Pyar tune kya kiya- YUVANI ff episode-2

next day at 7:00 on railway station.
all passenger had settled down yuvraj and suhani has also got in the train in the same couch yuvraj was sitting two sits behind of suhani. beside suhani a women with her daughter were sitting together her daughter was at list 5 years old .
girl- haa di you are so beautiful what is your name ?
suhani- not more than you. by the way my name is suhani and you ?
girl looks at her happily.
girl- waooo di same pinch my name is also suhani .
suhani- achaa so hiii suhani nice too met you.
(small suhani will be written as suhani j)
suhani j- same to you di. they smiles
the talk’s childishly with each other like favorit colour, person, age, cartoon about school etc etc suhani also becomes kid with her suhani j’s mom smiles at them .
after an hour
suhani j – mom I am getting so boord can I roam here please.
suhani j’s mom- noo beta it is not safe.
suhani j- please mom I will not go any where please.
suhani j ‘s mom- okk you can but don’t go with any one or any where with out asking me ok .
suhani- okk mom she leaves .
suhani- she is so intelligent I was not that intelligent when I was 5.
suhani j’s mom- yaa she is, but really free minded will go with an one and talk with an one with out relation
suhani- yaa when I was small I was also like her.
suhani j’s mom- by the way where are u going?
suhani- I am going to my home in Allahabad. I had came to deli for some work my work is over so going back. today also my di’s engagement is also there so. bye the way can you come to my di’s engagement today in allahabad
suhani j ‘s mom- noo sorry betai we are getting down in lucknow
suhani- ohh so you can come at marriage right it will be after one month it will be pleasure if you come please aunty
suhani j’s mom- okk okk baba will try
suhani- don’t try come okk give me your no
they shares there no and then talk
at the same time suhani j was roming in the couch she saws yuvraj waching cartoon movie on his ladtop she goes to him
suhani j- haa bhyai can I also watch the movie with you please
yuvraj smiles at her – yaa sure but first tell me your name
suhani j- my name is suhani and u?
yuvraj- hii suhani nice name haaa, my name is yuvraj nice to mite you princess
suhanij- hhahaa yuvraj you are a prince haa naa
yuvra j- hummm.. okk first take me to your mom I will take permission from her okk
suhani j- okkkk
yuvraj- yaaa come on he takes her in his arms and walks to suhani j’s mom

precap:- yuvani meeting

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  1. Yuvani

    Cuteeeeeeee epi……. Suhani junior is so cute.Thank you dear

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    lovely episode….

  3. Lovely suhani & ofcourse our yuvani!..eagerly waiting for next part..update asap

  4. nice episode waiting for yuvani meeting…

  5. nice episode….waiting for yuvani meeting

  6. Superb one..Cute episode..Loved junior suhani

  7. Lovingirl

    Thank you so much guy’s

  8. it was so nice pl update soon..

    1. Lovingirl

      Thanks dear

  9. Cute…..

  10. Hi sis ur writting very nice.i sm excited fr yuvani meeting.keep goin like this sis .all d best dear.pls post nxt epi asap.

    1. Lovingirl

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