara just smiled….

All came to dinning table and take their seat including sanskar…

Ap : so let me taste it…

Ap opened plate and gave shocking expression opening her mouth widely…

Ap : swara…what’s this..
Swara : noodles ma…taste it..

“U not know to cook….” Ap asked hold her head.

Swara shook her head no. Seeing her sad sanskar feel bad he eat noodles which swara made and says swara its delicious. Even dp have noodles. And uttara tooo…

“Wow bhabhi. Noodles is so yummy..” said uttara taking spoonful of noodles..

Ap too smiles and make swara sit near her and feed Noodles to her.

Ap asks “Sanskar when u planning to go bangalore?”

While swara immediately asks “bangalore sanskar u going to bangalore? ”

Uttara says “bhabhi u know na ur husband is business tycoon. He have so many offices from north to south. So he settled in bangalore where headquarter and looking all branches from their only.”

Ap asks ” sanskar when u going?”
“Today mom”

All look at him shocked. Whereas sanskar asks swara to pack her bag “we need to leave by evng flight.”

Uttara : “Bhai y hurry.. leave after somedays na u just married now. This work n all bhabhi be alone.”

Even ap asks same.

Sanskar : “Mom its necessary to leave and if talk about swara mom i made her admission in bangalore topmost college she can continue her studies too…”

Ap hugs swara..


Sahil is sitting in a bench at garden… but his mind is at somewhere else. He is Dreaming…

Swara and sahil are at sahil’s home…. Sun peeks room just woke up frm sleep. But two were still sleeping… Swara blink her eyes and woke up slowly… But sahil pull her back and she fall at sahils chest… Some of her hair fall on sahil’s face…sahil slowly move her hair behind her ears…than they just lay there for some more time embracing each other…

Sahil smiles widely in his dream and keep dreaming…

They both r at park walking holding hand..
Nd swara is resting her head in sahils shoulder…

Swara:will u be with be always sahil…
Sahil:I will be there forever my cutie……hm…so wht abt junior swara..

Swara give a confused look….

Sahil point to a small baby girl running here nd there in the park…Swara understands what he meant nd start blushing…

Sahil:someone blushing like red tomato…

Swara look at him and he run and swara ran behind him….

By this Sahil is laughing loudely.. Kavitha came near to him and saw him lost is somewhere nd laughing …

Kavi tapped at his shoulder making him jerk frm his Dreams ….he look at her and look away frm her to avoid his shyness….

Kavitha: ahm…ahm….so whom u were remembering abt…..someone special?

Sahil give her cute smile nd look straight..

Sahil : yes…someone special… My swara

Kavitha shocked at swaras name and look at sahil ….

Precap :
Swara and sanskar to go bangalore.


Guys i know all upset with mention of divorce. And we getting less response due to it.. and about irregular update we r helpless about it as we both r busy with studying and clg stuffs. But will update wherever we get time.

pls guys comments without ur support we can’t move this story.

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  1. Wow dear awesome part…hope swasan fall for ech other soon..waitng fr their sweet moments..nd rlly i m too nt satisfied wth swara decision of devorce…hope nthng happns so…but rlly flng bad for sahil he is dreaming abt his love but wen he wil cum to knw abt swaras marraige he wl b broken..
    Post nxt part soon..waitng eagrly☺☺

    1. Meghs

      Thank u for ur complement. Think of in swara place n say if u r in her place what u do.. will post when we get time


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    Sahiilllll !!!!!!! *shaking him….. waakkee uppp !!! wakee uppp !!!! this all never gonna happen… Swara is now belongs to her Sanskar….

    Honestly speaking i like d divorce idea… it’s soo damn interesting n crural… huhuhuhu… love it Megharsh… thnk u… 😉

    1. Meghs

      Hahaha sahil is in dream land won’t wake up soon?? thanks for ur sweet comments

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    1. Meghs

      Thank you

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    meghs!!!!! i love it.. just love it..
    the story soo natural..
    i think almost every woman in swara ‘s place will ask divorce…hehehehhe
    but i pretty damn sure that you will lead this situation to the interesting one..
    afterall it is SWASAN… ahem ahem.. ty

    1. Meghs

      Thank you? glad ur liking it ya anyone would demand divorce.

      Its combined wrk dear. Varsha and i will surely do our best

  10. Arshaanya

    Honestly speaking i liked divorce decision..
    Nobody asked her wish her cnsnt eve sanky so i think its prfct… she loved sahil more dan anythng so how can she acpt sanky so easily…
    Loved d chappy

    1. Meghs

      Thank you dear ur right no one asked her consent she loved sahil so need time…

  11. Mumpi

    i like d episode.. nd swasan going to Bangalore der dey l be alone.. it might b good for dem(for story)… waiting for nxt episode.

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