Pyar tune kya kiya- YUVANI ff episode-5

suhani- by the way where are you going at home?
yuvraj- yaa u?
suhani- same, today my di engagement is there can you come?
Yuvraj- yaa could have but today my brother’s engagement is also there so sorry and thank for inviting me but yaa you have to come on my brother’s marriage okk.
Suhani- okk and you too okk.
Yuvraj- yaa okk promise.
Suhani- yaa paka promise

Yuvraj- by the way friends.
Suhani- friends and they shake hands .
Yuvraj- where do you work?
Suhani- I am a fashion and interior design and u?
Yuvraj- great I am the head of birla and son’s you may know over company.
Suhani- yaa I know it.
After some time a samosa seller comes selling samosa
Suhani- bhayai give me one plate please, yuvraj will you have?
Yuvraj- suhani what are you doing?
Suhani- what?
Yuvraj – how can you have it it’s so unhygienic.

Suhani- yuvraj.
Yuvraj- noo ,to the seller- you please go
Suhani- aree but I love it na you are such a sadu
Yuvraj – haa I am not sadu okk and you saw that samosa, who they where, you don’t know how and where they have been made no na, they may be dangerous for your health that’s why I am telling you, its only for your health.
Suhani makes angry faces but likes his caring nature.
Yuvraj- okk if you want to eat samosa than I will take you to a nice samosa shop were you can have your samosa now don’t make faces.

Suhani- really.
Yuvraj-really .
And she smiles broudly.
As the train reaches to allahabad station both gets down from the train and goes to the nearby samosa shop, suhani jumps in excitement.
Yuvraj thinking – crazy girl
He take one plate

Suhani- would you not have
yuvraj – I don’t like all this stuffs
suhani- yuvraj its so testy how can you refuse for it haa
yuvraj’s POV
suhani offers me to have one bite but I refuse but suhani some how manages to feed me I made faces at her and she laughed
end of POV
as she finessed eating yuvraj give her sanitizer
yuvraj- take it
suhani- noo I will wash my hands.

yuvraj- suhani.
and she went and washed her hand with water as she was going to clean her hands with her duppata when yuvraj stopped her .
yuvraj- eee..!! suhani what are you doing shee.
suhani- are my hands are wet I should clean it na .
yuvraj- you should clean it but not to your dress suhani you are making it dirty, take this handkerchief and yaa now keep it with you only.
suhani- haa bhagwan with whom I have got caught, prince you are literally a cleanliness freak, sadu kumar.
yuvraj- haa don’t call me that jkr.
suhani- hello my name is suhani not jkr okkk.
yuvraj- than my name is also yuvraj not sadu okkk.

suhani- but sadu suits you sadu.
yuvraj – suhani you.. and her phone rings she takes the call and tell that she will be there early.
suhani- have to leave now it’s getting let.
yuvraj- okk hope so we met early.
suhani- yaa , and she starts to leave.

yuvraj- dost .
suhani turns-yaa.
yuvraj- your number.
suhani smiles and says- yaa they share there no and yuvraj makes her sit in a taxi sadly as the other suhani he meet is also going and he don’t knows when he will again meet her .
they says bye to each other and the taxi goes.

precap- yuvani remembering there school crush and sharad and bhavna’s engagement.

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    lovely episode….yuVani r so cute…

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    lovely…..beautifully written….enjoyed reading.. thank you dear…….

  3. Lovely episode..yuvani tho always rock hee

    1. Lovingirl

      Thank you so much

  4. the story is going awesome.. pl keep writing

  5. Wow jkr and sadhu moments.sooook cute.sad their journey eneded.pls pls post nxt epi asap.

  6. nice episode……………waiting for next part

  7. nice episode

  8. Awesome episode

  9. Superb epi..Samosa scene was cute..Loved sadu and joker’s chemistry..

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