Pyar tune kya kiya- YUVANI ff episode-4

I am back ,hear is the next epic-

Yuvraj- okkk come fast madam.
Suhani j- okk.
Yuvraj leaves looking at suhani.
Yuvraj goes at his place .
Yuvraj’s POV
she is so beautiful shall I ask her name no leave it yuvi what she will think and he thing of the things what happened a minute back and smiles.
end of the POV
after some time suhani comes with suhani pulling her with her.
suhani j – bhyai you have a sit beside you na can suhani di sit hear as a old grand ma has came there to sit.
suhani- yaa a old lady has came she do not have a reservation seat so she is siting in my place so can I sit here .
yuvraj- yaa of cosce.
(a sit beside yuvraj was emtiy as the person has not came)
Yuvraj moves aside and suhani goes in as well as suhani j she sits on suhani’s lap.
Suhani j- lets watch the movie yaaa!
Yuvraj removes his laptop and starts a movie it was a cartoon movie boss baby they watch it listening at some joke suhani starts to laugh so much and mistakenly puts her hand on yuvraj’s shoulder yuvraj smiles at her they have a lot of fun.
Then the movie comes to end .

Suhani- it was an awesome movie haa na I had last seen cartoon when I was 14 suhani you are so lucky you are small.
Suhani j – noo I am not small I am big and you both are small..
Yuvraj- achaaa
Suhani j- yaa I am 14 years old and your five I am big.
Suhani- achaa suhani didi than okk if you are big you go we will watch one more cartoon movie ha na prince and as you are big you can’t watch byee di
Suhani- prince play one more cartoon movie seeing at suhani j’s reaction she was thinking something and yuvi was looking at suhani as she called him prince.
Suhani j comes and once again sits on suhani’s lap .
Suhani- what happened suhani you are big na go.
Suhanij- noo how told you I am big I am small , I am only five years old I can watch cartoon and sticks her tongue out.
Yuvraj and suhani nod’s there head in disbelieve and kisses her cheek at same time one said yuvraj and other suhani and she also gives them one one.
Suhani j’s mom comes and asks her to come as they have to get down of the train three of them gets upset by it .
Suhani&yuvraj-will help you to get down .
Train stops and they get down she thanks the both and shares there number suhani and yuvraj kisses suhani j and says byee to her.
Suhani j- byee will miss you both and always call me, byee .
They also tell byee to both of them and the train leaves yuvraj and suhani goes to there place.

After some time yuvraj comes to suhani with his bag .
Yuvraj- can I sit hear.
Suhani- yaa afcose.
Yuvraj sists – missing suhani.
Suhani- hum.
Yuvraj – me too .
yuvraj- what is your name ?
suhani- suhani.
yuvraj- I know you are missing her but I asked your name.
suhani- are baba suhani srivastava.
Yuvraj- one minute you are also suhani.
suhani- yaa .
yuvraj – great I meat two suhani’s today that means my hole year will be suhana.
suhani smiles.
suhani- bye the way your name is prince right.
yuvraj – yaa but in hindi .
suhani- means.
yuvraj – what is prince call in hindi.
suhani- raja.
yuvraj- no there is one more word.
suhani – ummm.. yuvraj.
yuvraj – waooo great it’s the correct answer hii I am yuvraj birla.
suhani- hii nice name haa but prince also suits you .
yuvraj- yaa suhani keept it.
suhani- so I am also suhani so from now I will also call you prince. okk
yuvraj – okk .

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  3. Superb epi..Both kissing suhani junior at same time was cute..Loved the epi..

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  6. Wow sooooo lovely.yuvani scenes are superb and so sad bcz suhani j chapter ended soon.anyway it is going very well sis.keep going like nxt epi asap.

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  7. Wwoo cute yuvaniii or chota suhani bi cute heee…..waiting for next épisode

  8. cute and lovely episode……waiting for next part

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