Our Pyar Muhabatein and Tashan….episode 4


Are u liking my story od not please tell me…..
The episode starts with ishita yuvi nd twinkle…
Yuvi hugs her
Ishita continues story
Everything was going well me and raman were happy nd shanaya and arnav were also happy but then

A flashback is shown

A guy entering the college…..m back anita were the words he said

His face is revealed to be ashok

U slapped me coz of u i had to leave this city coz of u i was abandoned by my parents coz of u i was left on mercy of the merciless world now waot and watch what i will do…..nd he smirked he remembers slaps by an old man by anita nd by harshad….

He ruined everything said ishita…….coz of him Anita and harshad married coz of him shanaya lost her memory coz of him every one dispersed everything broke…  

She left without any explainations…..twinkle was crying continuously….. Kunj couldn’t take it and hugged her she cried alot…..yuvi pallavi too joined them nd said whatever had happened we will fix everything we will join them we will…..

Next day,twinkle introduced kunj to everyone the way shanaya introduced …she hugged him like shanaya did…..

Kunj thought what’s happening to me i feel like out of this world when i m with her…..
She then introduces her to arnav like shanaya introduced arnav by hugging him…
All this happened infront of shanaya itself she had slightly clear flashbacks but then she fainted

Arnav hold her and splashed water on her face…..she woke up and said arnav ji….kya hwa???? Again she hold her head and fainted….doctor checked her….he said that take her to hospital….

In hospital

We have scanned her….nd there is a slight wound in hippocampus where memory is stored……she can recover but slowly….

Khushi opened her eyes and found arnav besides her and she thanked him after asking how and when she came here…..arnav explained how she fainted…..arnav  quickly forwarded his Hand for friendship…..she quickly said what arnu we are childhood friends…..nd then she was boggled at what she said nd hesitately shaked hand with arnav
Arnav moves outside the ward and hugged twinkle and started crying….twinkle consoled him…..he says shona i can’t see her like this… U know how she was and how she is ri8 now….I wish i get old shanaya back……
Twinkle bhaiyu don’t worry we will get her back….we will…..
Arnav was called by nurse and twinkle moved towards waiting room where kunj was present…… Before he could say anything twinkle slapped him in trauma…..and then she was shocked at her behaviour and More than that she was shocked at kunj who didn’t said anything understanding her situation….. Twinkle m so sorry

Kunj no its ok hta hai kbhi kbi( deep inside he was hurt)

Twinkle m a bad girl slap me where i slapped u….or give me punishment….

Kunj says ok I’ll give u punishment and that is

Twinkle ktnai khrab ho kunj…mainai bola or tm man gai….mai nhi bt krti jao…..nd goes away being angry

Kunj says yes meri twinki tera dehan bhtka hi diya akhir(finally i have diverted twinki’s focus.)……

Ishq mujh ko hwa hai han ishq mujh ko hwa hai plays in background

Next scene shifts to ishita sitting on ground and suddenly she was hit by Someone from back…nd she fall on ground nd the guy over her….ishita was on ground facing ground and guy was facing ishita’s back….ishita managed to face the guy nd they had a deep eye lock……the guy is none other than raman bhalla
Ishita(breaking eye lock and pushing him away from her) kya hai ravan kumar andhai ho dikhta nhi hai kya(what is this ravan kumar?are u blind?cant u see)

Raman abe oye jhansi ki rani mjhai dkhta hai mgr mai kya kru bulldozer sai kaisai nchu agr wo bech road k ho..( o hello jhansi ki rani..i can see but what can i do if the bulldozer is in mid road)

Ishita bulldozer kn ??? Andha raja( who’s bulldozer blind king)

Raman bulldozer

Ishita andha raja (blind king)

Both continued calling each other by names until they realized they are in ground by a girl’s mobile ringtone nd both departed there ways…..

Yuvi notices this so as pallavi….she goes near yuvi and yuvi hugs her crying…..he continuously cried hugging her and they are disturbed by twinkle…..who teases them…. Both depart their ways shyingly…….

Anita and harshad are seeing in their place…..harshad all depressed seeing his sister’s condition nd thinking of there moments together….. Anita try to cheer him up and for this she purposefully hit her leg to sofa and started crying fakely…harshad quickly reached to her and did her first aid and he was totally distracted for a while and then instead of saying anything he left the room

Anita thinks this is ur problem harshad u never speak  anything…..u changed harshad after the incident u changed…….

Precap:full story revealed

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  4. tw hugging kunj was awesome…loved…post nxt asap as i wan whole truth 2 b revealed…

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