Pyar tune kya kiya- YUVANI ff episode-6

after a minute a car comes and a boy gets down
boy- guru
yuvraj- haa sharad how are you, and so much time I was watting for you from so long and they hugs
sharad – sorry guru there was heavy traffic so got late ok come on we will talk in the car and sate and started the car
sharad was driving and yuvraj was sitting beside him
yuvraj- cong for your marriage but you uses to love some girl na what happened off her sharad smiles
sharad- you will not believe I got the girl bhavana and she to loves me and we both are marring now
yuvraj- what? She is the same girl You got her great haaa you are so lucky you got her. but I think so I will not get to see her ones at list
sarad – guru you are taking about your school crush right
yuvraj- yaa sharad I am talking about her only ,you know today I meet a girl name suhani , how as same pair of eyes as her and that time I just thought off her
sarade- guru you did a big mistake by not asking her name , if you want to search her na then it would be ware difficult to find her without her name and that girl suhani you are talking about she may be that girl but we don’t know she is or not
yuvraj- yaa that is the only problem
sharad – don’t take tension guru how every is there in your density will get you on the right time
at the same time suhani in taxi

suhani’s POV
today when I saw yuvraj I think about you you was also like him I searched you in him you know I really miss you still but what can I do that time when you roamed with girls I thought you have many girl friend and you must be at list in love with someone and you do not need me so I never told you I like you or maybe love you I don’t know its crush or love I just don’t know. It’s has been 10 years I have last seen you that day if I would have came to you and at list asked your name then the situation would be different
driver- mam your destination came she looked out as she saws her house came she got out gave money to the driver and went in as she opened the door everyone was there smiling at her
bhavana- suhani do you need so much time to reach her haa
suhani- di traffic was there na
bhavana- go I won’t talk to you
Krishna- bhau she has came now na why are you troubling my princess haa
Bhavana- bhayai you also now support her so mean, I want talk to you also
Suhani- di if you will not talk with me now then when you will go I will miss you more na and she gets sad
Bhvana also gets sad and hugs her
Lata if sisters hug and meeting is over let us also met over beti, suhani smiles and goes to lata and hugs her and then goes to pankaj and hugs him
Somya- and me suhani goes and hugs her and tell how can I forgot you somo bhabhi
Krisha- acha you will not forgot your bhabhi but will forgot me haa okk and he turns other side suhani comes and hug him from back – I had a special one for you and she hug him tight and pulls him up little as she can’t take him up

Krishna turns and takes her up and they laugh he keeps her down – suhani i have a gift for you in your room go and see
Suhani- really and she runs
Lata- get ready soon everyone
Yuvraj and sharad also reaches birla house hole house was decorated with flowers and lights
Yuvraj and sharad entered the house everyone was busy in there work anuj sees yuvi and sharad came so he shouts anuj- maa, papa , bhyai, bhabhi, menka, shrad bhayai and yuvi bhayai came
Everyone comes down yuvi greets them yuvi- papa we got the contract
Pratamesh- good beta I am proud of you and they hugs all the three brothers hugs together and smiles and then snoppy comes running and likess yuvi’s foot yuvraj- snoppy I missed you so much and he hugs him
Prthima – beta go and get read you to sharad
Sharad and yuvi- okk maa /masi and they goes
Suhani goes in her room and gets a lehenga and she happly goes to change
After half and hour somya was making bhavana ready and suhani came both were shocked to see her
Suhani- what happened
Somya – suhani you are looking fabulous
Suhani was wearing a cream and purpule designer kameer style lehenga choli with little makeup and her hairs open curly
Bhavana suhani you are looking gorgeous someone will shuarly fall for you today
Suhani- dii by the way you are also looking superb duper gorgeous see jiju’s eyes will be only fixed on you
Bhavana gets shy’s

In house everyone was ready and the guest was arraying yuvraj came out wearing a cream kurta pajama with purpul jaket surbha came to him – waoov yuvraj looking like a hero
Anuj – yaa yuvraj bhayai
Yuvraj- handsome hoo to lagongana hero by the way where is the main hero
And sharad come wearing white and red kurta pajama
Menka comes running too tell that ladaki walla came and goes too patima running too inform her
At that time yuvraj’s phone rings and he goes back side of the house at that time suhani also goes back side as she got a call and she could not hear there she attend the call and was talking on phone yuvraj was also there talking they both had there back to each other they did not noted each other as she keepted the phone she tured to yuvraj side how was standing near tree as she was going two him she heard a woff voice from back of her as she turned she saw a dog who was coming running near her so she run too yuvraj

Yuvraj’s POV
As I keep my phone and turned a girl crashed on me and we both fell down she was upon me we were huging each other as she got her head up which was near my neck as she brought her head up and look in my eyes I sawed the same pair of eyes which I had meet before we had a deep eye lock we broke it when snoppy woffed she got up immediately and as I got up she stand behind me I understood she was scread of snoppy
End of POV
Yuvraj- suhani what are you doing her
Suhani- first you tell this dog to go please
Snoppy came and likes her feet she got so scared that she caught yuvraj’s hand in fear
Yuvraj – don’t worrey suhani he like you see
Suhani- rally he will not eat me na
Yuvraj- suhani how can he eat you and he will do noting he is my dog snoppy now keep your hand on his head and tell him to go he will go see
Suhani- really naa he will not bite me na
Yuvraj- yaa baba, give me your hand he talks her hand and keep hir hand on snoppy, snoppy smiles and goes
Suhani- he went?
Yuvraj- he will not bite any one he is like over family by the way you hear
Suhani- for di’s engagement
Yuvraj- one minute your di is going to marry my brother, what is your sisters name?
Suhani- bhavana
Yuvraj- oohhoo so she is marring my brother
Suhani- great na first we were strangers then friend and now we have a relistion bhabhi ki bahin and jijiu ka brother
Yuvraj- yaa my brother’s Sali
Suhani- okk my sisters baver lets go in now everyone will be searching us
yuvraj- humm

precap- engagement time

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