pyar toh hona hi tha (episode-1)

hi guys I am here with an ff on a track on our swaragini,the time when laksh announced his marriage with ragini in front of baadi under dadi’s pressure.i will make changes and as the story proceeds you will know will be short story and like always irregular updates so I m asking sorry in advance.the pairs will be raglak and swasan.

1st episode of pyar toh hona hi tha:

“I laksh maheshwari will marry ragini gadodia “said laksh with some tears in his eyes regretting the decision in his heart.

Dadi was smiling happily while swara was numb looking at him and tried to analyse what happened just now.ragini was shocked but then she composed herself and smiled nervously looking down.laksh came running to dadi.
Laksh(pleading her)-dadi can I now take ragini with me,pls………….
Dadi(caressing his hair)-yes u can damad ji
Laksh faked a smile and looked at swara painfully then at ragini who was still staring the ground.
Laksh(clearing his voice)-ahhhh ragini lets go
Ragini looking up nodded with a slight smile and moved from there with laksh while swara stood there seeing her world scatter in front of her.
Dadi(stopping them)-wait laado take swara with you……..
Swara looked up wiping her tears and plastered a smile and nodded.laksh wasn’t able to meet her eyes and tried to control himself.meanwhile dadi and ragini was giving each other death glares,yes u heard it right they looked at each other venomously with lot of anger in their eyes.
Swaraglak reached mm and laksh took ragini to sanskaar’s room.ragini saw sanskaar jumping on the bed with a broken piece of glass in his hand threatening everyone around while others were looking at him horrified.

Ragini (softly)-sanskar
Hearing her soothing voice he turned towards her and smiled innocently saying”dupatte wali dost”
Ragini(sweetly)-sanskaar leave the glass piece it may hurt you
Sanskaar dropped it and evry1 was relieved looking at his calm face which was disastrous a minute ago.
Evry1 moved out smiling at ragini thanking her through eyes leaving rag san alone.
Laksh moved to his room silently weeping inside while swara held herself not finding the atmosphere appropriate to show her feelings.
Ragini moved towards sanskar and asked him to sit down.he obeyed her like a child all the time smiling seeing her.she came near him and sat beside him on bed and talked to him about things.
Ragini-sanskar y u did so much of drama,u shud have just asked from them…..
Sanskar(shaking his head)-no no ,they weren’t listening to me ,like always so,so I did all this

He smiled sheepishly looking around the condition of his room.ragini got up to clean the room and sanky also helped her or say troubled her more.
In the hall,
Sujatha(teary-eyed)-thank god ragini came ,what if she wudnt have come our sanskar who have been more violent……
Ap-but sujatha parvati ji said that she wont even let us go near ragini then how she allowed ragini to come here?
Laksh(from stairs)-I said that I will marry ragini………
Dp(strictly)-but u backed off from marriage and now u r agreeing to it,laksh I hope u know the meaning of marriage and wont make it a joke of it.u will handle ur responsibilities this tym?
Laksh nods with an expressionless face while swara closes her fist to control herself.

Swara(in mind)-what about ur promise laksh,u promised me that u will talk to dadi about our marriage naa then y u didn’t,y laksh?we love each other naa then y this sudden decision,for ur brother u sacrificed ur love ……y?
Laksh(in mind)-I m sorry swara I know I m being unfair to u ,but u know that how much I missed bhai,and now since he is in front of me I cant let him go this tym,we suffered a lot after he went but now I will return all the happiness of my family back(he looked at the relieved faces of evry1)
Swara(in mind)-wat about our happiness?do we have to forget eo?y always every1 has to sacrifice their love?for others?…….but if u have taken this decision I will be with u bcoz I promised u that I will be with u in each and evry step of ur life………I know that this right wont be mine after sometime but till then atleast I will fulfill the promise of my love
Swalak looked at each other and developed tears ,they cud feel each others pain,they didn’t need words to know wat the other feel.
Ragini made sanskar sleep and was caressing his hair and sang a lullaby for him while sanskar slept.

Ragini(in mind)-wat laksh did in baadi was it by will or by dadi’s pressure?y do she has to always control evry1?evrything shud be in her way y?i hope I m thinking wrong…………(she looked at sanskar)I m glad u r not doing this all for ur own benefit,u r jst lyk a child ,the same innocence,and unknown of the true human nature,greed,money,lust,pride,LOVE…………u know I don’t like the people around me very much but I cud see truthfulness in ur eyes,tumne apnepan ka kio mukhota nhi pehna hai,tum jaise andar ho waise hi bahar,and I like the people like that but r u truly like that?if 1 day u gain ur mental balance will u be the same person,sweet,innocent…………..(she smiled sarcastically)kya karun thokar khane ki itni aadat ho gayi hai ki ab kisi par asaani se bharose nhi kar sakti…………
Laksh called her and left with swarag towards baadi.

Precap- swara sees a girl in black jeans,and leather jacket but is unable to see her face due to darkness .

Bye my lovely readers and do comment how is my story……………..thanks for reading……………
a happy makar sakranti and pongal to all

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