Our Pyar Muhabatein and Tashan….episode 6

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The episode starts with shanaya’s POV

I dont remember my past…..i dont know who i am and where i belong……all i remember are last two years of my life……m searching for someone related to me but i can’t…..i don’t know what to do but then one day when i was as usual searching for my own identity i just banged with a person……he saw me but i don’t know my heart said me to run away and i did that…..i don’t know but the whole day was strange……then i went to my hostel and i slept…..i never slept without my sleeping pills but i slept and i had a nightmare….. I don’t know it was a nightmare or reality but in my dream i was hit by a car……no no i wasn’t hit by the car i was tried to be murdered….. I saw the driver’s face and then i woke up……it was the same man……i also saw a name board a college name board…… I knew where i had to go…..i quickly got up and i got ready and moved to delhi…..ya that’s my destination….. I went and joined the college after a long procedure……
Whenever i enter the college i get some unclear flashbacks……
Ya……i fainted once and then i got new friend arnav…….M soon gonna gain my memory…. My heart is connected to him….i know…..i just wanted to gain what i lost….after many days i have decided i will talk to him about each and everything… I will tell him how i was hit and how i feel m connected to him and how i remember a voice similar to his saying your name should be khushi……i don’t know but m finally gonna reveal to him….reveal real me…..the friendly type……not this mysterious type m acting to be to protect my self…….

Next scene
Twinj and pallraj in ground….. They saw arshi walking and easy with each other and harish anita and ishra walking in corridor oozt nd unhappy…..

All r sad but kunj suddenly started to laugh getting attention of pallraj nd twi

Twi why are u laughing??
But he is laughing so much

After sometime kunj is still laughing and seeing him laughing hysterically all the group is seeing laughing and whenever someone stops laughing he or she laugh again seeing other and after 15 mins everyone is back to normal by putting hands on there mouths…….

Kunj agr plan krna a to hasna pre ga aisai plan ni kr sktai (if we wanna plan something then we should smile not the other way) and pats himself on shoulder saying bht axha kaam kiya kunj sarna( nice job kunj sarna)

Twinkle was all lost in kunj seeing his efforts and admiring his cuteness…..

Yuvi saw this and starts coughing…..

Twi gain her senses nd she said a plan….all were amused seeing her good planning……

Then she called a girl…..hey i wanna talk u need to do a job for me…..available???? Nd then she shouted saying yipee

Kunj and twinkle wanted to go to class but pallraj wanted to go to canteen they headed towards their ways…

Pallraj were walking closely and their hands touched each other and they looked awkwardly to each other….. That happened again and again as pallavi was somewhat angry on some of boys that were bad eyeing her so she walked closely to yuvi and then yuvi entangled his hand with pallavi…..

But wait pallavi released her hand as boys winked at her and gave a flying kiss and grabbed a rubber pipe out of her bag and started beating the boys black and blue…..yuvi was admiring her all the while but a boy attacked her from back and yuvi stopped him and he said how dare u to attack my pallavi from back…..nd beats him very much…..all the boys ran away…..

Pallavi held yuvi’s hand and they both went to cafeteria… Pallavi was very happy after hearing my pallavi from yuvi’s mouth….

Both realized that they were falling for each other

Other hand twinj were also admiring each other……

Next scene

Ishita nd Raman in class….harni( also thereΒ  but i will focus on ishra and later harni) so ishita while walking out of the class fainted…..raman held her and picked her in bridal style and instead of going to medical facility walked to cafeteria Nd laid ishu on bench and grabbed a glass of water and few eatables…..he sprinkled water on her face and feed her with some eatables and hugged her tightly asking her to be careful nd eat at time…how many times do i have to told u to eat at time…..

Yuvi pushed him and hugged her ….. Raman left from there

Raman POV

I left her as i left her before…all coz of them so i can marry a girl of there choice just becoz she is not healthy…..or i say just coz they don’t trust her…..only becoz she once tried to do flirt with a boy on my saying….but how can i made them understand that it wasn’t her fault….she is ishita my life but when i broke up with her on my mother’s saying after she hadΒ  heart attack i now got to know that all was a lie….. But i can’t tell ishita….never because i don’t deserve her…….but she is suffering nd m also looking for a chance to speak to her but she also said she don’t want me in her life even after knowing my condition… Y ???? But i couldn’t ask her….i knew we both had to suffer….that’s written in destiny…..

Precap harshad and Anita scene’s nd the plan execution……

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