Pyar tune kya kiya- YUVANI ff episode-8

Hey sorry for the late post was busy with something here is the next epic-
Yuvraj pov – at night I came out from washroom to go to bed when I saw suhani there smiling at me, I smiled back and ask her how come she come her as I went closer to her, she got despaired I saw my left right back but she was now were to be seen, god what’s happening to me why I am thinking about her god !! am I nooo! How come I can fall for two she is my friend and I should be like one .
Suhani’s pov – I was on my dressing table when I saw yuvraj behind smiling at me I smiled back and trued but he was not there, where he has gone am I thinking of him may be because we have become good friends now and she smiles thinking of him.
Next morning sharad calls bhavana

Sharad – let’s go out for a movie.
Bhavana- okk can I also call suhani .
Sharad – yaa I will call guru also and we will come to pick you guy’s okk .
Bhavana- okkk byee.
Sharad – I love you
Bhavana blushing – I love you too.

Bhvana goes to suhani.
Bhavana – suhani get red we are going for a movie with yuvraj and sharad .
Same time at bh sharad and yuvi talking .
Sharad- you are coming na.
Suhani – di my mood is not there you go .

Bhavana- are y suhani u like movies na.
Yuvraj- I don’t know sharad now my mood is not there.
Bhavan- why you need mood haa let’s go your mood will come.
suhani- par di.
Sharad- na par var you are coming means coming .

Yuvraj / suhani- okkk coming.
Bhvana and sharad smiles at their sister and brother.
Yuv’s pov
It was 5 when sharad came to tell me to get read I got read toed my car keys and when to the car sharad was all ride waiting for me.
Me- On time good you are becoming punctual because of bhavana .
Sharad smiles – okk now let’s go .

We Both reach’s there house bhavana was waiting out but suhani was not there sharad opened the window and asked bhavna about suhani.
Bhavana- she is finding her locket which is most precious for her she is coming just 5 mints.
Sharad- okk he came out and they both sat behind then suhani came runinging with a bright smile on her face and sat beside me on passenger set.
Suhai- sorry sorry let’s go now breading heavily.

Me- suhani cam down.
Bhavana- do you go your pendent .
Suhani- yaa di and I am so happy she smiles.
I started the car we token a hour to reached I asked sharad why so far he told me that all other ware house full.

We got in and toed the tikets from the counter as suhani got to know its amitab bachans movie she hugged her sister in excitement and thanked sharad for calling her to me and sharad looked at her confused.

Sharad – what happened to her and why thanks .
Bhavana- arre actually suhani loves amitab bachan movies a lot and is the craziest fan of him.
sharad – okk 🙂
we four got into the theater bhavna and sharad was sitting in front of us and me and suhani behind them suhani was looking so happy she was on cloud nine as the movie started she also started dialogs with him my god it was crazy every dialogs where known by her each an every it was like I was not came to watch movie but to hear her dialogues .
man – please can you make your wife quite we are getting disturbed.

me- yaa and I told suhani to keep quite by actions and she keep quit but her mouth was moving she did not stop at all the whole movie.
as it came to end we went out.
me- bhavana suhani is really crazy and I got it to know today .
suhani made angry face.

bhavana laughing – yaa she must be telling all the dialogues and you must not have watched the movie but have been only heard her dialogs am I right .
me laughing- yaa and we give hifi .
suhani angrily – di wont leave you and you to yuvraj.
sharad – are why are you troubling my sister haa and he winks at us suhani saw this and hilted him on his shoulder .
sharad – okk okk sorry let go its getting let guru you sit behind I will drive .
me- okk .

end of pov.
sharad and bhavana sit at front and suhani and yuvi behind.
suhani’s pov.
as we got in it started to rain and I want to enjoy it so I opened the door without any one notice and when I was going to step out.
yuvraj- suhani what are you doing we have to go and its raning don’t go out and he pulled me I keeped my finger on his lips to stop him.

bhavana- suhani I know what are you up to I removed my finger from his lips and closed the door .
me- di I was not going out I was locking the door and looked at yuvraj angrily and he smiled back .
bhavana- suhani I know you really well ok and then sharad bhaiya started the car he told bhavana di to call home and tell .them that they will not come for diner as it is 10 and they will eat out in a hotel and di called home and informed then sharad bhayai parked the car near a hotel ad we went in to have diner yuvraj ordered salad so I teased him that he has grown a plant in his stomach he teased me back and we started again whole diner when like that with masti and chit chat after over diner over we went to the car to go home .

end of pov.
yuvraj suhani fall asleep in car suhani keeped her head on his shoulder and he keeped his head on her head.
bhavana turned to see what they are doing and saw them sleeping she smiles – they lock cute sharad stoped the car and saw them sleeping.

sharad- yaa bhavan they are looking perfect .
they smiles at each other and clicks there pic and starts the car again.
as they reach home bhavana calls suhani but she does not gets up but yuvraj gets up and sees suhani’s head on his shoulder seeing her smiling in her dreams he smiles back.
bhavana- yuvraj can you care her in she will not get up now.
yuvraj- me.
sharad –yaa guru go na .

yuvraj – okk he comes out and takes her in his arms and she smiles .
yuvraj pov.
god knows what she is dreaming but she Is looking so cute smiling like that bhavana told me to take her in her room which she guide me from the door I toke suhani there kept her on the bed and tugged her in the blanket she smiled again when I turned I saw she was holding my hand I smiled and removed it and went back me and sharad great back goodnight to bhavana and went to home.

Precap- not yet decided

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    Wow.very lovely epi………..very very cute,…….I missed you dear…..

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      Hii I am good and thank you so much will try to post regularly

  3. Superb episode..Yuvani scenes were really cute..Especially sleeping on shoulder and carrying her..Superb work..

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  4. Yuvani scenes were awesome..nice episode

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  5. everything was cute n lovely pl continue

  6. Wooo lovely episode

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