Pyar tune kya kiya…. SWARAGSAN(OS)

Sanskar: swara I want to say one thing to you since many days but I couldn’t .Its about my love.
He forwards a book.
Swara : please don’t say I love you.
Sanskar’s world came crashing .He wanted to say this since many days but now she was asking him not to say this.his pain came to his eyes in the form of tears but he controlled them.
Swara: I am sorry but I don’t have positive opinion about love .My parents and my uncle aunt everyone had love marriage but my parents ended up with divorce and my aunt and uncle fight like cat and dog .there is no word called love its all a trash.Hope u understand.
Swara’s parents had divorce and swara was so fed up with their fights she decided to stay with her aunt sumi .even here she couldn’t be happy as her uncle shekar and sumi always fight.
Sanskar forced a smile.he patted her shoulder laughing.
Sanskar: swara I don’t love you .I actually love someone else .this is a letter about my love for her(he looks at her)Please read it and let me know how is it.It has all my dreams that I want to fulfill with her.
Swara relaxes.
Swara: thank god.I am sorry I thought you love me.Definetely.When did u meet her .
Sanskar looks at her lovingly.
Sanskar: two years back.
Swara: that’s when we met.what is her name?
Sanskar (murmers): I only don’t know.
But swara hears him .
Swara: what?
Sanskar: I mean ..(he stumbles)I have been just following her from far.I don’t even know her name.
Swara: Oh sanskar u so great .
She leaves .Sanskar’s friend comes there.
Friend : what was that.Why did u give her that book if u don’t want her to know about your love.
Sanskar: small hope that she will understand my love through it.
Swara read it .but instead she thought sanskar loves that girl so much.She thought to unite them.
Next day,
Swara asks him to show her his girlfriend.
Sanskar tries to avoid the topic but swara insists.So sanskar was stuck .he takes her to mall and doesn’t know what to do next.
Swara: sanskar who is she.Where is she?
Sanskar: wait..
He prays to god and closes his eyes and Points his hand randomly.swara looks at his direction .It was a beautiful girl with angelic face .her big eyes plump lips and chubby cheeks and moreover her innocent looks .She was non other than our angel ragini.Swara liked her immediately.
Sanskar doesn’t even look at the direction he pointed .
Sanskar: swara lets leave.
Swara tells him that she has some work and asks him to go.
.Sanskar leaves as he was tensed.

Swara goes to ragini.and tells her all about sanskar.
Swara: he loves u since years and u didnt even know it.He really loves u ragini.He loves u crazily.If u want proof read this .
She gives her sanskar’s diary.
Ragini gets nervous but she takes the diary.
Ragini(in mind): He loves me since 2 years and unlike other guys he didn’t even disturb me..How can someone love someone for two years without approaching them.
Somehow she feels different about sanskar .Though she never saw him except for hearing about him from swara .She went through the diary his every line made her fall for him more and more.She got unknown feelings for him. By the end of the diary ragini couldn’t believe she loves this guy so much even without seeing him.
Next day she calls swara and tells her about her love.
Swara meets sanskar.
Swara: sanskar Please give these roses to my friend ragini .I will be busy please.Its a special day of her life.
Sanskar wanted to say no but he couldn’t .so he goes to ragini’s house . He is amazed seeing her.Ragini keeps on blushing.
Sanskar forwards the roses.before he could say anything.
Ragini: I love you too sanskar.
Sanskar was shocked .He wanted to tell her.but meanwhile swara comes from behind clapping.
Swara: Wow.Cho cute u guys are .Sanskar she is ur surprise I met her in the mall and told her about your love .Finally ur love story is succeeded .
Sanskar was shocked.He didn’t expect things to go this way.He couldn’t even clear it now as swara will leave him .
Ragini hugs him and murmurs.
Ragini: I love u sanskar I love u so much.
Sanskar is not sure what to do.
Next day he decided to tell everything to ragini so he goes there.
Ragini becomes so excited on seeing him that she keeps on telling her maid what to cook and what not.
Ragini: make alloo,Paneeer and please di don’t make baigan .Sanskar is allergic to it.
Sanskar was looking at did she know what he likes and what not.Ragini understands him.
Ragini: I came to know about all these from ur diary
A voice: and she changed herself completely like u.
Ragsan look at the voice.Its sahil.
Sahil is ragini’s brother.He tells sanskar how much ragini loves him within 3 days she made everything in her life according to sanskar.Her eating habits.her likes ,dislikes everything.
Sanskar became emotional.
Sanskar: Why?
Ragini: because I love u .I love u so much ki I am totally yours.and when I am yours my life is yours.Ask for it I will give it away.

She goes to get some coffee for him. Sanskar looks around the house.Whole house was arranged according to his choice.
Sanskar feels its not right to hurt ragini but he couldn’t even hide the fact.So he tells everything to sahil.
Sahil is shocked .Sanskar apolozises for it .and says he cant love ragini.
Sahil: but atleast u can pretend to love ragini.Ragini has heart problem .She will be living maximum for 2 months.Till then keep her happy.She doesn’t know about this.I don’t want her to be hurt in her last days.
It was a blow for sanskar.He just couldn’t believe the angel who was infront of him few minutes ago is going to smile only for few days.It pierced his heart .He promised to pretend to love ragini.Sahil smirked.It was his plan to keep ragsan together .He knows how muchragini loves him if ragini comes to know that sanskar loves swara and not her she will easily sacrifice her love as she cant see anyone suffering because of her.His sister was really an angel but sahil was not he will do everything to keep his sister happy..
Here sanskar was spending most of his time with ragini.She became his world now.He would do anything to make her happy.her smile meant everything to him.Ragini loved him more than ever .She used to do everything that would bring a smile on sanskar’s face.
Here swara was getting jealous of ragsan but she felt all this was because sanskar was not able to spend time with her.But she never said anything.Actually she didn’t realize that she was starting to love sanskar but her fear of love kept her away.
It was swara’s birthday and ragsan were there suddenly ragini falls down as her leg slips and her head starts bleeding.
Sanskar becomes frantic.He acts like maniac in tension.
Sanskar: ragini nothing will happen to you.I am there na I will save u .You cant just leave me.Oh god its bleeding .Swara call the ambulance.
Ragini: stop it sanskar I am not bleeding .Its sauce.When I fell I got this sauce on my face.
Sanskar was somewhat relaxed.He looks around as if not able to control himself and immediately drags ragini in tight embrace as if she will go if he leaves her.
Sanskar: you wont leave me na.Please be careful .I was so scared..When he broke the hug .His eyes were red and tears were falling down his cheeks.
Swara couldn’t see it so she goes to her room.
Swara : Why am I feeling so bad .I wanted them to be together but now I am not able to see sanskar with her..
She was disturbed.Here sumi and shekar comes there.they listened to everything.
Sumi : because u love sanskar.
Swara: love? I am seeing u people ka love that enough (she said sarcastically)
Sumi smiles and tells her that it was a way of loving.
Sumi: I know ur parents divorced but that is not love and we always fight but u know u uncle fight because he cares for me fighting is way if showing love.People can be wrong but love can never be wrong.
Swara: understood what is love and realized she loves sanskar.
Here ragini planned a surprise for sanskar.
She called him at 4 am and took him to kanyakumari in flight.

Sanskar didn’t get anything but he didn’t want to question ragini and spoil her smile.
There she takes him on to the beach and gives him a guitar Sanskar was confused.
Ragini explains him that it was his dream to play guitar looking at the first rays of sun .Immediately she took him to delhi and had breakfast infront of tajmahal as it was his another dream.She tried to fulfill his every dream and everytime he smiled she captured them ..
Finally after three days they returned back .Here swara was missing sanskar a lot.
Ragsan were standing in the rain enjoying the cool water.
Immediately ragini runs behind a bus and sanskar also runs behind her not knowing what is happening .
Finally ragini catches running bus and even sanskar gets onto it.the bus was very fast and ragsan were almost about to fall down but they find support..they were standing on the footboard.Sanskar got really angry on ragini
Ragini was looking at him lovingly.
Sanskar: are u crazy .We could have fallen down .and what r u staring at me like that.
Ragini: u cute little face.
Sanskar: ragini I am serious.what if something happens to you?
Ragini: sorry but it was for you.remember u have written in your diary that u want to kiss your girlfriend on the footboard of the bus in the rain .I want that your every dream and every wish should be fulfilled .I wont let anything happen to your dreams.
Sanskar looks at her emotionally.

Sanskar: ragini we could have done anyother time what was the need to take risk.
Ragini: what if we don’t next time we r on bus it doesn’t rain and there is no guarantee that next time it rains we will be here.So when life gives u oppurtunities just grab them.Now stop talking and kiss me.
Sanskar becomes nervous but somewhere he wants to kiss her.He leans closer to her suddenly the bus jerks due to speed breaker and ragini falls out of bus with great force.Sanskar also jumps impulsively but due to force his head hits a pole and starts bleeding.Ragini who saw this runs to him .
Ragini: sanskar u okay na nothing happened to you na.oh god its bleeding.
She takes her duppata and ties it on his head sanskar feels dizzy but holds ragini’s shoulders.
Sanskar: r u fine .I was worried about you.
Ragini: I am fine see.I am totally fine.
Sanskar sighs in relief .he holds her head in between his palm and looks lovingly .
Ragini: nothing hap..pene..d to me.
She falls unconscious in his arms and sanskar is shocked to see his palms filled with blood.He sees her back .She was wounded seriously on the back of her head.
He immediately rushes her to hospital .Ragini holds on to his hand tightly.Doctors take her inside after some time sahil comes to hospital .He is broken to find his little sister this way battling with death.He was totally broken .Even swara reaches hospital after knowing the truth. She finds sanskar sitting staring into space crying .she is about to go and talk to him but sahil places his hand on his shoulder and swara thinks its better to let them share their pain .
Sanskar hugs sahil.
Sanskar: I am sorry sahil.I promised to take care of her but..
He breaks down.
Sahil hugs him tighter.
Sahil: I am sorry sanskar.I know u love swara .
Swara was shocked with this revelation.
Sanskar nods and sahil confesses everything about lying about ragini.
Swara and sanskar were shocked .
Sahil: I am sorry sanskar.I don’t have any enimity with swara but I just wanted ragini to be happy .But trust me ragini doesn’t know anything about this.God is punishing me now.
Sanskar was not sure about his feelings now.He places his hand on his heart and closes his eyes .aftersome time he opens them and rushes to ragini’s room.
Ragini just woke up.
She was so tiny on the bed with all the wires attached to her body.
He moved closer and held her hand.He leaned closer and kissed her passionately on her lips.Tears dropped down from ragini’s cheeks.She opened her eyes.
Sanskar: I cant let any of ur dreams and wishes left unfulfilled .
Ragini smiles .
Ragini: I..I LOVE U ..sans..sanskar.
Sanskar: I love u too ragini..
Ragini smiles broadly as this is the first time he said I love u to her.Then she left this world not closing her eyes as if capturing his face forever in her eyes.Her smiling face was imprinted in his heart.
Everyone was broken after ragini’s death even swara couldn’t forget her.

After one month on the beach sanskar was staring at the sun his knees bend to his heart .Next to him was the guitar that ragini gifted him.
Swara comes and sits next to him.
Swara: life is so strange .I should have realized sooner sanskar.
Sanskar looks at her.
Swara: I know everything.I should have realized my love for u sooner then all this would have not happened .Even ragini would have been living though unknown to us.I feel responsible for all this.
Sanskar: this is all fate.
Swara: still I am sorry .
Sanskar nods and looks at the sea again.
Swara: Along with sorry I also want to say that I Lo
Sanskar: please don’t say I love u.
Swara: sanskar?
Sanskar: I loved u swara but that was before I knew the meaning of love.For me love was liking someone and proposing them and staying with them forever but ragini taught me a new meaning of love.She lived every moment of our relationship for me whether she liked it or not.Every moment she strived to make sure I smiled.even before death she was believing that I love her and no matter what swara I will keep that trust .I will love her for lifetime.Till now for ragini love was being with me.from now for me life means staying with ragini’s ever lasting love.Though she left the world she left lot of love for me which will suffice for my lifetime.
Sorry swara.
Swara smiles.
Swara: ragini also taught me how to love sanskar.I will love u forever.
Swara stares at him while he looks at sea.
So sorry for sad ending .But I love this story .I have seen this in a movie and guess what this movie never fails to make me cry .I just thought to share it with you.So sorry.Here no one is at fault but all three lives got disturbed with one lie.
Also Today is my birthday .So this is my gift to u sorry a sad one but hope u love it.

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