Pyar tune kya kiya- YUVANI ff intro+ episode-1

Hey guys I am siddhi and I love yuvraj and suhani a lot as yuvani. I have read your ff, os, and ss and I just love them I am not an writer but I wanted to write a ff on yuvani so hear it is .
Suhani- cute, bubbly girl who is want’s to met her prince charming. she is die heart fan of amitabh bachchan and samosa’s she just love them.
Yuvraj- handsome, dashing boy who is also finding his Cinderella . cleanliness freek loves his mom, sharad, snoopy, and his vintage car a lot.
Bhavana- suhani’s sister
Sharad- yuvraj’s brother
Somya- suhani’s bhabhi
Krishna- suhani’s and bhavan’s big brother
Prathima- yuvraj’s mom

Pratamesh- yuvraj’s dad
Lata- suhani’s mom
Pankaj- suhani’s dad
Surabha-yuvraj’s brother
Ragini- yuvraj’s bhabhi
Menka- yuvraj’s bhabhi
Anuje- yuvraj’s brother
(in my ff dadi is not there she is died)
Epic 1

A beautiful girl is seen sitting in a balcony of a big hotel room seeing the stars and talking to them
Girl- dadaji its have been seven years you have been passed, I really miss you, you know na after you left di was there to whom I share every thing and now she is also going away from me as bhavana di is going to marry I am happy for hir but will really going to miss her a lot .
she becomes sad and after a few second she jumps in joy
Girl – let it be dadaji I am also suhani srivastava I will not leave di like that till her marriage i will trouble her and tease her so much . and I will not let her cry on her bidaye its my promis to you dadaji okk byee dadaji its late I have to get up early morning for the train as in evening di’s engagement is there if I get late your ladali poti will not live me bye dadaji miss you

and she goes to sleep
at the same time a handsome boy is seen in a hotel in his balcony seeing the stars
boy – haa dadi I am so happy that sharad is going to marry and I think so he loves that girl a lot dadi I to want to met my Cinderella when will I meet her hope so we meet early okk byee dadi I miss you

and he goes to sheep
boy- (to himself) come on yuvraj tomorrow you have to get up early to catch the trail if you get late sharad will kill you, sleep fast

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  1. Yuvani

    superb start…..very interesting, nice thing is that dadi is dead……. waiting for the next

  2. Introduction super………. waiting for yuvani meeting

  3. Superb intro..Loved it so dadi..Yay…Update the next asap

  4. NAPSHa J

    good start.. go ahead girl.. all the best..

  5. Lovingirl

    Thank you so much

  6. nice ,,,,,,,update next part soon

  7. awesome dadi s nt there.. pl continue

  8. Lovingirl

    Thanks will update the next epic soon

  9. Hi dear nice start.i like it very.much especially dadi diedbin ur ff.anyway pls post reguarly.

  10. Lovingirl

    Thanks will bafintly try to post regular

  11. Loved it so much!!..u rocked it by making dadi die

  12. Lovingirl

    Thanks dear

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