Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha- episode 6 (Thahaan)

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Thapki’s cell vibrated as she got down from the bike to open the gate. A single word flashed on the screen. Ready 🙂 . Bihan parked the bike and atrode towards her. She smiled at him innocently.
“Ab sari raat hume ghoorte rahoge kya…andar chalo…jhooti.”Bihan said as he moved to the door with a naughty grin. Her smile widened and heart beat with excitement as she followed him to the door. Bihan was surprised at the darkness and the eerie silence that greeted him inside the house. He instantly grabbed hold of Thapki suspecting danger.

“Koi hai..” His voice died down at his throat as a keyboard piece began playing out of nowhere. He recognized the tune, it was happy birthday and realization dawned upon him. A projector came to life in the living room. Bihan moved towards the screen awestruck. Thapki joyously followed him admiring Bihan’s reactions. His own face stared back at him from the screen, he was laughing whole heartedly, a lone tear escaped his eye as he read the letters which were coming to life on the screen.

” To the best son, grandson, brother, husband and friend in the whole world, Happy Birthday!” Thapki laced her fingers around his as he looked at her speechless. She smiled and gestured him to look at the screen. The screen showed various pictures of Bihan from childhood to adulthood, his precious moments with his family flashed before his eyes. The time when he hid inside the cupboard in Maa’s room afraid that everyone will send him to school, a picture of little Dhruv trying to teach little Bihan letters and failing miserably, he chuckled at the exasperated look Dhruv was giving him, a picture of Kiran and Bihan covered in flour from the time they tried to cook for Maa, a very annoyed teenage Bihan in a ridiculous hair cut with a laughing Bauji, Dadima pulling the ears of Bihan covered in mud ,Bihan being chased by Sanjay and Ashwin while the bhabhis stood laughing on their wedding day, an adult Bihan laughing with Paan and many more.

His breath hitched as a picture of Thapki and himself came upon the screen. It was from before the fateful wedding, the party he gave Dhruv and Thapki when he had imprisoned her. He was laughing wholeheartedly in the attire of Chulbul Pandey as Thapki stood fuming inside the cage. Then another picture came up and he heard Thapki take a sharp intake of breath. It was a picture of them together, taken amidst the dance in Dhruv and Shradha’s engagement party. Thapki’s hands were wrapped around Bihan’s neck and his hands were on her waist, their eyes were locked in a smoldering gaze. Then another picture of them laughing together from the brothers’ wedding anniversary came up. Bihan’s face brightened as he saw the pictures of the precious moments they shared flash before him.

The video ended with the picture of Bihan surrounded by his family. The sound of the key board seized and the lights came on. Bihan wiped his tears and smiled delightedly as he saw his family coming out, singing happy birthday. Bauji opened his arms with a smile and Bihan hugged him. He took the blessings of all the elders and hugged his brothers. Thapki beamed as Dhruv hugged Bihan and wished him, she knew Bihan valued Dhruv very much and was happy that Dhruv set aside their differences to wish him. She threw a wary glance at Vasundhara as Bihan moved towards her. Much to Thapki’s relief Vasundhara blessed Bihan and was acting nice to him.
“Janamdin ki shubhkamnaye Bihan devarji.” Shradha said with a smirk extending a hand towards Bihan. Bihan smirked and ignored the hand.

“Thank you so much bhabhiji. Par janamdin ki shubh avasar par gandhe logon se haath milana bahuth ashubh hoga hai na?” He left a fuming Shradha with a smug smile and moved towards his sweet sister.
“Chalo ab uss awesomewali cake katthe hai” Suman said excitedly. Everyone laughed and agreed with Suman. Bihan’s eyes found the decorations and the cake in the centre of the living room. Kiran joyously dragged him to the cake. Everyone surrounded Bihan but Thapki stood afar admiring the happiness on her husband’s face. She didn’t want to intrude in his precious moments with his family, the one thing he valued above his own life. Little did she know for him she was part of his family, she was the one he valued above his life, the one he would die for, she made him complete and his existence depended upon her existence. Hence it was her, his eyes sought when he was about to cut the cake. Bauji noticed his son’s gaze and called Thapki.
“Arrey Thapki beta tum vahan kya kar rahi ho…yahan ajao Bihan ke paas”
“Nnahi Bauji..Mei yahan teek hun.” Thapki tried to refuse politely but Kiran held her hand and dragged her to Bihan.

“Nahi bhabhi, bhai keliye itne ache surprise aapki plan thi toh bhai ke saath cake bhi aap hi kaatenge. Aapki haq hai.” Bihan looked at Thapki in wonderment at Kiran’s words. It was her plan; she did this for him but why. Thapki blushed as she felt Bihan’s gaze. They cut the cake together and Bihan fed Thapki the first piece upon Kiran’s insistence to which he was more than happy to comply to. The elders smiled at the couple, enjoying their awkwardness.
The party continued in full swing as guests began to arrive. Bihan was showered with gifts and blessings; though he valued every one of them he was still disappointed because one person did not gift him anything nor did she wish him. Throughout the party he had eyes only for her hoping that she will remember to wish him if not give him a gift. However Thapki remained busy attending the guests and he was held up by various acquaintances whenever he tried to talk to her. Bihan had a feeling that Thapki was trying to avoid him but he couldn’t understand why. Finally when the party ended Bihan wished everyone goodnight and began looking for Thapki. She had disappeared from the party towards the end, he had seen her going towards the terrace. He climbed the stairs and opened the door to the terrace. A pair of hands covered his eyes as he stepped out. He smiled as the familiar smell of her hair and the jingle of bangles hit him.

“Thapki…” She smiled as she heard him whisper her name.
“Ch..chalo…” She guided him as he moved and finally uncovered his eyes when they reached the centre of the terrace. Bihan gasped as he beheld the sight before him. The entire terrace was bathing in the glow of hundreds of lamps. Thapki tugged at Bihan’s hand and guided him to the centre of the arrangement. A roll of paper wrapped in a ribbon sat on a table in the middle. For a moment a crazy thought struck Bihan, was it the divorce papers? Did she think that it would be the best gift she could give him? Is it the end of three months? No it isn’t. Then why is she giving divorce papers? Thapki was bewildered by Bihan’s pale face. He looked horror-stricken.
“Bihan…” Thapki’s worried voice brought him back to reality. He tried to compose himself, to keep calm. It might not be what he was thinking but the fear refused to leave him. He cleared his throat.
“Who kya hai ?” Thapki smiled at his question.

“Tumhara gift.” She picked up the paper and gave it to him with the excitement of a child. Bihan took a deep breath and opened the roll slowly trying to calm his racing heart. He stared at the paper for a long moment and then relief flooded him and he burst out laughing. She wasn’t divorcing him, it wasn’t the divorce papers. He thanked all the Gods. For a moment he had though that he had lost everything. She had gifted him a star. Just like the gift he gave her for New Year. It was a star.

Thapki was excited for Bihan’s reaction but laughter wasn’t exactly what she had hoped for. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment as she watched Bihan laugh like a madman. Bihan finally took notice of her reaction and understood the error he had committed. In the happiness of not losing her he forgot about her gift and her feelings. He mentally slapped himself for his stupidity.
“Thapki…” He began but she strode past him angrily. He slapped his forehead “offo…ab chuk chuk gadi ko hum kaise manayenge?”

PS- Nxt part will be the last one and maybe an epilogue afterwards 🙂 thank you readers<3

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