Pyar ya saza (part 16) (falling for her)

“Morning is a wonderful blessing, either cloudy or sunny. It stands for hope, giving us a another start of we what call life.”


Two souls without their own knowledge is wishing for a fresh start in their life, why can’t they wish? A cupid is finding way to make their wish true. Sun rays lightly touch their body as god giving blessing to the both souls. A smile played in their lips after feeling an unknown happiness.

Uttara was walking speedily as she want to click all pictures and selfies while Swara  and Sanskar was in a lazy mood or we can say they want to enjoy the nature. They took lazy steps while admiring the pleasant climate and the nature. Both where in their own world, happy and peaceful while walking they came close. Swara’s hand slightly touch his hand making both look at each other. Without contemplating, Sanskar hold her hand securely without breaking an eye lock.

Swara didn’t opposed, she accepted. She feel secured with him, his innocence is melting her. But she can’t do anything, she is not meant for him. Now at this moment it doesn’t matter. “Perfect click”, Uttara smiled at her mobile screen while watching the recent picture she clicked. Swasan with a beautiful eyelock and hands entwined. They are heavenly couple and meant to be together.

They walking while holding hands, like a sweet couple.


After their sweet moments, they made their way back to Mansion. Swara was looking outside window staring beauty of nature where as Sanskar is driving with full concentration on road. Uttara was glancing back and forth between two as an alien while sitting at the back seat.

It has been about 15 minutes after they started their journey from nandi hills. Still this two are silent and Uttara gets irritated. Of course, she will be. Her plan is to bring them closer. But they are not moving a step closer to each other.

“What they think about themselves? Who will sit like this? When I left from home, I dreamed about these two naughty romance and here this two…” Uttara murmured being too much irritated.

“Uttu, did you said something?” Swara asked.

“Unromantic couple..” Uttara muttered.

“What?” Sanskar asked as he listened something.

“Nothing…” she stated being annoyed.

“So… When you’re leaving back Uttara?” Sanskar asked curiously.

Her face turned pale with disappointment. “What? Seriously bhai? Today only I came and you’re asking about my return?”

“What is this dumbo?” Swara raised her eyebrows hearing his stupid question.

“I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean that Uttara.” he said realising his mistake to ask wrong question in wrong time.

“Stop the car!” Uttara yelled making Sanskar to slam his feet on break halting the car with a jerk. Within few seconds, Uttara walkout of the car shocking both Swasan.

“Arey Uttu, I was just joking. Get in.” Sanskar said in concerned filled tone.

“Bhai relax” Uttara came near the window of driver seat.

“Uttu he’s joking. Sorry na.  Now get in.” Swara pleaded.

“Hahaha. You both look there?” Uttara pointed towards the opposite side of the road where three girls were standing.

Sanskar smiled at her and shook his head. “You planned all this. Isn’t it?” he asked. She nods her head in affirmative.

“I will come back by evening. You both go back to home. By the way bhabhi, you didn’t understand anything na. Actually they are my friends. I’m meeting them after a long time, so I’ll come after spending little time with them…” Uttara said with cute smile.

Swara nods and Sanskar give a ‘you never gonna change’ look. Swasan journey started.


The journey was in silence and a bit awkward. Their soul wish to talk each other, but their lips kept quiet. Their eyes speak, but they were not ready to meet. Silence was wrapping them against their wish.

“Stop the car…” Swara shouted at sudden making Sanskar to apply break in a jerk.

“What happened Swara? Are you OK?” Sanskar asked with concern.

Swara pointed to outside, he looks out and spotted a dhaba. He turned back to her and saw her hand at her stomach showing she is hungry.

He shook his head,”For this you screamed like this?”

She was silent and gives an innocent look which make him melt. “Kiddo, we will have something from near-by hotel.” he was about start the car once again.

Swara stops him, “We can have from here na.”

“Hey! that’s not possible. It’s too unhygienic! And a famous business tycoon like me going to have from here. No way.” He said in disbelieve.

“You don’t have then! I’m too hungry and I can’t even wait for a minute. So I’m having food from here.” She opens door of car.

“Listen Swara just 5 minutes we…. ” His words cut-off as Swara already start walking towards dhaba. Not having any other choice, Sanskar parked the car and went behind her.

He walks to dabba only to find Swara in the corner with lots of dishes in front of her. Without waiting for him, she already started having it.

“How fast Swara? And you going to have all this?” He gets surprised to see so many dishes on her front.

“This is not any five-star restaurant where we have to wait for hours. Here we get our order soon and this is all for me, if want you can join me” Swara said irritatedly.

“This mood swings will happen while your hungry too.” Sanskar asked while taking a seat opposite to her.

“Another word from your mouth and your eyes will burn now.” she said while showing some dishes which was spicy.

Sanskar smiled at her cute reactions. “Seriously you will have this much in a go, now I understood how you become like this?” He pointed her from top to bottom.

Swara looked at him with narrow eyes cooking up some ideas. Swara stuffed his mouth with aloo paratha. Sanskar didn’t expect such an action from her, so he was struggling with paratha.

“What’s your name?” Swara asked with a blank face.

“What….muhm..muhhh… ” He fumbles.

“Now keep quite for sometime.” Swara continued her war with food while  Sanskar gave up and quietly was trying to swallow dish Swara fed him. He gave death glare to her which was not affecting her.

Sanskar with difficulty finished the Aloo paratha and opened his mouth to scold her, “How dare you?” Before he could complete his words, she stuff his mouth another piece of paratha making him shut.

“Enjoy some sweets business tycoon”, she winks. Sanskar looked at her in disbelieve.

When he swallowed that paratha, he was silent. Swara looks at him, he give a blank expression, “Want to join?” Sanskar nods.

Swara placed next piece in his mouth this time small one, he smile at her and start having food together.

“So why business tycoon is having food from here?” She raised her eyebrow at her question.

He looked at her, ” because my wife like it!” He gives her tender smile.

Wife that word make her sad somewhere, but deep inside she is happy. That pain is not hurting her as she expected. There is some changes happening to her and their relation.

His words broke her trance, “Swara, is this your daily diet?”

“Why?” She asked in confusion.

“Then I must appoint three more servants for cooking.” Next thing what she did which no-one could imagine.


A whole glass water splash at his face.

“Swara! What you did?”

“Go and take a bath now” She run making Sanskar to laugh at her.

“Crazy girl” he said in his mind.


“Swara, I’m sorry. Please talk to me.” Pleaded Sanskar as her silence is killing him. Whole journey she’s given him silence treatment. She gives no heed to his words as she walks in mansion.

“Mistake is yours Sanskar, you have to convince her.” His inner voice remarks.


After having food, Swara gaze shift to ice-cream stall near by. Her lips crippled into smile. Since one week she’s been tortured by Sanskar with tasteless food. It had been ages since she had her favorite, chocolate marshmallow. Her mouth-watering seeing ice-cream. Before she walks to there, a voice stops her.

“Don’t even think about that! Hardly one day passed after your fever gone. Now you wanna welcome that again?” Sanskar said giving stern look.

Her eyes twinkle, her face looks like cute kid who pleading to ice-cream. His face almost melts seeing her. Obviously she knows how her innocent cute face impacts on him used situation. “Please Sanskar, just one……” she trailed off.

He blinks his eyes when realised she just trapping him to buy her ice-cream, “Swara this look won’t affect on me. No means no. You can’t have ice-cream.”

“I’ll see how you gonna stop me. No one dares to stop Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.” She said in challenging tone. Little did she knows, what her means to him. As her words gets registered in Sanskar’s mind, he gets astonished. Unknowingly she was accepting him. His heart skipped hearing those words. He look way too delighted to that.

His mind questions ‘was she just his friend or more.’ To which his heart already knows answer.

“Oh really! I think then Sanskar Maheshwari can stop you.”  He said lifting her in arms, she startled at his sudden action. She wriggled in his arms and starts hitting his chest. He walks to car, Swara frowns as he throws her to car.

“Sanskar, please I want ice-cream!” She said in baby voice. She cross her hand in chest. He couldn’t help but smile seeing her childish gesture. Of course, he will give anything for her happiness. But not at cost of her health. Still the memory of her Laying with high fever not left his mind.

“I hate you.” She said gritting her teeth. Though she said it casually in anger, he can see somewhere she hates him in real. She hates him for marrying without her consent and spoiling her life. He felt sorry for her. But they can’t change their past, only they can change is their future.

Swara walks directly to his room, correction their room. She takes her nightdress and went washroom to change. Sanskar sit on bed thinking about his mission ‘convince Swara’.

As soon as bathroom door opens, he instantly walks towards Swara. Their eye locks. One staring with pleading look while other glaring.  “Shona…. Princess…  I’m really sorry. But please talk to me.”

“I’ll not forgive you Sanskar. You didn’t let me have ice-cream.” Said Swara sobbing loudly.

“Sorry Swara! Sorry… sorry.” He said holding his ears while doing sit ups. Clenching her stomach, she burst into howls of laughter.

“Stop it, Sanskar! I’ll forgive you. But on one condition. You won’t stop me having ice-cream tomorrow.”

“But….” her one look, made him nods in affirmative.


“Swara you sleep on bed. I’ll sleep on couch.” He said taking blanket and pillows from bed.

“Are you thinking like daily opera soaps, husband on couch and wife on bed? Common Sanskar, the bed is long enough for both of us. You sleep here on bed. No more arguments. I trust you Sanskar.” His heart flips a bit hearing her words. Without arguing more, he sleep beside her.

“What are you doing Sanskar? Creating border line. We both knows we cross those borders and those are of no use!” She said throwing all cushions he placed in middle of them. As soon she falls on bed, sleep consumed her.

Sanskar just starring sleeping Swara and how their life changed. From friends to brother-in-law and unexpectedly her husband. Truly! Destiny plays are unbelievable. Her hairs cover her face, he slowly brings his hand closer and tuck them behind her ear. No doubt in it, he started falling for her. He don’t know when.

Was it when she called him duffer for first time or was it when they married. He was in predicament, did he love her from childhood or after marriage. He coolly things over and sighed not finding answer. He had fallen for her, his wife and best friend. Though he tried to control his feelings, his emotions betrayed him falling for her. Slowly sleep consumes him.

Turning, she grab on to the warmth next to her. His hands unknowingly wrapped her arms. Uttara who reached home after her outings thinks to check on her brother and bhabhi. She slowly opens door and finds both in cuddling position.

She hits her head for intruding their privacy. “Shit! You thought they’re unromantic couple. But seeing this no one can say so.” Indeed! They looked like perfect couple from outside. She closes door and walks to her room.


Swara Pov

Beep! Beep!

Sound of alarm woke me from my dream land. I turned off it with sleepy eyes. Then turned head down in the pillow again. I move around and realise I’m laying on something. No! Not something, someone. My eyes flutter open to see that I’m laying on Sanskar. I frantically try to remove myself from him. But his arm on my waist pulling me towards him. I slowly hold his and detach myself from him.

“Ouch!” He replies rubbing his chest when my bangles hurts him. I couldn’t help, but blush creeping from my cheek.

I took shower and got ready wearing salwar. I dried my hair and saw my reflection in mirror which looked happy. Strangely for the first time after marriage, I saw my face with smile. I took sindhur on my hand and applied it on forehead. My face turned redder then it already has, if that was even possible.

I saw Sanskar struggling to sleep as sun rays hit his face spoiling his peaceful slumber. I walks towards the room balcony and close the curtain.

“Good morning bhabhi.” I turned hearing a voice behind me. I signal her to lower her voice showing Sanskar.

Not to disturb his sleep, we walk outside room, “Bhabhi you’re glowing?” My face turn into a light shade of pink hearing her.

“Nothing like that!”

“Bhabhi are you blushing? Aww… you’re looking so cute!” She said pulling my face. I gave her glare to drop the topic to which she obliged.

Is that mean I start accepting him? I don’t know! But one thing is sure, I don’t want to break pious relation like marriage.

“Bhabhi are you listening?” I turns to her feeling tap on my shoulder.

“Bhabi if you go today college, I’ll get bored alone.” Her lips drooped into a pout.

“Actually Uttu, I can’t help it. I already took a week holiday due to my fever. I can’t miss more class. Sorry Uttu, we will go somewhere this weekend.” To which Uttara nods.

Change of feeling is a change of destiny. Should I give Sanskar a chance?

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