Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha- episode 7 (Thahaan)

Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha- episode 6 (Thahaan)

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“Thapki…toh chuk chuk gadi…bath toh suno na..” He had been following her around for quite some time and she was enjoying it very much. She refused to look at him and was laughing to her heart’s content hearing his profound apologies for laughing at her gift. Yes he did anger her with his laugh but his child like voice filled with guilt seeking forgiveness melted her in a fraction of a second. She continued to act like she was mad just to see what he will do to earn her forgiveness. Thapki looked up as she noticed the absence of Bihan’s voice. Bihan was kneeling before her waiting for her to turn around. A bright smile adorned his face as her eyes met his and to Thapki’s horror he began to sing!
“Maafi manga hai tumhi se …na inkar karo…Maafi manga hai tumhi se …na inkar karo.” Thapki tried to close his mouth but Bihan caught her hand and began singing more loudly.
“Kitni hasin hai raat…dulhan bani hai raat…machle hue jazbaath…bat jara hone do- ” Thapki successfully closed his mouth and screamed.

“Mmmaaf kiya…Bihan…Maaf kiya…ab bas bhi karo..tumhari awaz sunkar gggharwalon ko lagega ki koi bhooth hai.” She slowly removed her hands from his mouth and scowled at him, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and she burst. Bihan looked at her as she laughed away to her heart’s content. His eyes held the adoration he had for her and he completed the line of the song in a whisper “mujhe pyaar karo…”
“Kuch kaha? “She asked still laughing. Bihan shook his head with a smile.
“Yeh kaha ki hume tumhari gift bahuth acha laga…bas gift hi nahi balki aaj ke din tum jo bhi humareliye kiya- Bihan trailed off as she put a finger on his mouth indicating him to stop.
“Shsh Bihan…yeh sab baath mei..tumhe tumhari star dikhati hun aur ab tumhe pata chalega meine uss star kyun chuna.” He gazed her mesmerized by her innocence and excitement as she dragged him to the telescope.
“ab …ddekho toh.” Bihan slowly looked through the telescope. He saw two stars twinkling in the distance.
“Tumhari star who left waali hai.” Thapki said excitedly in a whisper then she paused for a moment. “aur who bagal waali…who bagal waali” Bihan took his eyes off from the telescope completed her words looking into her eyes.

“tumhari star…jo humne tumhe diya tha.” Thapki smiled at him hearing his words.
“Bbbihan…jab mujhe pata chala tha ki tum mujhse dhoke se shaddi ki hai, jjjo dard mujhe hua who toh mei phool nnahi sakti.” Bihan averted his gaze in pain but Thapki held his hand and made him look at her.
” Mujhe laga meri sssare sapne toot gaye …sak nafrat thi mujhe tumse…tttumhari chehra tak dhekna nahi chahthi thi mei…par usske bath jo hua…Bbbihan aaj tak mere pariwar ke siwa kisine bhi meri itna saath nahi dii hai jitna tumne dii hai…iss ggghar mei mujhe kayi zyada pyaar mila..humdardi mili…par mushkile bhi kam nahi thi…aur unn mushkilon se ladne ki tttakat mujhe tumse mila Bihan…tttum har waqt mera saath diya…pehle toh mujhe tumhari harkaton se gussa athi thi..ppar dheere dheere mujhe pata chala tum kitna ache ho…mujhe pata hai Bihan tumhe meri kami se koi aitraaz nahi hai…mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki shayad tumhari marzi nahi thi mujhse shaddi karna.” Bihan, in tears, tried to cut in but Thapki stopped him.
“Nnnahi BBbihan tumhari jhoot bolne se mujh par koi azar nahi padega, mmujhe pata hai ki ttum bhi majboor the…aur mei yeh umeed rekhti hun ki tum ek na ek din mujhe sab sach bata denge…Mujhe koi shikayat nahi hai… Issiliye toh meine yeh tara gift kiya tumhe.” Thapki chuckled through her tears. “B phor Bihan ke naam ki tara humesha Thapki ke tare ki B phor bbbagal mei hi rahegi…jjjaise tumne humesha mere saath diya hai. Happy Birthday BBBihan”
Bihan’s hands were still in Thapki’s, he slowly took hold of her and held them tightly. Thapki freed her hand and wiped his tears looking at him kindly. Bihan closed his eyes and asked in a whisper. “Kya tum hume maaf kar paoge?” Thapki looked at him tenderly.
“Maaf toh kab ka kar chuki hun bbbihan…asal mei toh mujhe tumse maafi mangni chahiye…kya kuch nahi bola mein

tumhe” She caressed his cheeks. Bihan’s eyes brightened listening to her words. This was the best gift anyone could give him. Her forgiveness. Nothing valued more than that to him. “Chalo ek aur gift hai tumhare llliye…” She moved away from him to another part of the terrace and he followed her. She took out a small box from the table. It was neatly packed with a ribbon on top. She came closer to him and took his hands. The glow of the lamps surrounding them lit up their face. Bihan noticed Thapki’s eyes sparkling with unshed tears. She placed the box in his hands.
“Kholo Bbbihan.” Bihan slowly pulled the ribbon and opened the box. He took out the intricately crafted figurine. Radha- Madhav. The complex work of art portrayed Lord Krishna with his first true love, the love who became eternal in his name, the love he lost. It was a beautiful work of art; anyone would have fallen in love with it yet the figurine scared Bihan.
“Khoobsurat hai na.” Thapki asked with a sad smile. ” lekin yeh tumhari bbbirthday gift nahi hai. Parso mei jaa rahi hun Bihan.”Tears pricked the back of her eyes as she spoke, threatening to fall but she reigned it in. she didn’t realize the reason of her tears. Why was this so hard? Bihan’s eyes dawned with realization. The day of his nightmares. Their divorce day.

“Kayi dino se tumhe dene ki kkkoshish mei dii bas aaj hi mila mauka… Pata nahi kyun ppar mujhe yahi acha laga.” The tears made their way down her cheek. Bihan’s face was pale. “Parso hhhumare divorce ke baath hum alag-”
“Bas.” Thapki stood bewildered by Bihan’s outbreak. He placed the figurine on the table angrily, moved toward her and pulled her towards him.
“Nahi karni hai hume divorce tumse. Nahi alag hona hai hume tumse.” Thapki was startled by his actions.
“Bbbihan-” She began but cut her off.

“Humari aankhon mei dekhkar batao Thapki ki tum humse alag hona chahte hai. Batao ki tum dil se khush hai iss divorce se. Batao ki tum humse pyaar nahi karti. Hum maan jayenge.” Bihan had enough; he could not hold it anymore. If he had to fight to win his love he would, he had enough being the incense stick, especially when he could see the love in her eyes. Thapki stared back at him utterly speechless. His passionate gaze disarming her, forcing her to look into her own heart. Later she couldn’t point out the moment she had realized the intransient truth of her life, that she, even to save her own life or his, could not utter those words Bihan asked her to because she Thapki Bihan Pandey was unequivocally, irrevocably and irreversibly in love with Bihan Pandey. Their eyes spoke for them as Bihan descended his lips to capture hers. They stood bathed in the glow of lamps, their souls finally finding peace, the place they belong.

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