Our Pyar Muhabatein and Tashan….intro and episode 1


Hey guyz it’s heidi here…anamika isnt my real name but i like this name……so i will introduce my characters

Kunj sarna ( played by sidhant gupta)a jolly guy….he loves his family…..he is straight forward,sometimes naughty,nd most of all he is single…  He do believe in love…nd waiting for his lady love
Pallavi sarna..( played by same actress in serial) she is twin sister of kunj…she is a bubbly girl…..love her family and is always teased by her twin brother…..
Yuvraj luthra… He is a close friend of kunj….love his family nd his di the most…..he is loyal towards his relations….nd had a crush on a girl……
Ishita luthra…she is elder sister of yuvi…..she is sensible nd love her family but she smiles only for her brother sake…..she is hurt deeply by someone….
Raman bhalla…..he turned into an arrogant man but he was good nd friendly natured ….he is single nd hates his family…..but loved his sister
Anita bhalla….she is a cute innocent girl…..loves her brother nd want him to forgive their family… She is married but hates her husband…. She uses her paternal surname
Harshad chopra…husband of anita…. Loves her but hate to admit it….holds some secrets
Khushi chopra…..twin sister of harshad….a mysterious girl….loves dancing….she lives as an orphan nd dont know she has family……lost something precious
Arnav singh raizada…..he is the popular business man…..strick…have patience…loved someone…he is completing his studies that he left to settle his family buissness….that what he says
Twinkle singh raizada…she is bubbly girl very friendly nd mostly pampered by everyone in family
So here’s the story twinkle,khushi,kunj,arnav,raman ishita yuvi pallavi study in same college but different classes…pallavi kunj yuvi twinkle are in same class kunj nd yuvi are besties nd pallavi nd twinkle are besties but twinkle hates kunj she shows that nd pallavi had a friendly bond with yuvi….kunj has no feelings for twinkle  of hate….khushi is also friendly with twinkle nd pallavi but arnav is quite usually
Raman ishita , anita nd harshad are in same class…..they know each other….at a time they all were besties…but know they hate each other more than anything……harshad and anita show that they are happy couple but they aren’t…..nd yup everyone is connected somehow but they dont show it…

The episode starts with a girls entering the college …..she looks mysterious… Nd boggled….she has a flashback thats totally blur…..faces aren’t clear but it reminds her of good memories…..she feels pain in head . Suddenly someone calls her from behind…Hey khushi how are u…so the girl is none other than our khushi…..khushi doesn’t say anything and head to leave….
The girl who called her from behind thinks what happened to her….she also heads to class nd when she enters the class a girl hugs her nd greets her. Twinkle where were u?? Said the girl after greeting….
Twinkle: nothing pallavi…was trying to talk with khushi….
Pallavi : hmm…u know na twinkle she isn’t talkative… She is mysterious …always quite….i m glad at least she cares for us….
Twinkle : ya that’s a thing
A handsome hunk enters the class… Every girl is admiring him…with him is a boy….both seems to have a great friendly bond… They enter nd took thier seats….pallavi nd twinkle both are somewhat irritated… Pallavi stares yuvi angrily nd twinkle stares kunj….yuvi seemed to be affected but kunj shows attitude…
Now, it’s seen that khushi is seated behind pallavi nd  twinkle nd she is in front of kunj nd yuvi so our kuvi are last benchers becoz the bench behind them is empty….but no an arrogant man also enters the class nd seated behind them…..everyone stare him coz he is new nd nobody dared to sit behind the kuvi(kunj +yuvi) or else they beat him….
But arnav is twinkle brother
Now another class is shown….raman is seated with harshad but gets up nd go to other seat nd same happens with ishita nd anita….all four are seated in four different corners of class nd all are teary eyed……

The other class is shown…arnav sees khushi nd get teary eyed…. He remembers something….same flashbacks but i will not show it to u its a mystery….the flashbacks are clear …6 people group photos….. Some party pics….a marriage when arnav closes his eyes  … A tear escapes his eyes..but he thinks something…i will unite us…i will gain what i lost..i will …
A teacher enters the class nd surprisingly looks at the backbencher our arnav… Nd then looks at kunj and yuvi….he starts the class but when he was about to begin….chirp chrip….then the sound suddenly stops…again when he begin the same sound nd it happens thrice…he becomes angry nd he looks at kunj nd yuvi ….they give a what happened expression..the teacher says get out…..they both say but..the teacher repeats get out….they leave…atlast our girls laugh(they made that sound with a packet)….the teacher throws them out….outside kunj nd yuvi are waiting….yuvi nd pallavi starts fighting… Then at once kunj grabs pallavi nd twinkle grabs yuvi nd then all four of them are seen fighting yuvi with pallavi nd kunj with twinkle…  Yuvi at last ask for apology but kunj and twinkle are still fighting
Kunj: tu smjhti kya hai khud ko
Twinkle bht kuch mgr mai Khud ko tm ni smjhti you ediot
Kunj mai ediot hehehehe pagolo ko hr aik ediot hi lgta ha u mad girl
Twi pagal kis ko bola u monkey
Kunj u donkey
Twi tumhari to ( nd pour a water bottle on kunj)
Kunj ye kya siyappa kr diya… Abhi ptata hu tujhai
Twi ran away at once with kunj following him with a water bottle.. But wait kunj throws water at twinkle but it falls on pallavi
Pallavi with anger kunj bhaiya…..
Nd yuvi from behind pass a water bottle with sand in water nd kunj looks at yuvi nd say
Kunj abe dost hai k dushman ab mera kya hga
Yuvi jo b ho mera kya mai to bch gya na
Twinkle signs pallavi nd twinkle nd pallavi both surround kuvi nd throws dirty water at them…
Pallkle( twinkle nd pallavi) hm sai punga is not changa ( tit fot tat)

From far all of there masti is witnessed by arnav nd khushind ishita who are again sad…..yuvi notices this nd ishita standing behind arnav nd khushi nd runs to them…..twinkle also runs to other side…

What was the flashback ??? Why khushi is known as mysterious girl??? What happened between pallavi yuvi kunj nd twinkle??? What will happen to arnav??? Why anita ishita harshad nd raman are angry nd sad??? Wht is the mystery??? What is the thing that connects khushi arnav raman ishita harshad anita??? Stay tuned nd do comment…..

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  1. Sameera

    Omg what a fab epi yaar do cont soon

  2. Baby

    omg heidi amazing bt pls cn u tell is it a twinj ff? luvd d msti n all osm post nxt asap bt pls answer d question if posbl is it a twinj ff?

    1. Heidi

      Its a twinj fanfic nd more episodes are on the way

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey heidi
    Loved twinj scenes

  4. Angita


  5. Kruti

    Fantastic epi….continue soon

  6. Awesome epi..loved it..plzz post next asap..

  7. Kritika14

    Amazing! continue soon x

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing interesting….eagerly waiting for next part….

  9. all d couples r so swt…w8in 4 mystery 2 b revealed…cont soon

    1. Heidi

      Thanks for ur lovely comments i hve posted nxt episode..i hope it get uploded on the site and silent readers…..nd promote my story if u like it

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