PYAR YA SAZA ( PART 5) (broken?)

Hi guys.. before epi i wanna reveal some news that till who used to write with me this ff now not willing to write.. concept are originally by her divya now without her i am continuing.. this time new one write story with me that is varsha.. pls accept us and our stry..

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Part 4


Sanskar is silent. He not know what to say so he quite. Feelings r hard to express even kavitha was not wrong in her place what is the use to marry if she don’t love sanskar.

Sanskar was sad because she could have told if she not wanted to marry the way she took was wrong just running away from marriage was not solution ..

dadi thinks hard to get out of this insult and says “why can’t we think to change bride now i mean as kavi said in letter we can make sanskar marriage with swara.”

All gets shocked. Swara was stunned to hear the statement.

sumi reculates. She says “ma what ur saying? wat kavitha said?when? what was in the letter ?

Dadi shows her letter in which it written
“I didn’t run away. I just want freedom. I tried to tell u say many times that marriage is not my cup of tea but u didn’t took it seriously. I didn’t spoil ur reputation and all.. for ur reputation stake i can’t marry one who never i loved . I just want to leave alone and enjoy my life.. life is small i wanted to each moment in my life and I don’t want fall on the marriage hell.. and ya don’t think i love somone and all i didn’t elope with any boy. I wanted to be free bird not tied in any relations.. I am going to my friend house and will leave there. Mom dad pls don’t bother for me. I am safe and ok.. dad if possible try to forgive me.. and sanskar sorry for wharever i did with u and hurting u.. ur all given gifts r in home only i don’t take it as i not deserve ur gift if possible forgive me.. and i have solution why don’t u marry swara. I won’t say anything. She is good girl and not like me she never run of relations and all.. think about it.. swara and you will make wonderful pair. Where ever i am my prayers will for u.. shona sorry to hurt u.. take care.. all pls forgive me .
bye .. your kavitha

Sumi eyes filled up reading this. Letter fall from her hand even all shocked to know what written in letter.

Dadi asks” dp ji pls give one last chance. we will make all ok.. by this marriage”

ap and dp agree as it matter of their prestige.

Shekar says ” we r getting another chance to rectify our mistakes. no problem as many doesn’t able to know as we r covering girl with viel v can manage atleast.. after marriage even people got to know it was not big deal..”

all agree to marriage.

Even sanskar also agrees . He says “Swara is good girl. (To shekar)I promise u that I will keep her happy. (And look toward swara ans ask) will u marry me swara .”

swara speechless words r not coming from her mouth she was just blank not understanding what happening.

“I hope atleast u won’t disappoint us..” said sanskar and leaves.

dadi asks sumi to take swara to room. Sumi make her sit in room ans says “take rest shona. Don’t think about kavi and spoil ur mood.. she was mad to loose Sanskar.. u r so lucky to get sanskar as ur husband.” Sumi leaves.

Swara take her cell and dial sahil number no use becz sahil not have cell.

dadi who enter room snatch cell from swara hand and says “this cell be my hand till marriage complete.”

Swara(was already in frustration): pls dadi..give the cell back ..pls dadi..I want to call…

She can’t complete as dadi left the room with cell .. Swara just stare outside nd fall to the bed..

Swara:(crying) god..why doing this to me..I can’t… Wht u do to me di?..I knew u love us all..but why u did this.???…wht I will do now…sahil evn didn’t pick my I will inform him??…oh God.. Who will Answer to my all question… Big question is that how I will marry him?

Swara(was already in frustration): pls dadi..give the cell back ..pls dadi..I want to call…
She can’t complete as dadi left the room with cell ..
Swara just stare outside nd fall to the bed..

Swara:(crying) god..why doing this to me..I can’t… Wht u do to me di?..I knew u love us all..but why u did this.???…wht I will do now…sahil evn didn’t pick my I will inform him??…oh God.. Who will Answer to my all question… Big question is tht how I will marry him..sanskar….no …”

Swara is getting restless…

She walks towards the window nd looks outside..a cold breeze hit her..she close her eyes nd tears r flowing down from cheeks remembering all moments spent with sahil. she looks at sky..nd watch the moon..

Same time in sanskar s room…
Sanskar comes to room nd locked the door..he comes towards the window nd watch the moon…

Swasan staring at moon…

Swara : how a single day change my life?..without sahil how can I live..thts not possible.. But now no other option thn marrying sanskar.. Who was my jiju till ysterday….I don’t know whether I can survive this day…pls god help me to find a solution..

Sanskar: kavitha…why u leave like this..u can inform me before I starts to accept u as my wife and now I promise shekar uncle tht I will make swara happy ..but the fact is i can’t promise I will love her…now I’m giving all to destiny.. Let it do what thy want..

At midnight..
Swara was sitting at floor nd leaning her head against wall.. she is still awake and its dark inside her room..

Suddenly someone switch on the light..swara blink her eyes to adjust with the light as she was sitting at dark for long time..she saw shekar nd sumi looking at her helplessly… Sumi walks to her nd touch her shoulder… Swara who was controlling her tears burst into tears…sumi hugs her and caresses hair to calm her…

Shekar comes near swara..

Shekar : swara,we knew much hard will be this for u r studying nd not ready for a marriage ..tht too at a sudden…but my child…look how is us..ur di make as shame before others..we didn’t knew wht to do other thn this marriage.. (His voice breaks…)
Swara who love her papa nd ma a lot can’t watch thm like this..

Swara:papa..I will marry need to worry.
Swara:I’m OK with this marriage.. Can I sleep now ma..
Shekar: yeah..sleep kid..we both r going..

Thy both kiss her forehead.

Shekar: u make me proud swara..
Swara give a fake smile not letting them know she broken.

After Shekar nd sumi went swara close door.

Swara fall to the floor thud nd cry her heart out

Swara:I hate u god..hate u…

Screen ends on broken swara.

Precap : swasan marriage.

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