Pyar Tune Kya Kiya Swasan FF (Episode 3)

Sorry for the delay guys actually i am having exams so i may not be able to update daily fogive me for that guys

In the class room

All the girls are watching sanky as our hero is dashing lucky feels jelouse

Sanskar : sho…. swara which subject do u like ..

Swara :how do u know my name and by the why should i ans your questions??

Sanky : ok ok relax .. what next

Swara: ??????  Whats your problem.

Sanky:ok sorry (he leaves to canteen )

Nisha : shona he is so handsome yaar just look at him??.

Swara: dont know yar i am just thinkig about him.

Nisha : shona u forgot him he is the only one who saved u that day.

Swara: what u should have in formed me before naa.

Nisha :ok now go and thank himm

Swara :thanku.yaa i m going

Swara leaves to canteen   , a pair of eyes are watching swara and feels jelouse

Swara sees sanky and goes to him

Swara: sanskar amm thanks ??

Sanky :??? For what

Swara : nisha told me that u were the on who saved me that day thanks for that ??

Sanky admires swara while she’s talking

Swara : hello (and tapes on sankys sholder he comes to sences )

Sanky : yaa thanks ??

Swara : what ????

Sanky : no sorry amm i mean welcome and leaves nervousely

Swara : pagal?

College ends and swara is waiting for the driver

Lucky and rag are leaving in ther car

Lucky : baby why is swara waiting.

Rag : she may be waiting for the car lets go

Lucky: just askher if she is ok iff we drop her

Rag : no need lets leave yaar

Lucky : u wait i will go and ask

Before he goes a car stops in front of her and the car door opens

Get in i will droop u

Swara : sanskar i will leave driver would be coming by now

Sanky : come on yar we are friends now get in i will drop

Swara gets in and sanky is driving

Swara :yaa by the way how do you know the way to my home

Sanky 🙁 dont know what to say) amm ya that day nisha directed me so ya rememver that

Its silence inthe car soon they reach S R Mansion and swara gets down

Shona : Sanskar come in and have a cup of tea

Sanskar : no not needed i will leave swara: no u should come

Sanky :(tensed)kk lets go

Swara : hmm chalo

Sanskar: hmm chali

The enters and swara call shomi

Swara : maaa

Shomi : haa shona u came (and sees sanky) beta u

Sanky signs her to be quit

Swara : u know him maa

Shomi : beta vo that day he droped u and nisha na so ya

They talk for a while and and have tea

Sanskar : ok swara  aunty i will leave

Swara and shomi : ok baii

Sanky leaves to S M Mansion


Next epi : swasan friendship and love triangle


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