Pyar Ya Saza (Part 20) (changing environment)

“Love is when other person’s happiness is more than your own.”

~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


While walking between the coffee plants with entwined hands they felt happy. Swara kept smiling where Sanskar admiring her. Essence of coffee hit her nostrils. Her one hand softly care those coffee leaves. Fog was covering the area creating a new feeling.

Swara felt cold as they walked towards the deep side of that valley. Sanskar wraps his arm around her. She felt his warmth along with his heartbeat. She want to deny him, yet she liked it. His heartbeats ask her to listen its beat.

They slowly entered to a pine forest. With Pine trees around them, Swara overwhelmed to view splendid view. she couldn’t help, but aghast. It was enviable scene which anyone will wish to watch.

“It’s superb Sanskar” she said looking scenario.

“Yes it really beautiful…” he said looking anywhere but her.

“Swara, why are you smiling like an idiot?” He could help, but ask that question seeing her grinning.

“Duffer! I feel so good today. ” Sanskar gaze shift to her.

“We don’t know what our life planned for us na, see did we thought that we will be here like this?” She said emphasising each word. Obviously not in dream they thought they’ll marry one day. Call it destiny now their life entangled.

“Everything will turn around good, I believe that ” Sanskar said with hope of glittering in his eyes.

” I wish so Sanskar.” She said lowering her eyes.

“Can I ask you a question Swara?” He looks nervously at her.

“From when you start asking permission? Just ask!”

“What is a perfect relation for you?” Her mouth dries, she gasps hearing him. Before their marriage she respected the relationship and believed in destiny. Everything flew when she married Sanskar. His question made her think about it. What is relation for her, question revolves around her mind.

After a moment, “Relation must have built from understanding and trust. You must know about each others plus and minus point. Want to appreciate their positive point and want to help them to over come their negative point. You must accept their drawbacks and ready to adjust with it.” She said with single breath.

“And must stood together in each situation.” Both look at each others eyes. In ones eyes love is visible while others some emotions flickering.

“Sanskar…” Swara shrieks moving little forward from his hold to get echo. She laughed hearing her own voice.

“Duffer” She shouts loudly. Clenching her stomach, she laugh hard.

“Today you’re gone Swara” he was about to hold her, but a naughty idea flash in her mind. She stuck tongue out at him and starts to run.

Soon they both start cat and mouse game. Swara was running fast as she don’t want to get in Sanskar’s hand. He’s behind her to chase her.

Just then Sanskar’s shoe lace loosen and he sat there to tie it again.

“Swara… wait !” He said while tieing his shoe lace.

“Swara…” Sanskar called her name as he didn’t find any sign of her. Whole place covered with fog, hardly one can see distant places. He was standing in middle of no where, all side looked same for him. He got confused from where he came.

“Swara, come out..” He called out as some bad thoughts flash in front of him.

“Swara…” he shouts, but no response. He start to get panic.


Swara running all the way without caring about anything. Suddenly feeling no movement behind her, she stopped on her track.

“Duffer, you got tired?” She asked while turning back, only to find fog environs her. She shivers as mistral hits her.

“Sanskar… ” She called little loudly, but no one answered. Only her voice echo heard.

“Sanskar where are you?” She quiver in fear. Tears gushing down her eyes.

“Oh my god! Where am I? Sanskar please come to take me…. Sanskar ” she cried heart out kneeling down.


Sanskar was running here and there by calling her name, he now totally acts like a mad . he don’t know what to do from where to start.

“I should have kept her safe with me, what I did! Swara please come back…” Tears filled in his eyes.

“Her Mobile…” he took out his mobile but there was no signal.

“SWARA….” he shrieks running hand in his hair in frustration.

“Sanskar… ” a scream comes from a far place make him to run to the source of the side. He saw a figure moving in fog, without a second he identified his love and ran to her by calling her name.

Swara heard his voice calling for her. From a corner of eyes she sees him. “Sanskar….” she sighs in relief. Her eyes twinkle seeing familiar figure far. He’s there, he came to her.

Her lips parted, but no words come out. Without second thought she hugs him. Happy tear fills in her eyes. In return he gives her a smile that would’ve meant anything. She runs to his opening arms.

Happy to see him
Happy that he’s there
Happy that she’s safe
Happy that she’s not alone

“To a moment I thought I lost you Swara…” He said in a soft voice and engulfs her in his arms. Mere thought of separation couldn’t bearable to him. He don’t know what if that situation really comes, he’s least bother about it. All he just want is her. Without her, he’s no purpose to live.

“Are you alright?” He asked, cupping her face. Does she knows what she’s meant to him. He looked deep into her eyes. For a moment, it’s just two of them in world.

Fate is like cascading star. It comes out of nowhere and shines. Same happening to both, before a month they’re just bide by friendship. With time, relationship changes and they tied in such knot which they never can break even if they wanted to.

They’re standing so close that they can hear others heartbeats. Only an inch gap between their lips as Sanskar leans on her. He caressed her cheek with his hands. Both look at each other for a while and starts to lean closer. Their forehead touched, his gaze shifted towards her shivering lips. They were flushing just like her face.

Swara eyes pierces on his and got lost in those eyes. Without her knowledge, she too lean-to him. She felt like there’s no air, she couldn’t breath and her heart beating like crazy.

Before their lips could touch, they got jolted as they heard voice behind them. Seeing Laksh coming to them, she lowers her eyes in embarrassment. Not finding Swara and Sanskar for hours, all got worried and started to look for them. Laksh who came searching them bewildered. Obviously, he didn’t look forward to see them kissing and intervene love birds. He opt to connivance.

Look of horror passed on Swara’s face. She felt knots in her stomach. What would’ve been worse than this? Kissing best friend or someone to see it? Suddenly, a cold sweat started to run down her face. She felt exhausted and everything spin around her.

She was about to hit the ground, a warm arm wrap around her waist pulling her up. He held her gently to his chest, “Swara…….”


When she gets consciousness she finds herself in their cottage. Sanskar sitting near her holding her hand. Looking him she finds unknown emotions stirring her. Her heart thumping. Upon remembering their almost kiss scene, her hands touched her lips.

This…. couldn’t be happening

Still her feelings betraying her. Instead of angry she looked way delighted to that. Little did she knows when destiny plans something then it has to happen regardless our wish.

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