pyar toh hona hi tha (episode-2)

Hey guys I m back with another chappy.thanks for ur comments in previous 1,they just made my day.intially I also had thought of making it ragsan but then I cant ignore raglak lyk that so made it raglak.
Well talking about swalak love,they r college-lovers ,I wont go deep in their story coz our major concern r raglak and swasan.laksh had refused for marriage after engagemen t and dadi was too furious to allow any of maheshwaris to enter her house,then sanskar’s entry happened and now the story ………………

Maheswaris were sitting in gadodia mansion sipping tea.dadi was the one looking extremely excited more than bride.
Dadi(maintaining her voice)-woah I thought since we have done their engagement once so lets do the mehendi ,haldi and sangeet then shaadi .no need for engagement again…………
Ap-but parvati ji……
Dadi(cutting her)-no ap ji ,I want this marriage to happen quickly ,may be something else cud happen,I cant take the risk again,like earlier………
Ap nodded her head and dp said-ok we will have sangeet and mehendi today in our house,so is it ok?
Dadi nods happily while shekhar is relieved ,sumi is somewhat not satisfied by every1’s behavior .she saw swara upset coming from mm and ragini lost somewhere .
In evening
Gadodias came and maheshwaris welcomed them .ragini was made to sit on sofa with swara besides.
Ragini(in mind)-oh god so much of jewellery,they r suffocating me and this heavy lehenga,god y I have to wear this?and above that mehendi……….like wow where have I got trapped?wanna run away from this marriage…………..

Swara(in mind)-come on be strong,its for ur family,just few days and then laksh will be ragini’s husband ,u have to forget him,for evry1 ,for urself and for my sis,(she luked at a happy ragini)……………but will I be able to do so?
Laksh descends the stairs in a green coloured sherwani with golden borders.his eyes were swollen but his lips had a fake smile.swalak’s eyes met and they had a brief painful eyelokck,they didn’t talked to eo after last day incident.

Sanky was roaming around happily and ragini was sitting uninterested in all this but tried to show that atleast she’s a bride .
Laksh cums down smiling at evry1 and sat on sofa in front of swarag.girls cum near ragini to put mehendi on her hand.she extends her hand plastering a smile on her face ,swara turns her face to wipe her tears and avoid the intense gaze of laksh.
Sanskar(pointing to mehendi)-wat’s this??
Ragini(smiles)-this is mehendi
Sanskar-y have u put it?
Ragini(softly)-bcoz I m getting married ,that’s y………..
Mehendi girl-wat’s the name of ur to-b –hubby
Ragini says wid null expressions-laksh
Ragini(in mind)-so strange naa,its my and laksh’s marriage,my mehendi and whose name will be on my hand,laksh’s,………y don’t the groom’s also get the bride names on their hands,…………always women r shown as property of sum1,sum1 else cums and shows rights on a living person,I wish I had ran away from this marriage but my dadi,she is hell-bent on marrying me…………….i jst hate this institution of marriage,it ties 1 to a relation ,with an unknown person,and then living ur whole life with the person however he is…………
Girls cums and pull swara for dance.swara fake smiles and starts dancing on mehendi laga ke rakhna……….
She twirls around and thinks of her and laksh’s moments(not shown in serial):
The 1st tym she collides with him and he holds her preventing her from falling.they were lost in eo’s eyes…….
How they became frands ,then best frands………….
“I love u”wen laksh said her these words,how happy she was……..
And then laksh announcing his marriage in baadi………

She starts twirls around with full force and is about to fall but a pair of masculine hand catches her waist.
Laksh gets up from his seat and luks on hurt.ragini is confused by why swara danced with so much pain and anger.
And now swara opens her eyes and sees herself in sanky’s embrace,sanky is luking at her innocently while she is numb to say anything.
Sanky(still holding her)-get up fast,u r so heavy……its painig my hands……
Swara straightens herself and luks on nervously.sanky sighs and says to swara cutely-u shud take care of urself…….
Saying so he leaves with eyes down to the food counter while ap says-nothing happened to u na beta?
Swara nods teary eyed and all sit on their seats .laksh remembers their 1st meet and gulped down his scream across throat.
Ragini(in mind)-wat happened to swara??y is she off from yesterday only??i shud talk to her………….
Before she cud call swara,swara went from there.
Sujatha attracted evry1’s attention and exclaimed that now laksh will search his name in ragini’s hand.laksh was shocked,everything was happening so fastly,wen he saw swara leaving he wanted ot go behind her but he had to stay back.
Laksh-leave it na chichi,its not needed
Sujatha(loudly)-arre y is it not needed,its needed very much,y r u shying,she’s ur wife only and for now we all give u permission to hold her hand
Laksh(still stubborn)-no chichi seriously
Sujatha drags him and makes him sit in front of her.raglak avoid eye-contact .
Sujatha(teaisingly)-oh come on,u r today’s generation, this shying doesn’t suit u(she gives ragini’s hand in laksh’s hand)
They both look at eo with a little uneasiness,suji disturbs them and tells them to search the name.laksh holds her hand finding no escape and starts searching his name while ragini in mind is shooting sujatha with gun.
Laksh(pointing to a sign)-here it is,my name
Sujatha-wow chora u did it so easily,that’s y u were nagging……… see u won na……
Laksh nods silently while ap exclaims from behind –everybody cum for dinner.the hall is escorted ,still raglak r sitting in same position,while going sujatha pushes laksh intentionally and laksh falls on ragini .it seems as if they r hugging ,their cheeks touching eo’s,while laksh’s hands on her back.they feel sumthing unknown ,different but rnt able to name it.laksh tries to part away muttering a sorry but gets pulled back due to her painful voice-ahhh.he looks at her innocent face and discovers that her hair got stuck in his sherwani’s button.he stops her and gently takes her hair out and ask her if she is fyn?.she replies in a yes and they move from their.
Meanwhile wen swara cums out of washroom she collides with sanky who was moving towards same washroom to wash his dirty hands.
Swara jst smiles and says-its ok
Sanky giggles and swara asks –wat??

He points to her cheek which has got dirted by his hand.swara tries wiping it but cudnt. Sanky forwards his fingers and wipes her cheek,swara closes her eyes and sanky moves back after it.
Swara moves from there in hurry while sanky said to himself-wat happened to me????
The mehendi ceremony gets over and gadodia leave for baadi.
In baadi,swara is standing in balcony watching the stars and trying to get sum peace.her eyes fall on sum1 tip-toeing out of baadi,it appeared as a girl’s structure,boots,black skinny jeans,a leather jacket but she was able to see her face.
Swarato herself-who was it?i have never seen her here……..
Outside badi.the girl’s face is shown and she is ragini,her black smoky eyes totally contradicting her simple look,she has an attitude on her face.a royal enfield stops in front of her and the person offers her helmet.
Rags(smirking)-move back,I will drive
The person moves back and ragini starts the bike and vanishes in thin air in full speed.

Precap-ragini-swara run away with laksh

I hope u all liked it.and yes love story wont start so soon,only after marriage.
Thanks for reading………

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    1. AMkideewani

      @Riya Everyone has their own favourites, like me I hate and can’t SwaSan?,so don’t read SwaLak scenes, if you hate them, cause there are still some SwaLak fans here?

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