Pyar Tune Kya Kiya Swasan FF (Episode 2)


Thank u for the response and as i am new in this i will try to write it with more stuff .

Lets go to the story

SR Mansion

Ragini arrives and sharmishtha opens the door

Ragini : (fake consern)mom what happend to shona?

Shomi :nothing beta she met with an accident

ragini :is she fine mom

Shomi haa beta she is fine and taking rest.

Ragini : hmm kk mom i will go and see her

Ragini leaves to swaras room and sees nisha with her and leaves with a devil smile

Ragini in her room talking to laksh

Ragini :lucky nothing happend to her she is taking rest .so yaa lets go out in the night.

Laksh:(feels relifed after listing about swara) baby i am feelig tired lets meet tommorow .

Raginis room

Ragini pov

Why does i feel wierd in luckys behavior  lets see what is in his mind

She sleeps thinking about it

Morning 8 am

Swara :mom i am leaving to collegs

Sharmishta:shone beta take leave na you got injured

Swara :no mom i am fine and i cant miss todays class mom its realy inportent kk mom i will come early today .bay mom

Shona driver will drop u in the college and he will pick u up beta

Swara : ok mom

Swara leaves to college

As soon as she reaches the college all students sees towards the car (lakshs gang  is also there)

One among the gang member :yar ye chashmish bhi car me atihai (laksh feels to punching him)

Other side

SM industries

A man comes into the MD chamber

Sir your dad has called and he wants to meet you

MD :ajay dont you get that i am in a importent meeting wait for some time??

PA(ajay):sorry sir

After the meeting the MD leaes to his home

SM mansion

Dad what happened why did u called me is it so importent

(The conversation between md and his dad is muted)

In the college

Swara is listning to the lecture when his princi comez in the class

Princi: listen students here is a new entry in class his name is sanskar be friend with him and help him with the syllabus as he joined in the mid sem

Princi to sanskar : beta u sit with swara she is the topper of the college

Princi to swara:is it ok with u swara

Swara : yes sir i dont have any problem and gives a smile

Next epi :swasan meeting and swaras confusion

Sanskar : a handsome and dashing man joined in 3 year b com with a secret motive yet to disclose.



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