Pyar tune kya kiya- YUVANI ff episode-7

bhavana and hole srivastava family entry’s the house.
Pratamesh- namasta pankaj ji namesta lata ji.
Pankaj/lata- namasta bhayai sab.
Pratima does bhavana’s arti and gives her blessing .
Suhani and yuvraj comes
Lata- pratima ji this is our small daughter suhani who was not there that day .
Paryima- oooyaa.

Suhani- namesta aunty namesta uncal and takes their blessing
Partima – and he is yuvraj my third child after sharad.
Pankaj- par pratima ji sharad is..
Pratamesh- yaa pankaj but we always conceded sharad as over son, he is over child ,sharad was born ten day before yuvraj .
Pankaj- ohh okk
Yuvraj also takes lata’s and pankaj’s blessing
Pratima – yuvraj meet everyone she is bhavana , her mom lata ji, her dad pankaj ji , her brother Krishna and his wife somya
And her small sister suhani.

Yuvraj- namesta everyone (smiling at suhani as he knows her she to smiles)
Lata- and suhani she is sharad’s mom pratima, he is his dad pratamash ji, this big brother surabha and his wife rages,he is his small brother yuvraj and and he is the most small brother anuj and his wife menka.
Menka- hii suhani di, I am menka by the way you are so beautiful, even more than rages jiji .
Rages- menka!! , who dare you?
Pratima- stop it now you both, lata ji lets start the engagement
Lata – yaa shur pratima ji
Pratima- ramo ramo .. three brothers , menka, as well as prtamesh looks at pratima and bang there hand on their head .
Ramesh- yes maa ji .

Pratima- go and call sharad go.
Ramesh- okk maa ji. Leave’s smiling.
Yuvraj- maa ramesh not ramo.
Pratima- oyaa sorry yaa
Sharad comes and gets lost in bhavana’s eyes as well as bhavana, elder’s leave to do preparation. there are only four of them left, yuvraj and suhani winks at each other and yuvraj goes to sharad’s eyer’s and suhani to bhavana’s and at the same time they shouts in there eyer’s- get up.

they get shock and put there hand on there eyer’s yuvraj and suhani starts to laugh giving hifi bhavana and sharad goes to them and catches there eyer’s sharad of suhani’s and bhavana of yuvraj
Yuvraj/suhani- aooch it hurts leave me.
Bhavana/sharad – no.
Sharad – first you have to tell us sorry.

Bhavana – yaa.
Yuvraj- sorry bhabhi .
Suhani- sorry jiju.
They both grabbed there eyer’s more .
Suhani- aa jiju.
Yuvraj – aa bhabhi what did we do now.
Syhani- yaa we told you sorry na, both making a puppy face
Bhavana- do I look so big that you are calling me bhabhi haa.
Sharad- and suhani what did you called me, jiju.
Suhani/yuvraj – so what shall we call you, then you will leave us.
Sharad- call me bhayai.
Bhavana – call me bhavana.

Shunai- ok sorry sharad bhayai .
Yuvraj- sorry bhavana.
They both leaves there eyer’s and smile they to smiles catching there panning eyer’s.
Pratima- come beta for engagement
4 of them goes, yuvraj gives ring to sharad and suhani to bhavana, they both makes each other were, everyone claps for them .

Anuj- hello everyone brothers and sisters, aunty’s and uncal’s, ladies and gentlemen let’s make this engagement more beautiful by couple dance please chose your partners and come on dance floor
Light’s off and in the center lights on, music start.
Everyone goes on the floor with their partners but yuvraj and suhani did not came, anuj saw it and went near them and pulled them to dance floor,

“Dehleez pe meredil ki
Jo rakhe hain tuna kadam”
Anuj puts yuvraj hand on her waist and hers on yuvraj’s shoulder and he goes.
“Tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mera humdum”
They take there hands in hand and start to move as the lyrics.
“Haan aeekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekh maine jeen mera humdum
Na seekha jeena jeena kaisa jeena

Na seekha jeena tera bina humdum”
Yuvraj gets lost in her eyes and pulls her more towards him, they both were inch away.
“Sacchi si hain yeh taaree fin
Dil se jo mein kahi hain..
Jo tu mila to saji hain
Duniya meri humdum
O asam mile zameen ko meri
Aadhe adhe poore hain hum
There naam pe meri zindagi
Likh dim era humdum”

They both dance really romantically going lost in each other’s eyes then he spin’s her four time and turn’s her and hug’s her from back.
“Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mera humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeen jeen kaise jeena
Na seekha jeen tera bina humdum”

He makes her face him and pulls her by her waist his both hands on her waist and her on his shoulder looking deeply in each other’s eyes, song stops and every one claps the come back and gets apart and smiles at each other awkwardly then everyone dance on song nachde saare and the screen freezes on everyone dancing .

Precap- not yet decided

(do comment guys you liked it or not if it is Negative or positive comments please tell me thank you so much) 🙂

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  1. Yuvani

    Wonderful, Yuvani dance was sweet…..Yuvani shavna scene was cute…..I just love it when all the four of them are together.Thank you dear……

    1. Lovingirl

      Thanks dear

  2. Its awesome…yuvani dance was wonderful. .im so happy that they like each other from the beginning itself and moreover soumya will not come in between them as shez already introduced as suhani’s bhabhi?

    1. Lovingirl

      Thank you so much dear

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode…

  4. Awe soooo sweeet.very lovely episode.i like it very much sis.shawana scenes also started.its very nice.luv u dear sis.pls go ahead.we will support u always.pls post regularly sis.

    1. Lovingirl

      Thanks sis, will try to post regular

  5. Nice épisode…..

  6. awesome its nice pl continue

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      Thanks dear

  7. nice one.. i like their dance nd our shavna is so sweet.. update asap

    1. Lovingirl

      Thanks dear

  8. Yuvani dance was sooo cute..And the fun yuvani made of shawana was cute too..Loved this epi..Waiting for the nxt

    1. Lovingirl

      Thanks dear

  9. nice episode

    nice episode……………….yuvani dance awesome

  10. NAPSHa J

    nice epi dear.. update soon..

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