Pyar tune kya kiya- YUVANI ff episode-9

Suhani’s POV- as I got up in the morning I was in my bed and di was shaking me up.
Bhavana di- suhani get up its 9 clock .
I smiled at her and got up.
Bhavana- what happened to you, haa from night you are smiling.
Me- di I saw a relay beautiful dream in that na my prince toke me up in his arms and he also make me sleep it was so beautiful dream but I didn’t saw his face she makes sad face .
Bhavana di- suhani you also na, do you believe in dreams.
Me – yaa di I do some time over dreams shows us the correct path.
Bhavana thinks- maybe it is yuvraj because yesterday yuvraj had toke her in his arm and made her sleep hope so her dream shows her the right path, I will not tell her now it was yuvraj let her understand by her self
Me – di where are you lost?
Bhavana di – know where suhani
Me- may be you are thinking of your prince shard bhyaiya ha na smiling
Bhavana- no now get up its getting let
Me – wait wait di how got me in I was sleeping right.
Bhavana thinks and tell – krishu bhayai brought ok now get up.
End of pov.
Suhani goes to get fresh.

At birla house.
Every was on the dining table to have breakfast
Pratiam- how was the movie
Sharad- it was nice
Yuvraj- I don’t know
Partames- why you don’t know? you have also want na.
Yuvraj- yaa papa but you know suhani didn’t let me watch movie, she was telling the dialogues with added expirations nonstop there was not an single dialogue she did not tell everyone smiles
Pratames- may she is fan of amitab bachan
Sharad- not fan dada but crazy fan
Rags- but yuvraj she was only telling the dialogues and was not taking to you na you could have watched the movie
Yuvraj – yaa bhabhi but I was sitting beside her and I could hear her telling the dialogues so
Manka – yuvraj bhayai, sharad bhayai why didn’t you guys toke me too
Anuj – thank god they do not take you or you would have cared hole theater on your head . every one laughs and meneka fumes in anger
Partima – pratamesh ji we will call pandit today and feeks sharad and bhavans marriage okk na sharad
Sharad blushing – yaa maa whatever you think
Pramesh – okk then pratima ji call pandit ji today and also call bhavan’s family for diner
Pratima- yaa it will be great I will call them
Same time at srivastava house at dining table
Pankaj- when did you came yesterday beta
Bhavan – around 11:30 papa
Kishna – how was the movie pincess
Suhani – it was supurb bhaiya and will always be superb because it was my AB movie
Somya- that means you have not let the person beside you watched movie haa na
Bhavana – yaa somya she didn’t let yuvi watch the movie
Suhani –di you now me na its not my falt
Lata – acha
Suhani- yaa
Lata – by the way I was thinking to call birla family for dinner at over home
Pankaj – yaa lata ji it’s a great idea call them
As patima was going to call lata called her
Partima – yaa lata ji
Lata – I was think if you all come to have diner today at over house
Partima- was thinking the same to call you and pandit as will for fixings there marriage
Lata – yaa
Partima – than we will do one think will call the pandit ji there only and will come to diner at your place okk lata ji
Lata- yaa yaa of cause pratima ji
Patima – okk they keep the phone
Patima – we have to go at their pace for dinner so be ready everyone at 7 okk
Every one- okk

Suhani’s pov – it was 7 pm and all the diner was ready only the dessert was left which I was making suddenly the bell rang and somya bhabhi and maa want to great them
Yuvraj’s pov – as we got in every one came to greet us but not suhani and bhavana may be bhavana is getting ready but why suhani did not come I was searching for her when maa asked for bhavana and suhani
Lata – bhvana is getting ready and suhani is in kitchen
We all seat in the hall and where taking with pandit ji of the dates for marriage.
I got up and asked pankaj ji about washroom he told me he will show, but I refused and asked him the direction, he guide me from there, as I was going to washroom a I saw kitchen where suhani was trying to get a box which was putted up on the cupboard I want near her
End of pov
Yuvraj came behind and when near her ears and told ‘may I help you ‘
Suhani pov – someone wisped in my ears so I got scared and fall down with pulling the box as well as the person we both fall down he was upon me and the rice was falling on us as I opend my I eyes I saw it was yuvi above me, he was starring at me.
End of pov

They had and deep eye lock . After few seconds suhani broke it and called yuvraj he came back and got up from her she too got up
Suhani- what where you doing yuvraj I got screed na
Yuvraj – I done it for the same region she hitts him on his shoulder he smiles
Yuvraj – what are you doing by the way.
Suhani – was removing the box .
Yuvraj- oo sorry suhani it all got west because of me.
suhani – its okk yuvraj but there is the punishment for you.
yuvraj- punishment, okk read for it .
suhani- help me to make round gulad jamun it is not making by me, and she shows him her gulad jamun which where of different shapes and sizes
yuvraj- suhani it just a ata you have to put little little milk in it and have to make small small ladoo
suhani- I know but it is I can’t do it live it I will call somya bhabhi she was going to go when yuvi cached her hand
yuvraj- wait I know, will help you.
suhani- really
yuvraj – yaa he shows her how to do and tells her to try
yuvraj- but its funny na you know to talk round round but you can’t make a small gulab jamun round she makes anger face and try but she can’t
yuvraj- okk you wait will make round gulab jamun you fry it okk
suhani- okk
yuvi makes and suhani fry’s when all the gulab jamun is made lata comes and ask why yuvraj is her that he should sit with other as he is swatting, he says yaa antuy going he wink’s at suhani without been noticed by lata and goes suhani smiles.

percap – diner with srivastava and birla.

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  1. Wow..Beautiful epi..Suhani’s dream and yuv helping her in preparing gulab jamun was cute..

    1. Lovingirl

      Thank you so much

  2. Yuvani

    very cute epi….I was smiling while reading……gulab jamun remind of their laddoo making scene….Thank you dear…..

    1. Lovingirl

      Thanks Dear yaa I have take that scean

  3. Sis its very noce.suhani is really very cute.i luv her very much.especially in this ff she is tooo cute.u took sooo much effort to write this much long and beautiful ff.ur soooo nice sis.pls update whenver u have time.

    1. Lovingirl

      Thankyou sooo much dear will try to post regular

  4. Lovely episode..cute convo between yuvani

  5. Wooo lovely episode……sach sab ff read karthyy yuvani ko bahuth miss kartha huu.kash ajj bi yuvani hotha….and thanks sab ke ff ke wajase yuvani ajjj bi hamara saath he

    1. Lovingirl

      Thanks, yaa me to really miss them

  6. NAPSHa J

    its nice one dear.. very cute and keeps light mood.. good going..

    1. Lovingirl

      Thank You dear

  7. kitchen scene was so nice beautiful epi

  8. Yuvani_saraj

    beautiful episode….

  9. nice epi..

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