Pyar Ya Saza (Part 19) (when love takes over )

As the road starts to narrow down, Swara felt jittery. The car jerk due to potholes making her more worry.

“Are you sure duffer you don’t lost your way?” Tension and worry clear in her tone.

“What… no ways. I went there several times. So there’s no possibility of taking wrong route.” He said with confidence.

She raise her eye brows, “Oh I see… you went many times han? With whom?”

“What got you? I went there with friends. Now stop staring me..” He said feeling her intense gaze on him.

“Idiot we reached!” He said waking sleeping beauty. A smell of nature embraced her when she walked out off car. An immaculate splendor of stunning cottage tugged heartstrings in Swara heart. Taken away by beauty of resort, she view the resort without blinking her eyes.

“Wow… this is simply beautiful!” The smile never left her face. It made Sanskar to thank Laksh in mind for planning tour and to bring smile on her face. Her smiley face made cripple his lips into smile.


“So here it is, we reached” Laksh said while parking his car in front of resort.

“Anyways nice drive bro..” Uttara taps his shoulder and get out of the car.

“Hope while we return you will go with Sanskar.” He said irked by her interference in his romance with Ragini. Uttara being third wheeler in their story, not let him a chance to talk with Ragini.

“Not even in your dreams” Uttara said while taking her luggage out. Soumya and Ragini is hearing this talks from long, so they were least interested.

“Laksh we came here to bring Swara and Sanskar close.” Ragini said making Laksh to sigh.

“Right! Not for you both” Uttara said intruding them.

“I already planned something for them.” He said with wink. Ragini and Uttara look at him clueless.

“Hey!” Swara walks to them with Sanskar. “We were waiting for you guys to enter.”

“Let’s get freshen up, then will make a plan for some fun” Laksh said sounding excited. They all walk towards resort.

“Ragini bhabhi, how you handle this man!” Confused Uttara asked.

“I’m not less ” Ragini said giving smirk.

“Made for each other.” Said Swara joining them.

“I think, you both deserve that caption! ” Ragini said pointing at Sanskar.

All goes to the Cottage alloted to them.
Sanskar was first one to enter room. Soon he sees the room, he gasps and block way of Swara stopping her from entering room.

“Duffer what you doing? Let me get inside.” Seeing no movement from him, she pushes him and gets awestruck. For a moment, her breath gets hitched. The rose petals touched her solace of feet. The bottle of champagne placed along with a platter of fruits and chocolates. The flower scattered in room and candlelight set-up a romantic weather in room. An unknown tension grow in room.

“Swara you ok?” Sanskar asks with concern nudging her. She couldn’t say anything except nodding her head.

“This is….. a honeymoon suit!” She fumbles. It doesn’t took both to realise who planned it. Obviously no one except Lucky could get such idea.

“I’ll kill Lucky for this.” Sanskar thought in his mind. Before tension between them start raise, he start finding excuse.

“You go and get refresh. I’ll clear this mess.” Sighing she left to washroom. But only to get surprised. The bathroom was not less than room. The bathtub filled with bubbles and small candlelit all over it. She clears candles and took shower.

Coming out of washroom, she welcomed by clean and neat classy room. Her heart flutters seeing how Sanskar took care of awkward situation. She’s confused why she feeling weird. Instead of getting anger, why she happy? The question erupts in her mind. To which heart already knows answer. Love is igniting in her heart. Clear! That love is more than friendship.


They meet in park in front of resort and start to thinking about plan. “Now what’s the plan lucky?”

“Sanskar what about bike ride?” He said with excitement.

“Bike ride? Oh my god! It will be awesome. In this fog, bike riding! Give me keys, I can’t wait… ” Uttara said jumping in happiness.

“Cool down Uttu! But where is bikes?”
Sanskar asked while holding Uttara from doing more crazy things.

“When Laksh is here, why to worry? There it is…” he pointed towards three bullets before them.

“Let’s go for it then…” before Ragini could say more, Laksh grab her hand and start walking.

“I will drive. Soumya hold tight” Uttara said while wearing helmet. Soumya too wear helmet and gets ready for drive.

“Where is keys?” Uttara asked angrily not finding keys.

“Here it is!” Laksh walk to them with keys in his hand. Before she could take it from Laksh, he pulls his hand back.

“Are you playing? Give me keys!” She yelp. Annoyance clear on her face.

He shook his head. “No.. first listen to me!”

“What now?” She asked without interest.

“No rash driving. You should before our sight. Don’t go far, be safe!” Laksh said seriously.

This time Uttara eyes get softened, “As you say captain!” She salutes him.

“Good girl! Here take it.” Uttara takes the keys. Laksh and Ragini also get ready for bike ride.

“Will you both stop smiling and join us?” Soumya asked at looking at Swasan who’re enjoying these cute fights.

Swara look at Sanskar whose eyes already fixed at her. “Shall we move..” Sanskar said in husky voice and hold her hand. She got goosebumps at his touch. Little idea she has something changing in her. Like before she not getting anger or disgust with his touch, instead she getting happiness in heart. Only if she knows the real reason behind change.

“Sona hold Sanskar tight you little scared baby…” Laksh said with a smirk.

“Who’s scared baby you Lux?” Swara snapped at him while Sanskar slap his forehead.

“You only kitten! Come on I said truth only…” He said crossing his arm and gain a death glare from Swara.

“You stupid! Wait and watch who’s scared and you Sanskar! Come and sit..” Sanskar looked at Swara who is already sitting at bullet and ready to drive!

“Hey, I will drive…” Sanskar said moving to her.

“No… I Want show him what Swara can do! Are you coming with me or want to find another bullet?” Having no other choice , Sanskar sat in backside in silent.

“Swara let me drive. Lucky is just teasing you… ” She pays no heed to his words.

“Shut up Duffer! I will show you Lux… ”

“Swara….. ” she cut his words in middle “You stupid, wear this helmet. No other talks…”

Laksh looks at Uttara and she gave a proud look after all this is her idea only!

“So let’s get start journey! ” Uttara, said starting the bike. Laksh raise accelerator while holding break, so was Swara. Sanskar gulped at the attitude of Swara.

Swara was first, followed by Lucky and Uttara on both sides. In excitement Swara’s laughing and screaming. When on is having all fun other one closed eyes tight in fear.

“Swara slow down na… It’s too much fog. Now you won at least slow for now…” Not bothering about his pleas, she increase the speed.

“It’s fun Sanskar. Oh my god! I can’t believe this! I’m so happy…” Excitement filled in her tone. Sanskar look at her through mirror, her face was glowing and smile in her face.

What he want other than it?

His happiness lies in hers!

Her hair slowly flying in air, making him crazy. He smiled unknowingly which was noticed by Swara! She slow down speed whereas Sanskar was still in his world, she chuckled.

“Hey duffer! Where are you?” It bring him back from his trance.

“Huhh… me.. wohh… Concentrate on road you mad. I don’t want to die soon..” He said changing topic. Swara shook her head. A smile formed on her face.

By then Laksh and Uttara reach near them. Sanskar signal them to go before and smirked. Uttara and Laksh pass a naughty smile and passed them. Swara was driving slowly, enjoying the drizzling weather.

The ride up through the twist roads was splendid. Misty fog climbing up the mountains, twisty turn lanes and smell of nature gave her heavenly feeling.

Suddenly Swara applied break making Sanskar fall on Swara. He got shocked by sudden movement. Swara felt tingle in her stomach.

“What was that Swara?” He asked coming out of shock.

“It’s beautiful sight. Can we walk…” Sanskar sees the coffee plantation in front of them and mist make it more beautiful. They both get down form bike and look at the greenery before them.

Sanskar hold Swara’s hand and start walking. She walk entwining their hands. A new feelings grow inside her. When love takes over, no one can control feelings. Not even they! What one cannot stop is Feelings.

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