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Part 2

Sharmishta calls swara and kavitha; leave for shopping. They reach the mall and see sanskar and ap there. Both families greet each other. Sanskar wanted to say something to kavitha swara who understands this give them privacy.

Sanskar asks “do u like shopping kavita ?”
kavi : “not much i often do shoping and all..k now lets go inside..”
Sanskar feels her behavior strange but leave that thought

They both come inside the mall.. all are busy in choosing dress..
sanskar take one sherwani turns to mom and asks “mom this sherwarni k na.. whether colours k for me….” he is asking in high tone that hears to all, including kavitha.. all understand his intension all together says “oh ho now we understand y u asking in high peach..k now u both select we all go other side v won’t disturb u… ” all leaves from there.

“kavi di jiju u enjoy.. said swara teasingly. Kavi stares her while swara winks and sign enjoy.. sanskar smiles to her tactics.

swara went to dressing room to trial the dress.. in point of time, someone from behind her hold her mouth and swara is shocked to see the person.. he hold her by waist bringing her close whisper in her ear “can I help u?..”

she shook her head saying no and start blushing..

Person : “ur blashing as if it is ur first time..y to worry dear when I’m here no fear..
Swara : “sahil this is too much ah now u go i want to trial this dress .
(Yup that guy was sahil)
sahil : “no.. I won’t go leaving u alone.
swara : “no sahil I’m not alone ur thier with me na pls go na..”
Sahil : “I have come to c u but ur sending away from u na..I think u don’t love me k bye I will go bye c u..

Swara keep finger on his mouth.

Swara: “sahil don’t say like this…. ur my heart beat.!! each beat sounds ur name.. without u swara is nothing..!!
Sahil : “Oh then kiss me and prove me wrong๐Ÿ˜œ

nick of time swara leans closely to sahil and kissed sahil lips!! Sahil wraps his arms around swara waist..he pins her to a wall.. he kiss h mean while swara caresses sahil hair.. he hold swara with passion.. both break their kiss and hug each other.

Swara : i love u..
sahil : I love u too swara. (Holding her face) k i will go now tomorrow sharp 9.30 waiting at park don’t miss it k..
swara : “k baba I won’t miss u tc… when u reach home msg me.. k bye sahil.

Sahil goes. Swara was closing the door again sahil comes.. he kiss swara cheek says bye and goes. swara touches her cheek and says mad boy !!!

After that she joins family members. She stands behind kavitha. Sanskar who come there thought swara to be kavi without seeing who is that make her wear red chuneri! Swara is shocked.. she turns in mirror she see her reflection touch chunri(bridal dupatta) and looks at sanskar.. sanskar is also shocled to see he made swara wear shagun chuneri.. (mangalam plays) swara looks on worried … both share awkwrd silent.. then together burst out laughing..

Swara : jeeju don’t u know difference between me and kavi di..
Sanskar: wo i not seen u.. i just…
Swara : relax jiji.. take chill pil its small issue.. don’t say anyone.
Sanskar : acha mere sali sahiba.. and ya u look so pretty after wearing this chuneri.!!
Swara (dramatically ): jeeju u r flirting with ur sali too bad…
Sanskar: swara one day u too have to marry that day u wear this chuneri.. dor kavi i see another one..
Swara : but jeeju
Sanskar : no if but u take this chuneri.. i see another one to kavi.

Swara smiles.. kavitha enter there ask what happened.. swara says nothing di๐Ÿ˜Š
Sanskar mean time sees one chunri and take that.. “kavi this is for u… saying this he give that chuneri to her…..”
Kavi smiles

Ap asks “if everyone shopping over. Shall we leave! ..” Sharmishta agrees..

Sanskar wave bye at kavitha.. Swara who sees this him… she said jeeju bye.. sanskar smiles.

Screen flashes swakavsan trio face..

Precap : sahil and kavitha are seen in london.


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  1. Tulina

    |Registered Member

    I think kavsah are planning against swara…….. I mean stepsis wala relationship swakav Ke bich and some thing like that…….like kavita marriage day mein bhag jayegi n then swasan like that????????post the next part soon

    • Megharsh


      Thnks ..

      Dear hear they r real sis not step sis nor kavi so bad.. but ya it will be swasan

      Keep smiling
      Keep reading and commenting

  2. Mica

    |Registered Member

    Sahil touch my swara ? huhuhuhu.. let it be.. let it be.. *frustrated ๐Ÿ˜€
    continue soon.. Div and Meg!

    • Megharsh


      Thanks mica… don’t be frustrated 2 more part no more swahil..

      Nxt prt submitted … keep reading and commenting
      Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š


  3. Arshaanya

    |Registered Member

    Kavsan loves each other i mean dey were in rltnshp lyk swara sahil or its dere arrange mrg??
    Luvd d chappy… abt precap kavhil r plnng sumthng big

    • Megharsh


      Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š glad u liked it..

      Kavsan is arranged marriage and sanskar love her

      To know it read nxt part

      Keep reading and commenting
      Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š


  4. vijay

    I hate swahil proximity seens

    for this iwant 100percent more swasan proximity seen only I coment also last time I ask one thing u dont reply

  5. vijay

    sorry I dont read reply

    its ok , its intrusting but I am swadan big fan its hurting (kiss) i want 20 kisses in ff only I satisfy (sorry if I over reacted)

    • Megharsh


      Hey vijay i know how u guys feel to see swahil proximity. .. this is lst nxt won’t be there… swahil end soon nxt swasan coming… i guess it hurted sorry

      Keep reading and commenting
      Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


  6. annu

    M hating this kavsan and that blo*dy sahil touched swara????
    U said its swasan ff then how can u make them so close????
    M at verge of crying ๐Ÿ˜ข
    And sanskar is swara’s jeeju??? Impossible….bkwas….they r soul mates and nobody can change this reality

    • Megharsh


      Annu i am so sry if it hurted u.. sahra r in relation so it common naa.

      Its lst time of course its swasan ff… let sanskar be now jeeju for now but ultimately he will her soul mate. . Don’t cry
      Keep reading and commenting
      Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š


    • Megharsh


      Thnks vyshu.. no we won’t. .. u read my ff my destiny changed when i met u naa so u may know i am also swasan fan.. so we not write swahil proximity

      Keep reading and commenting
      Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š


  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    What???? Sahil kissed swara,nooo๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Anyway awsm chappy… Loved it. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care guys
    Keep smiling

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