PYAR YA SAZA ( PART 7) (after marriage)


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Recap : swasan marriage

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Vidai time…

Swara and sanskar is standing near to the car for leaving.. Swara who is already lifeless bcz of his lost love can’t accept that she is now going away frm her parents too whom she love so much…dadi came near to swara …swara look at dadi s face…

Dadi look at her.. tears filled on her eyes like which can be fallen anytime as she is her naughty shona…

Dadi : shona… my blessing will be there for u always and my child don’t be sad. Sanskar will take care of u as we do..u will be happy Dr… and( tears dropped frm her eyes)… We love u shona.

dadi was abt to break down..but shekar support her…swara was watching all at a shock.. She don’t know how to react to this…only tears r flowing down through her cheeks. By that time sumi came near to swara with shekar… Sumi touch swaras head ..swara look at her and then look at shekar face..

suddenly shekar hug her “Thank u dear..u make me proud…my child.. Take care”she burst into tears and he make her stand straightly and she look at him …sumi come to her..

Sumi:look …u r crying like a child..(sumi too was crying)… Shona….don’t be sad…u r not going away from us..u r going to be a part of sanskars family… there is no need of this tears…u will be happy there..I knew it all happened at a sudden…but this mangalsultra is now truth …u want to give all respect to it…u understand na shona..

Swara nodded unwillingly. Still she is not out of these shocks. She knew this all is truth and she want to accept it. In her mind she wish to change it into all a nightmare but truth is truth. Now she is going to accept it…she is going away from her family to her husband home for starting a new life after loosing her love here … is hard for her. Really hard…tears r continuously falling frm her eyes…

Sanskar is watching this all. But not sure what to do..he watch swara…she is crying and frm her face itself can knew she is becoming weak. Sanskar move close to swara nd put his hand across her shoulder in order to give her a support… Swara look at him by his sudden movement..but she wasn’t shocked or angry..she is already lifeless she was actually wishing for a support so she look forward….all smile at the couples… Sumi and shekar give blessing to them.

Shekar : sanskar. She is our kid. We treat her like princess. I’m sure she will be safe in ur hand.. take care of her beta..
Sumi:take care of urself too sanskar..(to swara) shona..its ur duty to take care of ur Husband ….be happy child…we r proud of u…

Sanskar hold swaras hand nd take her to car… where swara turn back and look at her family nd silent tears r flowing… Then both get into the car and car starts…

Swara nd sanskar bid bye nd others look at car leaving till it vanish from their sight… after that sumi break down resting her head on shekar shoulder nd cried her heart out…shekar pat her head slowly…

@at the car..

car is moving slowly. Swara looks outside nd feel the breeze…. Tears dropping frm her eyes nd through the mirror sanskar noticed it…

“Take care of her beta” shekar’s words echoed at his ears..he offer hanky to swara. Swara look at him nd both look each other . they share a eyelock. Which was different.. They both were confused and somany feelings going through their mind. Swara took the hanky frm his hand nd wipe her tears. Rest of their journey gone in silence.

Car stopped in front of maheshwari mansion. Sanskar come out of car and opens door for Swara. Swara just look on. They reach at entrance. Ap is standing at the entrance of home, with some other ladies, and welcome wholeheartedly the newly married couple. Ap apply Tilak on her forehead after doing Aarti. Then swara was asked to pushes kalash containing rice by her right toe at the entrance. She do it and enters within the house by stepping her right leg first. Then she keep leg on red color water and walk.

Swara walking lifelessly. After entering home swara take blessing of everyone.
Uttara says “stop. ” All turn towards her.
“Now play time bhai bhabhi come naa….”
Sanskar try to oppose but uttara not hear it. Take both of them forcefully to centre of hall.

Uttara : so this time for a play na….sound’s good na…?

All guests have their attention to uttara…

Uttara : so I want some more people for this game along with my bhai and bhabhi…

Swara and sanskar was getting uncomfortable but they can’t deny her too. Some guests came front for the game..all were youngsters…

Uttara : so game is “I never”… Got some idea na…?OK if not I will give the rules of the game…. All r thirsty na…so we can have a drink now….

waiters came with drinks nd handed over to all those who r playing and to swasan too…

Uttara : don’t drink.!! the game is…
One can say a thing which thy never did in their ” I never meet srk”… so whom all did that thing can hava a sip frm the drink… Game clear na…

Swasan look each other nd but both were helpless.

Uttara : who will take first turn..

A girl came front and say “I never had ice cream at 12 am”

Some of them took a sip nd swara remember how she get out of the house at midnight without making anyone to woke up and then went out with sahil nd had ice cream at midnight… Still don’t know from where he bought”

She took a sip nd sanskar look on. He didnt had ice cream like that..

Next a boy came “I never bunk any classes”. Swara took next sip and sanskar too. Sanskar think abt his masti moments in CLG…

Next a girl came “I never kissed anyone”

Swara remember sahil n her kiss and take a sip making all other in shock evn sanskar. She then only remember where she was… she looked down..

Suddenly ap interpret…

Ap : uttara.. enough now let them take rest. and all get distracted frm swara s doing…

Uttara hold swara by shoulder and bring her to sanskar room. She teases her saying their first night. Ap scold uttara to be quite. Ap says swara u take ur own time i know it must difficult to accept fact who was jiju before somedays is now ur husband. But beta accept truth and try to move this new relation. I know u won’t disappoint me..” and bless swara keeping her hand on head. Swara was calm. Ap and uttara leave place leaving swara alone.

She sees room and analysis how it decorated. All where candels there and roses petals on bed.. she wipes her tears and remove bedsheet and cleans ross from it and also remove candel from room rearrange room. Then she change from bridal dress to casual night dress.

Swara then kneel down and cry “why god y u done with me…”
(Background song pyar ya saza if u hear song u can imagine scene too)

Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata
Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila

“ur my heart beat. My each heart beat sounds ur name.. without u swara is nothing..” words echoes in her ears… all moments spend with sahil come front of her eyes. Tears rolls from her eyes.

Is Pyaar Mein Hon Kaise Kaise Imntihaan
Ye Pyaar Likhe Kaisi Kaisi Dastaan
Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar

She sees one ross fall on ground near her… she take it on hand and remember sahil proposing her.

Flashback shown~ Sahil smiling at her nd handover a bunch of roses to her. Swara look at him lovingly. Rose petals continues to fall on them while they share an eye lock…
Sahil : I love u swara..
Swara : I love u too…
Flashback ends~~~~

( Ho Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar
Dilbar Pe Ho Na, Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar )… (2)

Swara sob hardly and says Sorry sahil i done wrong to u i am helpless so i done it… i know when u got to know my marriage u will broken as i am. Ye pyar ab saza hai tumara liye (this love is punishment to u now)… kavi di i hate u because of u this happen i never forgive in my life whatever u done…

Pyaar Hai Ya Saja, Aai Mere Dil Bata
Tootata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila

After crying somuch she tired fall on bed lifelessly.

Swara pov~~

I was sleeping on bed reminiscing how my life changed in one day.. but foot walk tap made me awake. He came inside. With every step bringing him closer to me, my heart clenched tighter with fear. I tried not to look at him.

β€œswara” he called, in a rather nervous tone. I looked up to realize that he was as nervous as me.

I wondered if this was going to be different. My biggest fear, my first night, the night I was going to share a bed with a person I was not in love with.

Papa found this match for di. He lived in bangalore, while his parents lived in mumbai and he was my fathers friend son. Papa like sanskar as son so thought to make permanent relation with him and fixed alliance with kavi di. While kavi di was calm she nor said yes nor no so her silence made their relation. I know him since childhood so ne and sanskar in short term shared great bond. Of course he was my jiju i treated him like my bestie.

But destiny had another plan it made fairy- tale story to the worst nightmare anyone could have. Made me marry with my too be jiju. Isn’t it said something called destined couple. Bullshit destined to couple my foot.

I dreamed my life with sahil. I criticised the people who loved someone n married anotherone.. but i myself done it? I would hate myself for doing it but I was asked do it whether I want to or not. No other option i had than marring Sanskar.

He came and sat next to me. He asked me be comfortable and say “i know how u must feel now. And u need time to adjust here… take ur own time. I won’t touch u without ur permission”.

Swara then took some courage and asks “i want divorce…”

Screen ends on sanskar shocked face.

Sahil dreaming about his and swara future. Kavi asks u r smiling in dream..! whom is that girl ur dreaming…. sahil say swara. Kavi was shocked to hear it.


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