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Recap : shopping for kavsan marriage.

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Episode 3
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Next morning~~

Swara was readying to go to college. before she leaves thinks to inform kavitha so she goes to kavi room..

she enter kavi room and sees her sleeping covering herself in blanket fully. She gets irritated and says” di u always wake up late.. if u continue this in ur sasural they will throw u outside in first day of marriage only.. now wake up na di.. i am going college and meet H.O.D ask 2 days holiday for ur marriage ……..” and leaves.
She then think of prank to remove blanket and spoil kavi sleep. She walk slowly towrds bed and remove the blanket shocked to see scenario.. kavi was not there it was pillow left in her place.. she scream aloud “mumma ……papa… dadi…

Hearing her scream all come running to her.. shekar scold her to shouting loud ” what happen shona y u shouting??” swara said in breaking tone “di .. di is not here……” shekar and sumi laugh.. sumi says “arree u both sister r one number dramebaaz …may be she outside.. she is just teasing u..” but swara was not convinced.

So to her convince shekar and dadi starts to search kavi all where outside house, balcony everywhere but kavi is nowhere.. they search in room bathroom and finds bathroom window broken. All gets shocked to see this Shekar calls kavi but found her cell was switched off.

All gets tensed.. swara sees a letter on table near bed and signs sumi. Sumi opens it but dadi snatch letter from her hand and read it.. letter fall from her hands.. she immediately call sanskar family and ask them to come home urgently …


Sahil enter one room and sees a girl sleeping.. he smiles and sits near her.. it revealed to be kavitha. He thinks to everything to swara..

Flashback ~~~

After meeting swara Sahil get call from his father..

Ram : there is meeting in London.. its really urgent.. this project is dream project of our company.. if we did it our company will secured.. u take flight now n go to meeting.
Sahil: but dad London?? no dad i can’t go..
Ram : no sahil u have to go its final.. i don’t want any excuse ur going that’s it.. next u have to handle my all business deals… so for that u need to attend this meeting..
Sahil : no i can’t dad.. no I can’t tomorrow i have to go to clg..there is important class…!
Ram : r u sure sahil.. yesterday u asked that u wanted our consent on something for that u have to go London and complete this Project.
Sahil : dad it’s blackmailing.. it’s not fair dad.
Ram : everything fair in love and war.
Sahil : ok dad i go.. but promise me u agree then..
Ram : did we ever opposed our son!! Ur our only son we won’t oppose ur any decisions..
Sahil : thank u dad….
He hangs up the call .. he hurries to catch flight to London.. In excitement he left his cell there.

Sahil reaches London.. someone pick him from airport.. sahil asks car key from him and says “i go myself” he drive a car… he accidentally hit a girl who falls down.. sahil getout of car to see girl if she ok whereas girl fumes in anger..
Sahil : hey r u ok
Kavi : what ok Mr? (yup she is kavitha)
R u blind.. oh God who give u licence!!!
Sahil : look miss ur talking too much.. u come in front of car….
Kavi : oi hello what u think of urself mr.akdoo
Sahil : whom u saying akdoo?? How dare u to say so to sahil khana!!!
Kavi : look mr. Khana i am not interested in ur stupid antics..
Sahil : even i am not interested miss…
Kavi(showing index figure) : look

Before she complete her sentence she faints. Sahil try to wake her but no use so he lift her and drives car…

Flashback ends~~~~~~

Kavi wakes up and asks “where am i..
Sahil : in my house
She shocked to see him…
Kavi : what ur house… how i am here (in breaking tone)
Sahil : arre relax miss .. ur faint so i taken here…
Kavi : thank u?
Sahil : my pleasure miss…..
Kavi : kriya (thinks in mind i can’t say my real name sry sahil to lieing)
Sahil : ok kriya u take rest i c u afterwards.

Sahil leaves
In India


sanskar family reach there.. dadi informs them what happened.. they gets shocked knowing kavitha runaway. Sanskar was broken the one whom he loved cheat him he is verge of crying .. swara feels sorry for him.. for family only one day remaining to marriage so its like family reputation at stake both families think about reputation ..

dadi asks sorry from ap.. ap fumes ” but what we will tell to our relatives… u r daughter made shame of us ridiculous if she don’t want marriage she could have told… why she cheated us by running off from marriage….” even shekar and dadi joins her and says “this girl made us shame in world now what we say to anyone.. how can we show world our face after her doing.!! And my shona who marry her after this shame act of kavitha.. she spoil not only her life but 3 lives along with it… ”

Screen flashes on face of broken sanskar ..

Precap : dadi snatch cell from swara hand shout at her… and revelation what written in letter..


Sry guys for no sanskar part… 2 more epi u get his part too …

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Credit ~ divyangana

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